Top 10 Monsters I Want Voted Into Player’s Choice God Fest (PCGF) 2017

Player's Choice God Fest (PCGF) 2017

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Don’t Vote In 6 Star God Fest Exclusives!

For the purpose of this list, I have included 5 6 Star God Fest Exclusives.  The more that are voted in, the less fun this PCGF will be for all.  I recommend voting for a non 6 star so that we don’t skew the rates.  Because 6  stars are rarer, we’re essentially allowing this to become Golem fest, 2017.

My reasons for voting monsters in on this list is based on defeating top dungeons, not ranking dungeons.  Ranking dungeons may benefit from Aten for casino style play, but I do not think he has much use in a PCGF for other means of playing the game.

Unfortunately you can’t vote in Valkyries, otherwise I would recommend everyone vote in Reine and Claire for 2 chances of Valk sweetness.

Who has been added since the last PCGF

Raijin, Fujin, Aten, 3 Kingdom 2,

As much as I think the new 3 Kingdom 2 cards are great, have 7×6 boards as leaders, and remove locked orbs, I don’t see too many being included in this PCGF besides Sima Yi for his status on Dark Athena teams.


My top 10 Monsters I want Voted into PCGF

My entire list is based on who I think should be included in the top 25 monsters for player’s choice god fest, but not necessarily in the order I believe they will be.  I think some monsters will make it in with high votes based on popularity.  


10. Sima Yi

I believe Sima Yi should be added as an alternate if you don’t get haku or have her already.  It would be great to boost your odds if you have no other cards for Dark Athena.  Having 2 of the best subs for her team in pcgf can definitely help your chances of getting them.

Some argue Sima Yi is better used over 3 hakus since he removes locked orbs, and creates dark and water orbs at the same time with a lower cool down than Haku.  Double TPA and a 7 combo boost is a nice addition.  You can even put all 8 killer latent awakenings on him for extra damage you might need for a Dark Athena team.


9. Ryune

Ryune is a card I wish I had 5 of.  She is always bouncing around my water teams as an assist for Meridionalis, on my Sarasvati team, or assisted on Haku.  She is perfect for inherits and tons of water/ dark teams.

Having the ability to inherit a full board change that also creates dark and water is amazing.  Dark Athena loves every one of these orbs and is so excited when Ryune is used.  If you are lacking great dark subs and bought Dark Athena, you can even use Ryune as a sub on the team itself.  Though this isn’t the most advisable, is it certainly an option for those lacking subs.

8. Ronove

Ronove is an extremely strong lead, and one that I completely undervalued when he came out. He is more than capable of clearing arena 3, and was my third monster to do so (on the first try).  He is quicker than Myr and in coop, the damage shield different of 30% compared to 50% is negligible.

Ronove is easy to activate since he has a 3 turn cool down, meaning he will be up at all times if you have 3 skill delay resists on him.  He relies on TPA subs, most notably Rozuel and Kaede, but his last sub is farmable (Ragnarok Dragon).

I have Ronove on this list because he is the strongest, most durable non 5 star god fest exclusive out there, which means he will be easier to obtain than his counterpart, Gremory.  Ronove is still strong and just because he is not considered S class anymore according to SetsuPAD, he is still able to clear any dungeon in the game in NA.

7. Orochi

Orochi is an amazing skill to inherit, and sometimes great as a sub.  With an excellent skill inherit for Dark Athena and great as an assist on any team.  Helps deal with some of the most annoying monsters like Hino, Vishnu, Zaerog, and general stalling.

You would think more people would use him for his quad TPAs, but the long cooldown for his skill and his base attack is pretty low.  This means if you don’t match TPAs, he is one of the weaker reincarnated cards out there at a base of 1100 attack.

If you have multiple orochis, you can inherit the base form (non awoken) to get the full 5 turns of delay.  If you only have one, you would be better with Reincarnated for the stat boost on cards like Awoken Isis when inherited.

Orochi and Zeta Hydra have 5 turns of delay which is great for Dark Athena herself.  Reincarnated Orochi, however, adds much more value as an assist to Isis because of the color similarity

6. Isis

Awoken Isis is the best unbindable sub for radra and any water team.  Because she has not received a reincarnated evolution yet, her potential is higher than any other unbindable card out there.  Right now she is a staple for covering blue and green in RaDragon teams, but she might be even better for Ra Dragon and other rainbow teams once her reincarnated form comes out.

Having 3 turns of cooldown means you can inherit anything you want onto her and it will be ready almost as quickly.  I only hope they don’t change her attributes for her reincarnated version.

5. Raijin

Similar to Dark Kali, Raijin offers a full board change no matter how many locked orbs are on the board.  She will remove these first, and then change the entire board.  

I don’t believe she will be as popular as Dark Kali because she isn’t optimal for a Ra Dragon team or any of the top tier teams.  You could probably use her as a secondary Dark Kali, but not in place of one since you’ll be missing dark and fire that she covers.   I do think she is a crazy good leader on her own, but I don’t believe she is currently on any top tier teams as the perfect sub.

I think she will definitely be in the top 10, mostly for bewbs, but also because she is a great leader (x9 with 25% damage reduction) and an amazing sub.


4. Dark Kali

Dark Kali has long stood at the top of voting for Player’s Choice God Fest.  She is the perfect sub for Ra Dragon, and having 2 of her is ideal.  She covers both dark and fire that is missing from other subs on the team.  Unfortunately, people seem to think that voting in Dark Kali means there will be more of her in the fest, but that is not the case.  The more 6 stars we inevitably vote in, the worse the fest will be.

Dark Kali can be used for a lot of rainbow teams like Reincarnated Sakuya, Yuna, and Reincarnated Ra.  She is unbindable, changes the entire board to every orb, including hearts, and is hot.  Not only do you want 2 on your team, but if you don’t have other inheritable full board changers, you will want to add her to herself on this team as a skill delay resist so you always have the skill.  For these reasons, there aren’t any players that won’t benefit from dark kali, or multiple of her


3. Fujin

I believe Fujin may be voted number 1 or 2, despite being #3 on my  list.  Being able to deal with Sopdet, Parvati, Vishnu, and HeraDragon with just one active is something that a lot of players will value.

I will say that if you don’t have Fujin, you can benefit from friends who use the inherit on their Kushinadahime or Dark Athena even without having the card itself.


2. Kushinadahime

While there is no doubt Kushinadahime will be in this PCGF, she probably won’t be the top card voted in.  Not that order matters, but I think a lot of people would benefit from Haku, Raijin, Fujin, or Dark Kali instead.  They are all better subs, and some people don’t like the no skyfall/combo requirement of Kushinadahime.  However, Kushinadahime is the best leader you can vote in, which is why I put her as #2 overall.

Right now, she is the best leader in the game and does have a lot of versatility in team building.  Sure you might not have 3 hakus and Reine, the blue valkyrie, but you don’t have to.  She is so strong you can use any healer full board changers with haste and cards with high time extends to make sure you get at least 7 combos.  Reincarnated Yomi (non healer) and Yuna are great options for time with their 4 time extends, but where possible you’ll want to make sure you have healers as subs.  Pandora, Apollo, & Light Kali could be other options for healer subs.  While not perfect, don’t let this deter you from using Kushinadahime if you pull her.

Kushinadahime has a great active by reducing damage by 75% for 1 turn and adding a combo, which can help deal with high combo shields like Machine Zeus or Ninegaruda.

1. Haku

Haku is definitely going to be the most sought out monster In this player’s choice god fest.  It’s possible that Dark Kali and Fujin will be voted high than Haku, but I believe Haku has the most value.

She is the optimal sub for two of the top leaders in the game, Kushinadahime and Dark Athena.  Moreover, you may have one haku already, but will benefit from having 2 more to be able to complete these teams.

Having a full board change, with 9 turns, with haste, amazing stats, and a 7 combo awakening is super useful for both Kushinadahime and Dark Athena teams.


Honorable Mentions that I believe will be voted in this Fest


A great sub for Ronove with her triple TPA, red blue color coverage, and waifu status

Mori Motonari

Great for water teams as you have tons of water rows and a great full board change.  I also like inheriting Mori onto Krishna for a full board change with 2 turns of haste.  A great sub that should be voted in since Meri is still big.


Great for fire row teams with his 5 rows, Sanada is very much a staple of top Krishna teams.  


Strict subs, but the best wood leader in the game until Revo Kushinadahime came out.  She has specific subs that have to be devil or healer (like Michael and Freyja) but she’s amazing and an awesome tank.


Kaede is still a great lead and an awesome sub for tons of teams.  While I love Kaede, I don’t think she should be voted in over the other 6 star GFE above.  Maybe I’m partial because I have 2, but Kaede is still a great card that will benefit tons of players out there.  


Indra is a fantastic inherit for 3 turns of 75% damage reduction.  This can help you through almost any damage hit for coop, or just a little bit of a boost for solo mode.  He does have a reincarnated form, but the 75% shield is taken down to 2 turns, but haste is added.  I prefer the original Indra to tank hits like Hera Dragon twice.


Ganesha is great to have for double experience and double coins.  The fact that I have been able to get 2,222,222 daily coins in May from our daily Tamadra everyday because of double Ganesha is worth the price of admission.  A lot of people use Ganesha to farm rank ups, which I don’t recommend, but because it’s out there, I’m sure Ganesha will be in this PCGF.

Who I voted for

I haven’t yet, and at first I thought people should wait until the last day to see what others have voted for.  This was in the past when Gung-Ho displayed the results live.  Now they have masked the results, like a real election, and it isn’t as easy to see who will get in/.  Honestly, I think most people will vote for my top 5, so if you’re reading this, don’t worry about trying to make sure they’re in.

I generally vote based on my box of who I have and don’t have.  6 months ago I voted for Rozuel, and last year I voted for Akechi.  At the time I didn’t have these cards so I voted for them.  This time around I will probably vote for Sima Yi.  

Now that I have most of the cards, I don’t see the point voting for the few I don’t have since I don’t want them in it.  The only cards I’m missing that’s relevant and non 6 star God Fest Exclusive is Ame No Uzume.  While I think she’s great, she’s not a card I need as a leader since I have better leaders.  

I’d hate for Shiva to make it in again when there are so many great leaders ahead of him.  There’s also no point voting for Dark Kali when she already has 600 votes and is a guarantee to make it.

Make sure to vote here!  Let me know in the comment who you’d like to see and who you voted for!

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  1. I voted for Haku again because I need a third one for my Kushinadahime haha. I was leaning towards orochi, but I think that inheriting my chibi Amaterasu onto Dathena is a little more useful for me.

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