What to Know About the New Heroine Rare Egg Machine (REM)

Heroine REM

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Overview of the Heroine R.E.M. And It’s 10 stones Per Pull

You may have been hearing about the Heroine REM (Rare Egg Machine) for some time now, but what exactly is it?  The Heroines are a group of badass ladies who will kill your enemies 10 times before they hit the ground and look fantastic while doing it, (if you’re into demons and angels with wings, which you are).

Looking at the art of these beauties, you can see the obvious impression of other PAD characters, even in some of the names (Steel Goddesses draw similarities in appearance and skillsets for the Steel Goddesses known as Eschamali, Scheat, and Austrailis).

However, these monster beauties are amazing pulls in their own right and offer game changing mechanics for the low low price of 10 magic stones.  Before you think about putting your entire wallet into this REM, you should realize that NA is getting a ton of free stones lately and upcoming (such as the 10 stones from each new daily Dragon Infestations to level up your monsters, as well as the Awakening Material Descends).  We have a ton of free stones coming so save up and you’ll be able to essentially get 2-4 free pulls over the course of a  few weeks before this event comes to NA.

While it has not been officially announced yet by the Official North America Facebook page, where all of the main announcements for our server come from, it is speculated that these cards are coming and they have officially been added into the PADx data source which means that they are coming soon.

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Should you pull in the Heroine REM?

Yes and Yes.  While each pull will cost 10 stones, there are many benefits of these monsters in many existing teams.

Analysis of Each Card in the Heroine Series

Below I have put together my analysis and some ideas of what to hope for in the Heroine Series.  These are my initial thoughts and I will be updating this article as I find out new information.

The 5 Star Pulls in the Heroine Series

These cards have a higher chance of being pulled as they are lower in rarity, but they are pretty darn good in my opinion for the low low cost of ten (10!) stones.

Dragon Caller’s Disciple, Sheena


As far as I can recall, Sheena is the first full board changer for light and purple orbs.  She has a mediocre leader skill that restricts you to dragons and attacks, while giving a slight boost when using a skill.  If you have a card like reincarneted Bastet, you will already be outclassing Sheena, but look at those plush toy starter dragons.  I see Spinon and Pterra and they’re adorable looking.  Beware of girls who use plushies as weapons!

She does have nice awakenings and would be a great sub for many teams.  Physical, Machine, and Plushie killer are great awakenings to have in addition to her 2 purple rows.


Green Earth dragon Miko, Momiji


I love that fact that a pull in the Heroine REM will either result in a fantastic leader, or a chance at a sub with a full board change.  Especially since Sylvie is hard to pull (I only relatively recently pulled my first from Godfest) She has the same skill, but missing haste, which allows her to be very useful in many wood teams as an inherit.  You can even use her on a Myr team if you are missing cards like Apocalypse who gives the haste you need, but she is great nevertheless.  Especially since you have a high chance of puller her if you plan to pull at least 10 times as she is less rare.

Her leader skill is less than stellar in this day and age as times 4 is not that great, but a great card for newer players who need to get used to matching many combos.  She herself has 3 times extends (an extra 1.5 damage) and her leaderskill gives an extra 2 seconds to move.  This means that you will have your original 4 seconds, in addition to 4 seconds for each leader skill, and 3 seconds for her awakenings.  This is not including any awakenings from your other subs.


Sacred Texts Researcher, Mito


Ah Light Metatron in disguise.  I think that Quick Cure is Gung-Ho’s favorite skill in the world.  Who can hate bind recovery, a little HP boost, and a crazy low cooldown?  She has 11 other monster forms with the same skill that can skill her up, and yet I still haven’t max skilled my Light Metatron or her Beach counterpart.  I just find the skill to be useless when Awoken Isis is around.

That being said, you can practice matching your orbs similarly to Momiji as Mito provides 2 extra seconds of orb movement time.  She is really just a sub just like Light Metatron if you are looking for a low cool down bind remover.


Cold Mask Demon Princess, Mel


Mel has a ton of heart enhance awakenings which means that your RCV will be ridiculously high when you match a single heart, despite her only having 44 RCV herself.  With 6 heart enhance awakenings, your heart orbs will heal 30% total more HP when you match a single heart, which is pretty nice.

I believe Mel is one of the stronger 5 star pulls as she gives all attibutes times 6 damage (similar to Gadius) when getting 2 heart combos.  You also get more orb time movement and can pair her with Gadius if you wanted, even though she is not dragon type.  You trade off the extra HP boost for more time to move, which can be beneficial.


Assault Vessel Steel Star Goddess, Kuvia


In my opinion the cutest of  the entire Heroine REM as I can’t get over the blue hair, I believe Kuvia’s 4 TPAs are more attractive to many people pulling in this REM.  Kuvia provides the typing you may be missing on your Ronove team if you lack Rozuel and Ame No Uzume with a bigger punch, but won’t allow you to reach his full leader skill activation.  She may not have bind removing abilities, but she can bring more hearts to skyfall for 2 turns, even though she gets rid of two other colors.  If using Ronove, you will want blue and dark orbs to still be on the board when you use her skill.


The 6 Star Pulls in the Heroine Series

These pulls will of course be rarer, but if you can pull any of them, you will see some great benefits to your leaders you will want to use, and some have great niche spots as subs.

Blue-Winged Ray Dragon Caller, Navi


If you have any teams that lack skill bind resists, Navi is your savior as she now brings 4.  There isn’t a current need for more than 5 on a team, but if you have subs that are bound, it cane save you from being skill bound in certain situations.  Beyond this, perhaps there will be a card that improves your damage for a turn based on the number of skill bind resists you have, similar to Silk and other Princess Series Cards.

Navi has the same skill as the blue Sherias and can change the entire board to 7×6.  If you’d like, you can pair her with Sherias, but really any rainbow type leader accompaniment will be great to achieve her leader skill, which is x3.  I see her more of an inherit for anyone who doesn’t have kali or sherias and doesn’t need hearts to be included for their active (like Reincarnated Ra).

Overall, I don’t see her as an amazing 6 star pull, but those thighs doe.


Daughter of the Hell Phantom Demon, Romia


Geez Zuoh, back off.  Overly protective father much?

Creepy staring dad aside, Romia is more than a rip off of Red Sonia’s nick name.  She is a full board changer who changes more than just all orbs, she increases the size of the board itself from 5×4 or 6×5 to 7×6.  I love mechanics like this, and more especially cards like her that have 2 extra seconds of orb time movement.  She can be paired with Zuoh if you never really played him before as their leader skills require the same exact orbs, but Romia doesn’t have as much strength as her dad.

Love the art, but probably won’t be using her as a lead often if I pull her.


Dark Mech Dragon Technician, Barbara


Barbara is probably one of my biggest hopes I pull in the Heroine series, just because I love the art and think she just looks badass.  She also has one of my favorite skills in the game, changing all orbs to fire and dark, which is Red Sonia’s skill (my favorite card in my first year of playing and it always brings me back) but she also boosts dragons and machines for 2.5.  Three killers and three skill boosts mean you need to have more skill bind resists on your team, but the damage will be insane.

In addition, I don’t have any cards that require you to clear 4 or more orbs at once (such as Noctis from the Final Fantasy Collab) and I would love to get one.

You will want to prioritize machine subs as you will get times 2 for ALL STATS which is freaking amazing.  That means you will haave a 4/56.25/4 HP, Attack, RCV when you use her as a friend.  This overshadows Krishna in my book, but her ease of finding subs is less than stellar.  I may want to unassist my Baldin and use him on this team, as well as someone like Ragnarok Dragon to guarantee I get dark and f ire combos.  Red Sonia can be a great inherit onto anyone on this team also as you will get a ton of damage dealt.

I believe I will try Baldin, Ragnarok Dragon, Eschamali, and ideally Elgenubi if I pull her too.  Alas this is an extremely highly ranked team of the best of the best, but then again, there really aren’t amazing machine types out there that are low ranked, but I’m sure you can still build an amazing team without all machine subs as that times 2 stat buff for all cards is amazing.


Judgement Scale Steel Star Goddess, Elgenubi


Krishna fans rejoice!  We now have a fire version of Eschamali with tons of orb enhances to guarantee 35% extra damage just by having her on your team (because of her 7 orb enhances).  She can also clear poisons and jammers with her skill which is great.  Using her as a sub for Krishna can be risky however, as she may override or conflict with Krishna’s skill.

However, the way I play Krishna this may be alright.  I like inheriting either Mori Motonari, for a full board change with 2 turns of haste, or Awoken Ares for more skyfalls and 2 orbs changing into fires.  This means that you are using Krishna less often, but are still able to keep fire skyfalls with Elgenubi, who creates skyfalls for an extra turn (4 instead of 3).  You can also inherit her onto Krishna if you’d like to save up for a more powerful burst as you will flood the board with fires, and have 15% more skyfalls for 4 turns.

She would also be amazing on Tsubaki  teams with the excessive amount of fire enhances, when paired with Silk, provide the biggest damage burst I can think of.


Conquest Bow Steel Star Goddess, Meridionalis


Meridionalis is a variation of Australis with her amazing number of rows, however they are blue.  Amazingly, she has a single skill boost that Australis lacks any of, but no other awakenings that offer great value like killers, but those rows don’t lie.

She is among the champion monsters who do not allow skyfalls, which is in my opinion an amazing mechanic that allows you to not get orb trolled by skyfalls on monsters like Sopdet when you are trying to control damage.

Her leaderskill also offers attack up to times 10, with 2.5 RCV, when you get up to 8 connected orbs (think Awoken Pandora).

Because she changes 2 orb types to blue, she should be able to get plenty of blue orbs.  I imagine cards with blue rows, like Andromeda and Gabriel, would be the best subs, in addition to monsters who add blue skyfalls and change a ton of orbs, such as Awoken Hermes, Scheat, and Blue Eschamali.

I think overall Meridionalis is an amazing card and will rival Sarasvati and You Yu in damage, but without needing separate combos (more like Neptune Dragon)

The biggest reason people who play PAD want Meridionalis is because she makes speed farming even faster.  No skyfalls means that you don’t have to wait for animations after you clear the orbs on the board so 10 skyfalls won’t take up too much time.  There could definitely be some Meridionalis play in the next ranking dungeon to try to minimize the time taken.  No skyfalls would have been amazing for my last crown journey (which you can read about here) A card like this will mean nothing to the players who get the No Skyfall Badge (after 30 crowns have been attained) but that won’t happen for, in my opinion, at least a year.  We would need to start having ranking tournaments twice a month to even have one player in NA capable of having 30 crowns for that badge.  Until then, Meridionalis is a much quicker way to spam dungeons for speed.


Honorable Mention for Cuteness

Psychopomp Princess of Oblivion, Grida (Dungeon Invade)


As far as I know, Grida is not included with the introduction of the Heroine Series in NA, but this could be changed quickly.  I am just speculating as she is greyed out on PADx, so she could be introduced outside of the Rare Egg Machine and possibly as an invade in the dungeon itself.  (UPDATE she is an invade in the dungeon) She isn’t amazing in her own right, but HOLY BEWBS.  Grisar must be so pissed off that his daughter is dressed this way, but so PROUD of the way she weilds that scythe.  Art wise, I think this is an amazing image, but I am stunningly confused at the weird looking Chibi-esque Grisar who is by her side.

Grida carries the same high attack and skill, but is missing the 10% dark damage reduction we all loved with Grisar in the hay day of Pandora.  Her leaderskill is lackluster and for a 6 star, she is overly unimpressive.


The 7 Star Pull in the Heroine Series

Phantom Demon of the Grimoire, Ilmina


Ilmina, who could be Ilm’s waifu, sister, or other notable kin, has the same skill as Ilm, with the exception of dealing 100,000 damage to all enemies, and being a great way to deal with Predras or any monster with a high defense, and low HP.

The main aspect that is appealing for Ilmina is her ability to chance the entire board to a 7×6 board.  You can pair Ilmina with Kenshin for a much easier way to reach multiple fire or light crosses without relying on skyfalls, which have a crazy low percentage to drop as crosses.  Here is a video of Reco accomplishing this feat and one shotting Orochi, a boss that has 99% damage reduction for one turn.  Yep.

She has 4 skill boosts which is nice, but I am not a fan of cards with a ton of skill boosts as they are useless awakenings in longer dungeons once your skills are all ready, particularly with Co-Op mode.  I see the value of having this many as some dungeons only have a few floors and Ilmina has a relatively high cool down (13 turns) when max skilled, so you may want to have a full board changer with 2 colors quickly (situationally of course).

Her leaderskill allows times 3 attack and times 2 RCV with a minimal requirement (fire and light combos) and with a 7×6 board, you should have a low chance of being orb trolled.  I believe Kenshin is the best combination, but you can use cards like Xiu Min and focus on subs with a ton of light rows to maximize damage.


However many times you are thinking of pulling in this REM, I wish you the best of luck!




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