This Week in PAD | What To Be Excited About (3-20-17)

3-20-17 This Week in PAD

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Events this Week (3-20-17)

Pal Egg – Rare Monster Carnival (Blegh)

3 more Stones (until Wednesday)

x3 Great! or Super!

New Ranking Dungeon – Sphinx Tournament

Fixed Team – Kaede, Perseus, Michael, Cameo, Sylvie, Kaede

I will be writing and posting more about the ranking dungeon this week as I continue to try it out, but it’s interesting to note that not only is the team fixed, but you have a heart cross lead.  One of the best cards in the game is yours for a week to play around with, and this kaede team doesn’t come as a system.  Instead, the basic team looks like wood and heart creators (all of which aren’t bad as subs, just not as ideal as multiple kaedes in the system).

The basic idea here is that each floor has a preemptive, so it’s not like you can heart cross and carry over your damage boost into the next stage.  TPAs are your best friend for extra damage, and Kaede is stronger when you get 2 TPA woods instead of 3 wood matches without TPAs.  Therefore, if you have 9 wood orbs, it would be better to get 2 TPAs.  Without a heart cross, you probably will be able to take out floor 1 and 2 without a heart cross.

Sphinx does have a combo shield, so newer players may have trouble getting a heart cross and 5 combos (most orbs being wood) so you’ll want to maximize your skills in the right place.

Currently, it looks like 142,000 is top 1%, but this can be subject to change as more people start to play.  Here is a video that has been shared to Reddit that can give you some great ideas for how to approach the dungeon

Chibi Series Rare Egg Machine

The cuteness is here!  In all honesty you probably shouldn’t pull here at all.  The best possible card to pull from this event would be lilith if you don’t have an inheritable poison.  Having no more than 4 awakenings and inferior stats, you’d be better off just pulling in a regular godfest over a chibi fest.  They are cute though.  Featured Cards include (lower case signifies chibi cards in PAD):

6 Star – Probably won’t pull ;P

valkyrie claire, skuld,  metatron, red sonia, dark metatron

5 Star – May Just Be Yours

(new) pandora, isis, bastet, yomi, amaterasu, urd, verdandi

lilith, valkyrie (light), yomi, lucifer, hera-ur, dq hera

4 Star – You’d Be Lucky To Pull

leilan, karin, meimei, sakuya, haku

Starting on Monday

Descended Challenge – No Dupes

Rewards – 1 Spirit Jewel and 1 Tan

These dungeons are not difficult at all by today’s standards, so I recommend challenging yourself and possibly saying screw the meta and trying a new type of team.  I think Hel Descended would be a fun time to try out Hel herself or even Misery.  I think I’ll try that out with my 6 Miseries actually.  Stay tuned for the video!

Hel Descended

Kanetsugu (always a great dungeon for plusses)


Hera Is



Light Guardian – 7×6 Board

Light Guardian Dragon – Shynee required will grant a predra if you complete the dungeon with a shynee as a sub.  This is the type of in game challenge that can spark more challenges.  It’s always fun to try something non meta like Gl1ch3d.  When presented with a challenge, sometimes you find that you can add another layer of a challenge and it’s from this that we grow.

Send me your shynee teams and any other challenges you’ve made for yourself!  It could give me inspiration for my Screw the Meta Series on my YouTube as well!

Get Ready for Tuesday

Guerilla – Noah Dragon Descended

With the recent addition of Neptune being added to NA, and not every player being able to clear Ultimate Arena 3, this dungeon offers a stoneable way to get the Noah Dragon required to evolve Neptune Dragon.

The dungeon itself definitely doesn’t look like a cakewalk.  Floor 1 and 2 are certainly tough, as you have to get past 34 million hp for raphael who absorbs dark for 10 turns.  My old way of dealing with raphael in Sandalphon was to stall using echidna and then use Thanatos to void the big hit from Raphael.  Once you make it past Raphael, you’ll have to deal with a 50,000 preemptive from Awilda (which is no big deal if you can deal with DQ hera, but certainly annoying and means you’ll need a shield for glass cannon teams like Meridionalis or Awoken Liu Bei.  Floor 4 (Uriel) looks to be a struggle as you need to deal 30 million (because of his 50% shield for 10 turns) in the same amount of time as Raphael.  He is essentially another raphael floor who actually doesn’t wait around to hit you. Then of course floor 5 is Noah Dragon, who I will continue writing my Noah Dragon guide for in another page.

100,000 MP Tamadra

We are in the last week of 100,000 MP for free, as long as you complete the 1 floor, 10 hp dungeon.  Don’t forget in 10 days to be sure to log in (March 31st) for your 90,000 MP for one day only.

That’s all for this week right now!  Hope everyone has great pulls if you’re looking for mini waifus to inherit, and the best of luck to all in the ranking dungeon!


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