This Week in PAD | Best Friend Resets, Rank 150 & 250 Pulls (4-2-17)

250 rare egg machine

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Daily Aspects of PAD Logins

Pal Egg Machine – Enhance Carnival

3 Times Great and Super

Now is a great time to pull all your pal pulls and farm best friends each day.  As a tip, you can enter a cheap dungeon for 2 stamina, leave, and you still get the 100 points.  Every 5 attempts yields a Pal pull, which can help level up any of your monsters.

Twitch Reward Giveaways (Taken from the PAD North America Page on Facebook)

– 1 Random Py gift dungeon, appearing on 4/4 (Tue).
– 1 Random Py gift dungeon, appearing on 4/5 (Wed).
– 1 Random Py gift dungeon, appearing on 4/6 (Thurs).
– 1 Magic Stone, appearing on 4/24 (Mon).
– 1 Magic Stone, appearing on 4/25 (Tue).

Active Skill Up Rotation

I won’t list everything that will be changed so you can check it out the skill rotations here

Best Friend Reset and The Best Friend Triangle

You may be pretty excited about your best friend reset, and you should be.  Having a Best Friend means that you can use that person’s leader all day without worry of rank differences or waiting for them to log in.

Traditionally, users who are far above your rank will only show for 1 hour after you log in (if they logged in).  They will also go away until they log in again (and you reset your PAD app) but you don’t have to worry about that if you have them as a best friend.  In addition, you will be able to see your best friend’s #1, #2, and current leader they’re using as an option for yourself.  You won’t get the pal points again for the day, but if you are more worried about farming and only have one friend with that leader you need, a best friend is the perfect solution.

Rather than go after one best friend, you can open up the opportunity for a new best friend by creating a triangle.  You may have been sent requests for this via in game mail or seen it on Facebook groups.

Here’s the concept of the best friend triangle.

Person A chooses Person B as a best friend.  Person B chooses Person C.  And Person C chooses Person A.  Person A now has Person B and Person C as best friends (because it is a 2 way street).

Try to reach out to others you trust as you can only send the best friend once in your game.  Beware of people you don’t know who ask for a triangle, but don’t return the favor.  I’m not saying it’s common place, just to be careful.  If they don’t reciprocate, at least you have a best friend, but you missed out on a second.

Rank 150 and 250 Reset

I don’t have a full list readily available and this mini chromebook is limiting my research (this post actually was deleted as my Chromebook crashed while I was writing and nothing else was open.) so I will just summarize what I remember.

Rank 150 and 250 special Rare Egg Machines are each a free pull that will GUARANTEE a God that you could potentially pull from a God Fest.  That’s right, no silvers here.  You can rest assured that there will be a God and no silver eggs from this pull.

The Rank 150 pull will be from a certain set of monsters, while the Rank 250 will be from more rare monsters.  I hope everyone reading this is able to boarst how they pulled Dark Kali (or the 6 Star God Fest Exclusive they always wanted) from this machine.

If you are below rank 250, I highly recommend farming Monday Dungeon until you are rank 250.  That way you can pull both of your 150 and 250 pulls, and get another one from each when they reset after Wednesday’s maintenance.

Check out the full list included in each Rare Egg Machine here

Egyptian Challenge

In terms of rewards, this one is lack luster as it has no Pys.  If you need spirit jewels and tans, this is the place to be happy to get 1 of each if you clear each floor.

The last time we had an egyptian challenge, I did a special Infinity Challenge where I used one of each Egyptian Series 1 leader to clear each floor.  It wasn’t particularly hard, but it certainly was fun.

The dungeons included this time around are a little harder though as they are (from PADx):

– Serket Descended!
– Khepri Descended! – Orb move time 4 sec
– Sphinx Descended!
– Medjedra Descended!
– Thoth & Sopdet Descended!

Sphinx can be annoying for those who hate Sopdet, but it’s always a micro way to practice controlling your damage against her instead of wasting 50-99 stamina in Arena 1, 2, or 3 and messing up.  Practice small then go hard in the big leagues.

Serket and Khepri are 2 of the newer dungeons released in the last year.  Serket features a 2 turn 75% shield that makes her hard to burst down right away, so you’ll want a strong damage burst if you want to one shot her.  Not entirely difficult for veterans, but if you’re new and want to defeat her, try to bring a princess series card or a shield to tank her if you accidentally get her close, but don’t kill her.

As with last time, if you are a veteran player, I recommend you try something new to defeat this challenge set and post your results below or tag me in a Facebook group.

Dark Guardian Dragon

The last of the series of Wisdom King skill ups is here.  As like the last few, you will get a predra if you clear mythical with the same attribute slime as the dungeon (baddie in this case).

As a follow up to my last post about where to spend your 390,000 MP, you can see that Gung-Ho is still giving out MP if you know where to look.  15,000 MP over the course of 10 weeks certainly isn’t a lot, but all it costs is 50 stamina (25 in coop) and it’s yours.  Perhaps they will start giving out more like they do in Japan, but for now MP is certainly out there for the taking.

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