This Week In PAD | 4-17-17 Challenge Dungeons

This Week In PAD - 4-17-17

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Bonuses This Week

5x skill up

4x Normals

Tamadra a day

These this Week In PADs have been a good way for myself to get into the flow of what I should be farming this week.  I’ll admit, I don’t always have the most to report on by Monday, but that is the time that many events or new rounds of dungeons are just beginning.  This week we have the introduction of the cat dragons which will be making their return every week, as well as challenge dungeons.

I like the idea of 4x normals, but it is not what we were hoping for from Japan.  They have been able to have access to the 0 stamina normals, which is far better.  Sure, 4x experience means that Legendary Earth, which yields a few high and king dragons at 99 stamina.  With 4x experience, you can feel as if you ran it 4 times with 25 stamina, but the 0 stamina will make it so much better as you can run as many times as you like.  It can be another good way for newer players to farm ranks which adds to their overall team cost maximum, but getting those kings essentially for free would be very awesome.

Honestly, last week I loved the 4x experience in select special dungeons. It made the challenge much more manageable as I could potentially rank up in the middle of my runs.  It’s annoying to go through dungeons that haven’t been hard in 2 years, like Hera Descended, and get just 10,000 experience for it.  At least, with 4x experience, I can run through for my stone and rewards, but still be able to rank up instead of either stoning to finish the runs, or patiently waiting (who wants to do that).

Challenge Dungeons

My challenge for this challenge dungeon will be to use fenrir.  From my Screw the Meta runs with Fenrir, I have fallen in love.  Especially since the new update buffed Fenrir Viz to 1.5 stats for all devils, effectively making him 2.25/225/2.25 for devils.  These stats, however, will cause me to wonder if I can include Fenrir in the screw the meta series as he now perfectly falls into the meta.  However, I believe my screw the meta series highlights that all cards can eventually have their turn in the spotlight.  Even still, I don’t see anyone adding Fenrir Viz to their top tier meta cards like Aizen, Dark Athena, and Reincarnated Kushinadahime, but that won’t stop me from using him as a lead.  If I can clear challenge 10, then it’s even better.  I even took a quick look and floor 3 just seems to make it more evident that having fenrir as a lead will just complement the jammer skyfall “debuff” from Kuramitsuha.  The jamemr buff is 20% as well for 15 turns, which is on par with fenrir’s active, but obviously for more turns.

I will be trying Fenrir out, but also looking to run some of the new reincarnated leads (like Reincarnated Hermes and Reincarnated Sakuya) so be on the look out for those videos.

PADx Discord

I haven’t really had the chance to check it out since the announcement, but now has a discord.  When I first started playing PAD, one of my favorite pastimes was to look at the teams and comments on each character and dungeon I couldn’t take on yet.  I felt a sense of community before I even knew there was a PAD community.  Being able to interact with those users in real time through discord is awesome.  I’m looking forward to jumping into that server in addition to mine.

Cat Dragons

Cats are back in the coming weeks.  They skill up the Brave 1 Series which change their own attributes for 1 turn.  Some people use these as cards for specific farming dungeons.  Honestly, the last I heard about this was 6 months ago, and I haven’t really seen any posts or much information about it.  Meridionalis and coop help reduce the need to gimicky speed farming leads in my opinion.

Personal and Website Updates

Last week I had a lot of nightly commitments which led to less articles and videos overall.  I have been working on revamping my website and overall user experience to try to organize my thoughts and all these crazy team ideas you can make.  Be sure to check back and leave any feedback on the design of the site and anything you’d like to see changed.

Have fun and I’ll see you all in the next articles/video!


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