Which Gods to hope for in Godfest (1-31-16)

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It’s that time again!  Thanks to Gung-ho being an awesome company, they have continued to add more Gods to the rotation.  With more coming from the Japanese server, where the game Puzzle and Dragons originates.  Day 1 of this upcoming Godfest features two pantheons (Mechanical and Norse).  The mechanical is one of the newer pantheons added, while all the norse Gods have been given new awoken forms over the last few months.  The latest, just the other day, being Awoken Loki.

In addition, there are three new God Fest exclusives (Australis, Scheat, and Eschamali)  that will be detailed below.  Let’s take a look at the Pantheons first.

First, What is Godfest?

If you don’t know what Godfest is, check out my video I made all about Godfest on Kamcord, where I stream Puzzle and Dragons under the name PadRagnarok

Norse Series Godfest

Whenever you are pulling in a Godfest, there’s always those one or two Gods you want. They could be from one of the two pantheons, or they could be the Godfest exclusives.  You are probably looking for one of these Gods from the Norse series in the color that you have the most of.

When it comes to any Godfest pantheon, they are all essentially the same monster, with similar stats, but their color is what really matters.  These monsters all have a skill to reduce the overall cooldown for skills to chargte and enhance attack by 1.5 for 3 turns.  While this isn’t really a big wow factor, what is is the awoken forms.  These forms all reduce the cooldown and raise attack of their attribute by 2 times for their color, which is much stronger.  To me, this allows much beefier monsters to take down even Kali in Ultimate Arena.


Freyr puzzle and dragons

Freyr’s awoken form, like the other’s has 2 rows, 2 TPA (two pronged attacks) and 2 Skill Bind Resists.   He would be a great leader for himself or you can use him as a sub for red teams (Urd, Gadius, Shiva, Shiva Dragon, etc.).  Make sure with all of the teams below that you have all red attributes (or their color they contribute to) included.  If you have this, you will wreak havoc on your enemies.


Freyja puzzle and dragons

Freyja is one of the best of these awokens because of the new combinations you can make.  Keeping the same 2 TPA and 2 Rows as Freyr, Freyja goes further by being paired with one of the newer God Fest Exclusives, Sylvie.  With Sylvie, you are reliving the Beelzebub/ Ronia teams of old (one of my favorite combinations).  Essentially you get a ton of HP, and a great attack.  Times 6.25 may not seem like alot (2.5 X 2.5) but with the extra RCV you can heal to full quickly and extra 1.3 damage for each leader, as well as avoiding dying on preemptives like Divine Queen Hera’s 38,000 preemptive.  Focusing on Rows is a great way to pummel through these dungeons with full damage of (2.5 x 2.5 x 1.3 X 1.3 ) then however many rows you have on your team.  A great leader, but tough against red enemies.

Idunn and Idunna

Idunn and Idunna puzzle and dragons

I use Idunn and Idunna (I&I) on my iphone account (add me! 351,998,292) and these twins pair reallllly well with Ryune, the Blue GodFest Exclusive.  The idea is the same as Freyja where you have a high HP to tank large hits, and lots of rows.  There are good TPA subs you can use as well (Orochi, Famiel, Blue Odin) or you can go for rows (awoken Karin, Hermes, Blue Odin again).

The team I use is: I&I, Awoken Karin, Karin, Hermes, Andromeda, Ryune.  This team has about 12 water rows and is able to beat all 5 rush dungeons.  Most of these subs have charge as well so it makes getting my skills back much easier, then I literally “flood” the board with water.


thor puzzle and dragons

Thor’s perfect counterpart is Saria, the yellow God Fest Exclusive.  These two paid just like I&I and Freyja, but do make this team the best, you want rows.  Great teams include subs such as Apollo, Awoken Venus, and the new Raphael that has FIVE yellow rows.  These teams wreck Ultimate Arena.


loki puzzle and dragons

Loki is my favorite of the above because he works great on my Yomidragon team.  Awoken Loki provides 2 times attack for two turns.  While he is not a God and will not get the 2.25 buff because he isn’t a God, he is equivalent to using Zaerog Infinity on your team.  Neither are Gods, but both provide tremendous benefits.  Loki was just released today and I have ultimated him and added him to my team.  I will try on Ultimate Arena soon.

Mechanical Series Godfest

The mechanical Gods are one of the latest additions to the God Fest pantheon.  They each have similar skills (all changing jammer, heart, poison/mortal poison to their main color, and reduce cooldown on skills by 1 turn (haste),  Their leader skills all give 4x attack when matching 5 connected orbs with an enhanced orb (make sure you have at least 5 awakenings for their color to ensure drops are enhanced) and reduce damage by 25% for all of the colors except their own.


pad ragnarok

Antares you will want to pair with all red monsters, but be sure that there are at least 3 other enhanced red orb awakenings.  This will ensure you always have reds on the board to drop.  However, note that when you create an orb, it will not always be enhanced.  If you used Goemon for example and had no enhanced orbs on the board, you would not activate Antares.  Like wise, using too many red orbs ill not match.  It must be exactly 5 red orbs with one or more enhanced orbs.


pad ragnarok

All of their stats are pretty good with balanced HP attack and RCV.  They don’t have ultimates yet because they are too new, so if you have one, hold onto it for sure.  I always recommend keeping a monster around even if you don’t have a use for it.  I kept Loki (norse series above) and it worked out pretty well.  You never know who will be the next best unit in the game.



If you don’t have too many other subs, Alrescha could work on an I&I team to get more water orbs.  Especially when you run into Ultimate Beelzebub and he changes your entire board into poisons.  Using Alrescha means you now have all blues on the board.



I actually pulled two Pollux last on of the last God Fests and they work well.  Having duplicate monsters can help keep your color on the board and charge skills.  These new units with haste are very impressive.


pad ragnarok

The  great thing about these units is you are able to free up more spots for monsters you use just because they have skill bind resist.  For example on my yomidra team (add me 305,866,366) I can use castor instead of pandora on my Ultimate Arena team, which allows me to have Zeus Stratios and Diza on it (neither have skill bind resists).  I have tried with only 4/5 SBR’s and gotten bound by Izanami.  It hurts.

New God Fest Exclusives


australis padragnarok

Well holy crap.  I believe weh ave our first 5 row monster with Australis.  This is great as a sub for any teams you want to focus on rows.  You can easily get to 20 rows with double leaders for Australis as well and her skills aren’t bad.  The issue is you would need a lot of machine subs, and there aren’t that many just yet to choose from with rows to make it worth it.  I think in the future as more machines come out, she will be a better lead, but for now you will want her as a sub for all them dang rows.  As a leader, you get a nice boost if you get 6 greens (best in a row for extra damage).

Her active skill is great too because you create more wood orbs from a ton of things (yellow, heart, jammer, poison/mortal poison) and increase skyfall for water for 4 turns, similar to Vishnu but longer with a higher cooldown.  Still a great addition to Godfest exclusives.


yomidragon teams padragnarok

Eschamali has been long sought after for months since hearing about her from Japan, and not just because you can see her chest all the way from NA (though it doesn’t hurt)  She has the same type of leader skill as Austalis, changing wood, heart, jammer, poison/ mortal poison to dark, and increasing chance for dark by 15% for 4 turns.  Her leader skill is slightsly stronger, but works like Yomi dragon and Awoken Yomi instead of getting rows.

People love her for all those purple enhances as well.  You may be saying you only need 5 purple enhance to ensure enhanced orbs drop, and you’re right, but extra purples mean extra damage.  Having two eschamalis on your team will make even simple purple matches stronger by a ton.  The leader skill is almost exactly like Yomidragon’s, except you need machine subs.  If you don’t have either yomi, she would be a good leader, if you do, put her on your team!


pad ragnarok

While Australis is the first with 5 rows, Scheat is the first with 5 TPA (two pronged attacks) so her base attack at max level (653) which is pitiful, is made up by increasing 5-fold.  It becomes 653 x 1.5 x 1.5 x 1.5 x 1.5 x 1.5= 4958 before any extra damage boosts by comboing more orbs.  This is great, but becomes incredibly reliant on TPA.  Matching but 5 blue orbs will make her the weakest God Fest Exclusive by far, but matching a TPA makes her the strongest.

Leader and Active skills are the same as Eschamali and Australis.  If you can get any of these, which would you prefer?  Let me know in the comments!

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