Xiang Mei Vs Halloween Xiang Mei


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Xiang Mei Vs Halloween Xiang Mei

It is a well known fact that I am a huge fan of Xiang Mei.  Even though I never purchased 3 Xiang Meis, I have found more success with multiple Uriels over the more expensive MP shop card herself.  It comes as no surprise that I was extremely excited when I heard that Xiang Mei was getting a Halloween version of herself.

When Halloween REM cards are announced, they are almost always dark (see the full list below) which can make the new Halloween version at first glance extremely strong.  One drawback to the original Xiang Mei was the fact that she was weak against water enemies.  Having a dark version of Xiang Mei means she is only strong against light, and has no type disadvantage.  Enemies like Vishnu and Parvati in Ultimate Arena now seem like they may be a little bit easier to defeat since you are less likely to accidentally do too much damage due to typing.

Leader Skill and Active Skill

The only real difference between both cards is the typing change from healer to devil and the main attribute change (no sub color or type for either card).

Xiang Mei

Active Skill – Creates 6 random heart orbs from non fire and non hearts

Leader Skill – 1.5 HP and 2x Attack for Healers.  3x Attack with 2 heart combos, 4.5x Attack with 3 heart combos


Halloween Xiang Mei

Halloween Xiang mei

Active Skill – Creates 6 random heart orbs from non dark and non hearts

Leader Skill – 1.5 HP and 2x Attack for Devils.  3x Attack with 2 heart combos, 4.5x Attack with 3 heart combos


What Makes Halloween (Devil) Xiang Mei So Special

Besides having a dark attribute, HXM is a devil type.  I believe this will bring a new resurgence for Xiang Mei since she will now be more accessible to players who don’t have 900,000 MP.  When the original Xiang Mei came out, she received a minor hype, but it went away quickly and a lot of people seemed to regret buying 3 Xiang Meis for 900,000 MP.

The reason people had to buy 3 was because no everyone is lucky enough to have multiple Uriels and a Gadius from the REM.  It seems weird that people with 900,000 MP to spare never pulled these cards, but they may have sold them or just weren’t lucky enough.  Since Xiang Mei had such a limited sub pool, she wasn’t seen as desirable.

However, HXM has a much wider sub pool.  Anyone who has played successful Awoken Pandora teams will find a new, extremely successful transition into newer content with HXM.  You can use notable subs like Akechi, Haku, Pandora herself and so on.  As long as they have the devil typing, you will benefit from their stat boosts in HXM teams.

Some of the best teams I can think of include multiple Awoken Pandoras and the new dark/dark version of Akechi.  Each Pandora brings 3 rows and charge while Akechi brings 4 Rows, and both create hearts that you need.  Haku + Akechi can bring a deadly combination on par with Gadius + Uriel.

Strong Inheritances would be these cards on themselves as well as a boost of attack with Awoken Loki or cards from the Princess Series.  Unfortunately there isn’t a card that boosts Devils in the armored knight series.

The Drawback to Getting Halloween Xiang Mei

The biggest drawback for Xiang Mei is her 500,000 MP price tag.  This wouldn’t be such a weird price tag if she wasn’t already available for 300,000 in her regular form.  What you get with the dark card is less beautiful art in my opinion (I don’t see Orchids here so how is she Orchid girl) and the card is about the same.  There are of course differences, but you’re really just paying for the convenience to be more flexible in your team.  If you have 2-3 Uriel’s and Gadius, you don’t need this card.  If you don’t and you really want to play or improve your Xiang Mei skills, then this card is for you.

Because of the steep price tag, the only people who will be buying 2-3 of these are mega whales who believe that the perfect sub for Xiang Mei is herself.  While I think she is a strong sub for herself, I don’t believe having more than one is essential to the team and it leads to a slower player style, which is something I’ve written about before and talked about.

For 500,000, you were better off getting a much stronger card with Beach Myr who can wreck more content than Xiang Mei can (much to my dismay).  People who can afford 1,500,000 MP are not going to be buying 3 Xiang Meis since these players have everything else out there and are most likely playing with Kaede systems and Myr teams instead for higher end content.

If HXM came out as 300,000 MP, I wouldn’t hesitate to buy her since I have 350,000 right now, but I won’t be selling just to get her since I’d like to see what comes around Christmas time or the next wave of MP monsters.


Other Halloween cards and REM cards

Descended Boss

This card has a unique leader skill with 1.5 attack and RCV for waters. 5x for exactly 7 combos, no more no less. This is possible for mechanics that don’t have Skyfalls.

I believe Skyfalls would make this a very hard to activate leaderskill so it will definitely be a fun one to use. As far as I’ve seen, this will be the first leader to hit NA with this mechanic even though we’ve been hearing about a lot of them such as Awoken Kushinadahime. I can’t wait to try it out. Her evolution does require Wadatsumi which can be tough for a lot of players. Check out some of my YouTube guides for Wadatsumi clears and sample teams I’ve used in the past.

Returning Cards and Their Improvements

Halloween Kali
Now boosts all stats for Gods and Devils.  Halloween Kali has lost her luster for many rainbow teams since lots of cards have an ability similar to hers.  If you run Sephiroth teams, Halloween Kali is the best possible board changer for you since she has devil typing.
Improved bonus of 1.5 attack for a row
Added 2 more dark rows and will be great for dark row teams if you lack other subs.  Her ability will automatically make a dark row without even moving an orb which is always nice to stack combos on top of.
Added second TPA.  Vampire is one of my favorite cards in PAD and when this card came out I was excited last year.  However, I don’t use vampire anymore since I’ve pulled a lot of other cards that are better.  The second TPA is nice to have though.

Recover Bind and Time Extend Bonuses

New Cards in the Halloween REM

Gung Ho is always looking at new mechanics, so maybe they took my request to heart in the Gung Ho Official Stream when I said I liked the idea of different mechanics. Poison leaders is not a new mechanic, but it isn’t one that really took off, similar to the Jammer leaders. They’re fun to play, but for consistent dungeon clears, not everyone uses these leads.

Misery is a similar lead to Hel in that she gives a 7x attack after matching 6 poisons and more than 4 combos. Teams like Misery and Hel that use poison orbs tend to have extra RCV to counter balance the fact that you’re attempting to kill yourself for higher damage. Misery brings terrible RCV, but 7 auto heals meaning if you use her and a friend leader, you get 7,000 auto heal after each match, effectively making the mechanic similar to Hel in that you are healing a lot each turn after matching poisons. The good thing is you will heal even if no hearts are on the board, where as with Hel you need to always have or create them.

Being a 4 star pull means more players who do a few pulls are more likely to pull Misery.

Mulan is a Halloween version of one of the technical dungeon dragon bosses. She’s part of a series of what I considered trophy dragons that sat in your box if you kept them, but didn’t have much value.

Mulan isn’t too bad a card to pull from the REM if you are looking for an unbinder card. Honestly there are so many to choose from that the only benefit I see using Mulan over someone like Cinderella is the 3 skill boosts. If getting your skills early through max skilling is something you are having trouble with, I recommend adding Mulan to your team. Once all of your cards are max skilled on your dark team, you probably won’t have a need for Mulan.

Undine is a nice 4 star pull, but unless she has an evolution she can’t be inherited. I like the 5 water orb enhancements as well as the heart orb enhancements so she can work well on a Sumire or beach Myr team. I like having cards that enhance hearts because when you use a skill like Urd, you are more likely to change your orbs into water enhanced cards since most of the hearts will be enhanced anyway. The same goes on yomidra teams where you’re looking for at least 1 enhanced orb to do any sort of damage against the enemy.

Chiyome is a nice card if you want one that changes orbs into darks that aren’t hearts. Sometimes it’s tough finding a sub on dark teams that change more than just hearts so a card like Chiyome and Hanzo is nice to have. You can pair Chiyome’s skill with someone like Zuoh to get rid of wood orbs if you don’t have a Pandora.


If you want a TPA card to add to your devil or attacker teams, Rozuel is your girl. She also is among top waifu material. The fact that she is a bind clearer and will deal tons of damage is a huge plus and she is a great 6 star pull. She also breaks light orbs which I seem to get tons of when I play dark teams.


Parvati is a weaker version of her REM self who brings a 60% chance to block poison orb creation, so you want to keep her away from your Misery team for sure. She does have dragon and devil killer which is nice as well as awesome base RCV. If you need wood card that creates heal orbs on your Kaede team for example, she might not be a bad option, but she’s mostly in the REM for more variety I think. Her art is really cool however.


Karin brings the same orb creation ability as her normal self so she won’t be a card with haste like her Awoken form. She is a very good card to bring on a Beach Eschamali team because she has 5 orb enhances, but she won’t benefit on a Sumire team since she doesn’t make hearts. You can potentially use her for Beach Myr, but you’d have to use a Myr active after her skill so someone like summer Urd would be a better option.

Karin’s evolution tree follows suit to summer MeiMei’s since you can flip her type to purple/blue over blue/purple which she comes out of the REM as. This means that you’ll want to consider her on teams like Eschamali and Yomidra teams.

Sonia Gran
Sonia Gran is an amazing card but probably unattainable for most since she is an 8 star pull. Her abilities are very similar to Sherias Roots but you get a nice HP and attack boost (1.5) for her. This tells me that she will pair really well with Sherias Roots himself so you’ll get a little HP boost, and RCV boost on the other end. The cards on these teams I foresee will be Sonia gran, Ragnarok Dragon, Dark Kali, Awoken Sakuya, and Awoken Susano/Awoken Orochi, And Sherias Roots.

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2 thoughts on “Xiang Mei Vs Halloween Xiang Mei

  1. 3 months later…
    I want to say, I scraped my resources together, sacrificed two precious cards (*tears*) and bought a Dark Xang Mei back in October and ended up rolling one in the REM immediately after in an effort to get D.Roz (RIP, right?) and I couldn’t be happier with her. Some dungeons have been completely victimized by my D.Xiang Mei/ D.Xiang Mei (I call them the twins)/ Gremory/ Akechi/ A.Panda team, including: arena 1, Star Justice, Liberty Geist, 2/3 one-shot dungeons. I never had the ideal subs for Regular XM, but I always wanted her. I read this a while back, just browsing things, and I realized I never said anything.

    While DXM is clearly different, I feel like I am still enjoying/able to enjoy what makes Xiang Mei a great card. Would/Will a B.Myr be a better purchase to make? Probably. But I dont think anyone buys Xiang Mei because they think she will end the game you buy a Xiang Mei because you like to play and because you like to bring out the potential in powerful cards.

    Just wanted to say, three months later, and My DXM sees about as much action as my friends use their RXM leads.

    1. Thanks for the feedback. You definitely got lucky with 2 and didn’t need to spend 1,000,000 MP on her, which is amazing. Glad you’re enjoying her and it goes to show that any lead can make anyone happy, even if it’s not considered the top top lead.

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