Top 10 Most Annoying Monsters

Top 10 Most Annoying Monster

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We’ve all raged at Puzzle & Dragons for those moments where we mess up, forget about a debuff slowing your orb movement time down, or just got the sun in your eyes at the wrong time. That’s what I blame it on anyway when I mess up.

Puzzle & Dragons is all about consistency. The monsters in this list of the most annoying monsters in PAD are all found in Ultimate Arena. You could very well face almost all of these monsters in one run from hell. If you get through them all, you are truly a PAD master and your team has the ability to spike damage, as well as control it.

The fact that monsters do more damage now than they ever have, and we have access to add more to that damage with latent killer abilities, the monsters on this list can get increasingly annoying. It would be great if you could just stack killers on your cards and do more damage, but I find doing a lot of damage isn’t the hard part. Most leaders these days can hit for 10 million each card with a few TPAs or rows. The art of this game and what makes you a great player is knowing when to hit hard, and when to hit soft.

A lot of the monsters on this list can be negated by Fujin, the new God Fest Exclusive 6 star roll that allows you to void enemies that absorb damage for 1 turn allowing you to one shot the enemy instead of working your way through.

Additionally, monsters that have no skyfalls can make controlling your damage a breeze. Someday users may be able to access the no skyfalls badge more easily than 30 crowns, which is still 20 tournaments away for any NA player.

10. Hino kagusuchi

Hino Kagutsuchi

50% Resolve, Delays Entirety of Skills Below 1%

Why he’s Annoying

Hinokagutsuchi is very annoying as he comes late in Arena runs and has the ability to reset all of your skills. This is very annoying in coop because even though it only his 6/10 of your cards, it will take twice as long to charge. There aren’t too many floors after Hino in Arena 1 and 2 that you can stall on. Arena 3 you can get some skills back on NoahDragon perhaps, but it’s something you’ll want to avoid.

How To Deal With Him

Hino does the full skill delay reset to all cards when below 1% of his damage threshold. That means you’ll want to either slowly hit him to below 50% when his resolve is gone, or delay/poison him then one shot him. I usually bring a delay just in case for Hino, but I try not to use it, depending on the situation. This is the type of enemy you can sky fall into losing all of your skills with, so you’ll want to be careful.

9. Beelzebub

Preemptively changes the entire board to poisons

Why he’s Annoying

Having a full board of poisons is annoying. Changing that board and accidentally getting him below 50% and he uses it again is exponentially more annoying. This guy even has a gif that is played anytime someone posts a picture of running into Beelzebub and forgetting a board changer.

How To Deal With Him

All you need to deal with Beelzebub is a full board changer, or poison converter. It’s simple, but just like other cards on this list, you’ll need to go through the dungeon knowing you might run into him.

My Ra Dragon team actually has shields and gravities inherited onto my Kalis, so I have run into Beelzebub with neither kali ready because there was another skill inherited. It’s best to have kali inherited onto Kali, but I only have the 2 Kalis to use. Since cards like Jormungandr are inheritable, I could use a farmable full board change if I wanted to, but that’s only situational. In my opinion, it’s best to be aware of what might happen and keep a close eye on your skills.

8. Parvati

Awoken Parvati

Absorbs single hits over 300,000

Why She’s Annoying

Parvati is slightly less annoying than Sopdet, as she doesn’t kill you In 3 turns, and her damage absorb is a little higher. Even better, if you’re patient and want to wait out her 99 turn absorb, you can do so with most teams as she provides hearts every other turn.

The annoying part is trying to kill her in a few turns, and getting sky fall after sky fall.

How To Deal With Her

You can stall out the 99 turns, but you really want to maximize your time in whatever dungeon you’re running and encounter her. Note that she gets stronger in Ultimate Arena 2 and 3, compared to 1, when she is under 30% HP. She will turn the top row into jammers and hit for at least 30,000. Be sure to check your HP and use wood latents if needed to survive. Teams with HP boosts don’t have to worry, but if you’re running something like Yomidragon, it’s always worth calculating first.

7. Dark Queen Hera (DQ Hera)

DQ Hera


Preemptive Hit of 40,000+

Why She’s Annoying


Hera is the reason the Meta requires you to have some sort of way to take big hits. You can use strong teams like Meridionalis or Sarasvati, who can hit 20 million without thinking about it, but you’ll always have to have some sort of shield in mind when trying Ultimate Arena. The first week Meridionalis came out, I ran into DQ Hera 3 times in 4 runs and was gambling by hoping she didn’t appear. I mean, at 20% in Arena 1, the odds were pretty far against me. I believe I uploaded these images to my Instgram because I was pretty mad and wanted sympathy.

I remember there was a challenge 10 that had DQ Hera as the first enemy in the dungeon. That may not seem like a big deal now since there are tons of leads that boost your HP and an hit like a truck these days, but back then, it was tough. I remember watching TylerPAD try out Awoken MeiMei, a new card at the time, as she was able to block 30% for each leader of dark damage. He was able to survive her hit, but unable to clear the dungeon with MeiMei since she just wasn’t that strong, only able to block hits.

How To Deal With Her

Once you get past DQ Hera’s preemptive attack, she isn’t very hard. Any light team can take her out without full damage. If you do only get her down a little bit in HP, watch out for her 5 turn bind. Other than that, she just hits moderately hard and makes jammers.

Having some sort of shield inherited, on your team, lots of dark latents, or an HP boost with your team will help get past her It’s not the fact that she’s hard, but the fact that she exists and you never know if she’ll pop up that makes her annoying. Entire teams are crafted with her in mind knowing that spending 99 stamina on Ultimate Arena 1, 2, or 3 could be wasted, along with 20 + minutes of your time, just because she shows up. Make sure to plan accordingly.

6. Predras

fire predra water predra wood predra

10 million defense. Random Colors Generally Show Up. 20,000+ damage each turn.

Why they’re Annoying

Predras in and of themselves aren’t too tough when you think about it. All you need to do to kill them is have a pure damage like Awoken Ra/Reincarnated Ra, or a poison like Lilith or Neptune. Since Lilith is farmable, it stands to reason anyone can kill predras.

The problem comes when you run a mythical plus dungeon and FORGET PREDRAS ARE THERE. Not every team is equipped with pure damage or poison, so if you don’t at least acknowledge their existence, they will bash you into the ground. I have entered Zaerog Mythical Plus with Krishna as recently as 2 months ago, and just plain forgot to bring a poison. Doing 5 million damage with Krishna to take out the wood predra isn’t an issue, but 10 million consistently and at the right time can be annoying for the fire predra, but then there’s the freaking water predra, where you have to do 20 million damage. Oh and by the way, this isn’t team damage we’re talking about. Like most monsters on this list, it’s all about the single damage of one card.

How To Deal With Them

Spiking damage is always a good way to get around predras, but just know that you possibly won’t be able to do this every time. It depends on the color of the predra (they’re random in Arena 2 and 3) and what team you have set up. It’s always best to plan to poison or pure damage them, but then again that takes up an active on your team. Just like DQ Hera, it’s not that they’re hard to deal with, it’s just that you have to consider them every time you run Mythical Plus Rogues or Ultimate Arena 2 or 3.

5. Kali

Dark Kali

50% Damage shield on First Turn; Not Getting Below 65% First Turn Results in 150,000+ Hit.  Below 5% is a Huge Hit

Why She’s Annoying

Kali is the boss of Ultimate Arena 1, 2, and 3. In each she gets progressively stronger and has more HP, but still has the same mechanics. You’ll want to knock her below 65% on her first turn, or have some way to survive a 150,000 hit (the numbers vary depending on which Arena you’re in. On this same turn, she will halve all damage, so you essentially need to deal 20 million across your team.

While it’s not particularly difficult to deal 20 million damage these days, it’s still really exhausting to go through an entire dungeon and keep some of your skills around. This means that any approaches to the previous floors will always need to have kali in mind.

Let’s say you get delayed by Hephaestus dragon but still manage to get past him. Because you may be running on fumes for him, you still have to have Kali in mind. I have defeated Hephaestus Dragon only to run out of skills on Kali twice, and it sucks.

How To Deal With Her

If you are uncomfortable with dealing 20 million damage to Kali for any of the Arenas, you can bring either a 35% gravity (Zeus) or a 45% gravity (Zeus Hera). You could also use any other gravity (20% sakuya, double leads means you are just below her threshold) or Hades/Hera and the like will work, and do a semi large attack to get her below 65%. It is easier dealing 10 million than 20 million, but you’ll still want to hit hard.

You could also use a 75% shield such as Indra or Kushinadahime for the turn Kali might hit you for this much damage. Just make sure you still get her below 65% as she has been known to use it continuously on me. I’m not sure if she is supposed to, but it’s happened to me where I thought I was safe and wasn’t.

Accidentally getting Kali below 5% results in another really annoying hit that’s even higher. Many teams won’t survive this hit, but a team like Ra Dragon can survive with a decent shield. Because you might accidentally do this, I always like to opt for the shield when attacking Kali.

4. Vishnu


Absorbs hits over 1 million, jammer + heart skyfall for 99 turns.

Why he’s Annoying

In addition to having his absorb, Vishnu heals almost every turn which is even more annoying. Understanding your damage is very important on Vishnu, but he also hits for 40,000 almost every turn. This means you’ll need to have a good amount of HP, or a shield inherited to allow you to take him out in a few turns.

It’s also worth noting that if you’re running a rainbow team and don’t have many board changers, You may get past Vishnu, but you’ll have less than amazing boards from skyfalls for the rest of the dungeon. This has helped me survive Noah Dragon longer however as I stall through her 99 turns.

How To Deal With Him

This all depends on the team you have.  For Meridionalis, because of the water vs wood combination, I know I can safely hit up to just under 2 million per card and still be fine (since everything is halved).  For Ra Dragon, I avoid TPAs and go for 6-7 combos.  That way, if I get another sky fall, I’ll still be just under 1 Million (same approach to Hera Dragon).  Skyfalls can hurt, and you’ll accumulate more damage on Vishnu  because of his jammer + heart skyfall.  Even if you don’t match more light orbs, matching more in general contributes to 25% more damage each combo.

If your HP is not above 40,000, you’ll need to have a shield to take Vishnu out.  You have just a few turns and he should be treated like Sopdet as a countdown.  I strongly recommend knowing your damage output before potentially going up against Vishnu in Arena 2 or 3 (or Challenges)

3. Hephaestus Dragon

hephaestus Dragon

80 million HP and a preemptive 15 turn cooldown, and 50% resolve/50% water damage reduction.

Why he’s Annoying

The huge preemptive cooldown is very annoying in solo play. In coop, Hephaestus can be the easiest of the Radar Dragons in Ultimate Arena 3, but you want to make sure you know going into the dungeon which player you would rather have delayed. After that decision, it is up to the non delayed person to use the skills they need to take him down. In Arena 3, you always want to be thinking ahead to Kali if you have the resources to tank her first hit or get her below 65%. Sometimes that huge skill delay allows you to still kill Hephaestus, but run out of resources to kill Kali.

Hephaestus in solo play is another story. You will be entirely unable to use any of the Jewel Princess assists unless they are on your team, which wouldn’t be great for the team. If this is one of your ways of spiking damage against Hephaestus Dragon, then you’ll want to reconsider your team structure. At the most, you can add 5 skill delay resists (more if you want to waste 297s and extra latent spot tamadras) which means you’ll have 10 turns delayed.

How To Deal With Him

In coop, coordinate which player should be delayed 15 turns and still allow you to be able to take out both Hephaestus Dragon and Kali. If you’re fighting Hephaestus Dragon in Hephaestus Dragon Descended (the new guerilla dungeon) you can blast right through him and not have to worry about Kali

In solo play, you will want to make sure you have cards inherited onto your cards to make sure you have the skills you need. Since Hephaestus delays 15 turns, what I like to do is inherit a card that is not skilled up onto my other cards. For example, I use Kanna as an inherit onto my Kanna. This means that I have a 2x spike ready throughout much of Arena. My assisted Kanna is skill level 1, so her max cooldown is 15 turns. If she is ready to go, and I see Hephaestus, I will be set back exactly 15 turns

Depending on your team, I like to use a spike quickly as 40 million damage is a lot, but it is what is needed to get him under 50%. If you accidentally deal 80 million damage, which is certainly possible with the super strong water teams out there, then he will heal up to 50%. At that point, a small hit followed by a repeat of that huge attack is what you will need to do.

2. Hera Dragon

Hera Dragon

Premptive 30,000 damage and absorbs hits under 2 million each unit.

Why She’s Annoying

Hera Dragon is a beefed up version of Sopdet. Only this time she has 30 million HP, meaning you must be able to consistently hit less than 2 million for 3-4 turns. She also hits super hard, alternating skipping a turn and hitting for increasing amounts of damage, starting with 80,000. This means that a card like Meridionalis will require an Indra-like shield and proper damage control to take her out in 3 turns. Definitely doable and it’s not so hard with a lead like Meridionalis who has no skyfalls to mess up your moves.

How To Deal With Her

I will upload a video of myself clearing HeraDragon with Meridionalis and Ra Dragon, but you might be using other leads. The main things to consider is her preemptive, so make sure you have enough HP to tank the hit, her alternating hits (make sure you have a shield and use it at the right time) and controlling your damage. Know going in what killers you may have added as latents and how that could impact your damage. Leaders who void skyfalls are your best friend here as you won’t accidentally trigger skyfalls. If you do have leaders who don’t have the no skyfalls ability, you will want to master the technique of combing, but working to mess up the remaining board so it is less likely to trigger skyfalls. There are times I finish my combo, see 2 woods that would totally mess up my attack if one more wood were to fall on top of them. Sure enough, every time I don’t want it to happen, it happens. Skyfalls that end up making you do more damage than you want are among the most annoying mechanics, but that will be saved for another top 10 post.

1. Sopdet

awoken sopdet

Absorbs single hits over 200,000

Why She’s Annoying

Ah the ended of Arena runs. Sopdet has plagued users of all skill levels and could be the most annoying monster to date. When she first came out in Sphinx descended, she wasn’t a big deal. I remember using my Red Sonia/Beelzebub team and all I had to do was not get rows. Back then, before my hypermaxed Beelzebub was a thing, I could even TPA with Beelz and keep my damage under 200,000. Honestly, I have no idea how much damage I was doing back then since every number was smushed together.

What keeps Sopdet at the top of the list for me is her God typing, which means you really have to work around more than just calculating your base damage. People like me who suck at math just mess up arena runs because of this.

Not only that, but as the power creep continues to rise, sopdet will only get harder. Cards that are pure damage and have no in between damage are powerless against Sopdet. You either pick away at her too slowly, or heal her back to full.


How To Deal With Her

Just like every other damage maximum leader, you’ll want to be careful.  What makes Sopdet universally annoying for any leader that doesn’t remove skyfalls is the fact that skyfalls exist.  They almost always seem to skyrocket vs Sopdet.  Try your very best to combo at the top of the board, and jumble the bottom of the board so skyfalls are less likely.

When I use Ra Dra, I avoid sky falls, avoid TPAs, and go for 4 combos.  Anything else is too risky.  5 combos, all different matches, would be over 200,000 for a hypermaxed team.

For many players, the answer to Sopdet is Fujin, who voids Sopdet’s absorption technique for one turn, just make sure you don’t mess up your combo on that one turn.


These are my top 10 most annoying monsters that make me want to rage quit the game when I see them.  Some teams I take them out easily, even Sopdet, while other teams I struggle and die to them.  Some teams just aren’t made to tackle all these monsters at once, and there’s a chance you can encounter more than half of these in a single Arena 3 run, so be sure to guard against them all as best you can.  Accomplishing this makes you a PAD master and truly shows a team that is at the top of the Meta.

Who is missing from this list that you’d rather have seen?  Comment below!




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6 thoughts on “Top 10 Most Annoying Monsters

  1. I agree with this list, almost in its entirety, with two exceptions; Ilsix and Machine Zeus.

    Machine Zeus is a pain with his 8 combo absorb mechanic, which for a lot of players and teams can mean you’re boned. Oh look, your finger slipped? Dead. Oh look, you failed a diagonal? Dead. Oh you-Dead.

    On the other hand, Ilsix, I think, is Gungho just taking things a little too far. 30% resolve, but changes the board to jammers, dark and blue and then locks jammers. Most teams have extreme difficulty dealing with this, unless your team is super specialized for dealing with this one monster, and once again, we see an issue where one mistake, one miscalculation and you die.

    And yes, I am aware that they don’t appear in Arena (thank god), well, yet, but they have appeared in Challenge dungeons, making those dungeons all but impossible.

    1. Good points. Honestly I forget about machine Zeus and he can definitely be in this list, along with machine Athena.

      Ilsix I have found that the only teams that really hurt from this are rainbow teams, while cards like hino affect every team. Unfortunately ilsix is in arena 2 and 3.

      Thanks for commenting!

  2. No Alfecca? 75% resolve, screws your board up, kills you if you screw up (or get skyfalls ). Way more annoying then Kali, who is the boss of arena (which should be somewhat hard,(she’s not)).

  3. umm orochi? 99% shield and one shots you after 3 turns (ii think or at least 8x damage from him)

    orpharion, 108 million hp (i think) 20 k damage every turn and random debuffs and if you hit him below 50%, than he does 1 million damages…. plus absorbs 6 combos

    to a lesser extent, lakshmi as here minigame is rather easy but sometimes 4 seconds aint enough and soemtimes you miss a a jammer in the dark…

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