This Week in PAD | Challenge Dungeons & More MP (3-27-17)

This Week In PAD 3-27-17

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This Week in PAD | What To Be Excited About  (3-27-17)

I hope everyone didn’t get too stressed out from last week’s ranking dungeon.  I ended up somewhere around 2.8%-3% and didn’t devote too much time to it.  I have written and recorded plenty of ranking dungeon videos and analyses and while it’s nice to have more crowns, it isn’t worth the time investment, frustration, and money it can cost to buy more stones.

It is always good to budget stones for ranking dungeons, just like Godfest or anything else.  This particular ranking event I used 1 stone to attempt the dungeon more times, but I had already had my best score in my first few runs so it didn’t add any value.

I love the idea of fixed teams, and I even got my first crown because of a fixed team ranking dungeon (I had a ton less relevant monsters at the time). You can read all about my ideas of fixed vs any teams in my other ranking article above.

Something positive that came out of this ranking dungeon for me was my renewed interest in my Kaede team.  I took out ultimate arena very easily yesterday (and had a little bit of PTSD when I encountered Sphinx, but at least it wasn’t Sopdet).  Inheriting Kushinadahime on my Ceres made the damage reduction against Kali’s first hit look like Departure Tower.  In any case, here are a few things to look out for this week.

Challenge Dungeons

Coming fresh off my new love for Kaede, I jumped head first into challenge 10 after a long day at work just to waste some stamina before I ranked up.  Needless to say, don’t one shot Awoken Sakuya.  She doesn’t kill you outright, but will void your awoken skills for 8 turns, which I found out the hard way.  I wasn’t even trying to kill her. but when you heart cross, woods fall in like crazy.  It just made Shiva much harder and I haven’t even seen what happens in the dungeon past him (until I decided to look it up now)

There are many ways to deal with Orochi on floor 5 of challenge 10, but I like this comment that was posted by Loki on Padx.  It’s definitely a good approach to deal with the fact that most players will not be able to even deal 5% to Orochi with his 99% shield.  I have seen players one shot Orochi (Mantastic and Reco) but I am assuming most players will not right away, since this is the first time we’re all seeing Orochi in NA.

Round 5: Orochi is a pain.
Turn 1:
A) Immediately use an inherited gravity (10% or more)
B) Immediately use an inherited time extend active like ra or yomi
A+B) Alternatively, just use Hades for both gravity and +5 second time extend
C) Immediately use a 3 color board change.

You can have these on different teams and pass back and forth to use all of those skills. You’ll want to end up on your weaker team for the first turn.

Using the time extend is just to overwrite the time decrease. You can theoretically do without it, but it’s tricky given everything else. Since you used gravity, orochi won’t trigger the damage absorb, but he will still lock all orbs after turn 1. Use your weaker team to move orbs from the board change so as few combos as possible trigger. This is especially crucial for heart cross leads. This is why I suggest a 3 color board changer, because a 2 color changer usually triggers most of the board no matter what.

Turn 2:
Orochi locks all orbs. Now you are on your better team, the damage reduction is gone, and you can just play the board to one hit. I believe you can two hit if needed, but it’s only 8.9 million hp (minus gravity damage) and most of the board will be locked so don’t rely on getting lucky if it can be avoided.

I will be attempting this dungeon this week and will share my results and how I end up beating Orochi without using any stones.

100,000 MP

You should have 300,000 MP by now just from logging in, and I will be completing my guide on which MP monster you should get.  Honestly it will depend on your rank as new players will not be able to even form a team around most MP dragons, let alone evolve them.  Plenty of people reading this already spent their MP while others are patiently (or impatiently) awaiting any hint of a Dark Athena release in NA.  As a word of caution now, I believe MP in the bank is better than a monster you may never use after the initial hype around it.  Some people are still bitter about Xiang Mei and the fact that they had to buy 3 of them (I disagree with that idea here) but it still goes to show that you should not rush into a decision, even if it is free MP.

90,000 MP (ONE DAY ONLY!)

Make sure to set alarms for March 31st.  You will be missing out on 90,000 MP if you forget to log in and play the dungeon.  Unlike the previous MP collections, this is one time only!

Khepri Descended

If you haven’t already, go farm Kephri.  She is a great sub to have for those who are stuggling to get 6-8 combos consistently.  Her active skill offers a 2 combo boost, which means you only need 6 combos to get past monsters like Machine Zeus and Titania.

I went through a bit of a rumble back and forth with Titania when I tried Awoken Kushinadahime.  I brought Kephri as a sub, but she is only skill level 6 or so right now.  This means that when I totally messed up my only attack that did damage, I was unable to get her back in that particular run (keep in mind I had a Gold Super King which reduced my possible time to match orbs).  It was a fun and hard challenge using a no skyfall leader when I knew I needed 8 combos for sure.

Point being, Kephri, especially max skilled, is a huge benefit and I will be running more of her this week to try to max skill mine.  My job searches put me so far behind in the max skilling monster department, but I’m looking to bounce back.

That’s it for this week!

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