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Super Ultimate Ra Dragon AKA Chicken

My main reason for wanting to write this article stemmed from my 6 hours in a Starbucks on Friday running only Ultimate Arena 3.  I had just left a job interview which was only minutes away from my current job, so I didn’t feel it would be a good use of time to drive a half hour back home to stream my runs.   To say the least, I was extremely excited to try out the new top, top, SSS Tier lead. I honestly thought he would cruise through Ultimate Arena 3 without a single issue, but unfortunately, I was wrong.

My main goal was to complete Arena 3 in solo mode because I felt that as a top tier leader, this should be relatively easy.  When Meridionalis came out, I did the same thing as she is an amazing leader, however I was unable to complete this task solo.  The main reason I lost 2/3 times in my attempts with Meri was because of Hera’s preemptive.  I took a gamble and lost each time because I was impatient, which goes against my advice I give out to lots of players.

In all honesty, there are tons of leaders out there who can defeat ultimate arena solo, and I have a good amount of them.  My understanding of the game is great, but when it came to execution, let’s just say I am no Reco.  That being said, I have seen a ton of awesome players in the Facebook groups and my own discord who are able to accomplish this feat solo and I tip my hat to them for sure!


Explanation of Ultimate Arena 3

Ultimate Arena 3 is a super hard dungeon in Puzzle & Dragons and should not be attempted solo unless you have some great knowledge of the dungeon.  It can be attempted solo or coop and I have defeated it many times in coop mode.  The only dragon that has not dropped for me just yet is Hephaestus Dragon.  I believe I have a decent understanding of the dungeon and can defeat it in coop mode, however the challenge of pushing myself further and becoming even better at this game is very strong.  For this reason, I have been trying to consistently clear Arena 3 in solo mode rather than coop.

Since Ultimate Ra Dragon came out, and he was placed into the highest tier all by himself, I decided to strive towards defeating this dungeon solo.  I will have to say that it is ultimately up to you as the player, regardless of your team, to study it and see what your damage control is.  For myself, it took 6 hours of research and running into each Radar dragon to figure out how to really control my damage, which is the main aspect you need to consider in Arena 3.

Sopdet, Vishnu, Parvati, Ilsix, and Hera Dragon are the most annoying enemies for Ra Dragon in ultimate arena 3 but if you play around with your team and understand your damage, skyfalls aside, you will be in a good place as they are the toughest spawns.

Explanation of Ra Dragon

Ra Dragon has been improved upon his base ultimate with the addition of a few things.  The extra 1.5 HP and 1.5 RCV are amazing when it comes to stalling certain floors that would otherwise destroy you.  When I tackle Vishnu with Meridionalis, I need to have a delay or  I lose.  With Ra Dragon, a delay will make my life much easier, but if I accidentally do too much damage a few times and have to wait until Orochi is ready again, I can do so without needing to use shield actives.

In addition, Ra Dragon has received a skill bind resist, which means Indra is no longer a required sub.  That, and the shield is not necessary to deal with Kali on Arena (though it helps to survive the first hits in coop after you’ve exhausted all of your other skills).  This means that Indra has been replaced with the hard hitting Kanna as a sub instead.

Ra Dragon is able to control damage much easier now too as he gains x2 attack for 4 colors (heart included).  The way it scales is as follows:

With Single Ra Dragon Leader

4 colors/ 3 color plus heart x2

5 colors / 4 colors plus heart x5

5 colors plus heart x8


With Dual Ra Dragon Leader

4 colors/ 3 color plus heart x4

5 colors / 4 colors plus heart x25

5 colors plus heart x64


This means you have more damage control, and you won’t always need to have all 5 colors and hearts to take out an enemy.  Especially if you can utilize Kanna, you may never need full activation in certain dungeons.

The main drawback I have seen with Ultimate Ra Dragon is the RCV.  Despite having great HP and RCV, I find it is significantly hard to fill your HP back up to full quickly and sometimes it’ll take 6-8 combos with a few hearts to do so.  This is bad because I might be trying to stall and getting that many combos could mean I do too much damage to the enemy and get rid of my stalling capabilities.  For this reason, I have prioritized Parvati as a sub who can create hearts if needed, or if he assist isn’t ready, and I really need it.  The quick cool down has been amazing for assists just like Isis.

Sub Pool for Super Ra Chicken

The main drawback to Ra Dragon will of course always be his steep price for subs.  The ideal team has always been 2 Dark Kalis, Isis, and Indra.  Now that the new ultimate doesn’t require shields or 2 skill bind resists, you can substitute Kanna as the best sub over Indra.

Even though the ultimate Ra Chicken has now bevoke even harder to get the BEST team for him, that doesn’t mean you must have these subs to use Ra Dragon.  It does mean that you’ll have to find another way around a damage spike and 2 board changers on the team, however.

The best cards to use instead of a second Dark Kali would be Parvati and Dark Metatron.  Neither of these are full board changers, but at least Metatron and Parvati have low cooldowns.  This means you can inherit other valuable skills onto these cards while still taking advantage of their coloring and stats.

If you don’t have Isis, Balboa is a great unbindable solution that covers the same colors.  You will only need his unbindable awakenings if you don’t have the optimal team, but it is still worth covering.  His God Killer will give you a ton of trouble against cards like Hera Dragon as you will severely have to think about how you control your damage on this floor.  My fan, Henry, has masterfully adapted Balboa into his play style (he doesn’t have Isis) and instead has made sure his Balboa has 0 attack plusses.  Certainly a great way to think outside the box for this monster.

If you don’t have Kanna, you will want to prioritize someone with strong TPA capabilities.  Light TPAs naturally boost the team since both Ra Dragon’s have light TPAs already so you will be able to spike anyone and have an easier time.  Ariel or Chibi Valkyrie are great options.  You will almost never want to use Chibi Valk’s skill as it removes hearts, but I find her to be one of the best subs for rainbow teams out there as she packs a huge, and underrated, punch.  With a low Cooldown, you can inherit something onto her that you will use instead anyway.

I have to say that the best thing about Ultimate Ra Dragon is the fact that the entire team is unbindable.  Honestly, Isis is only there for her water typing and low cooldown.  As long as you have water covered, you don”’t necessarily   Need an isis if your full team is unbindable.

What to Expect When Encountering Radar Dragons in Arena 3

Hephaestus Dragon

Hephaestus will always delay your skills by 15 turns, so inheriting monsters is very important.  However, you will want to know how to handle him with Ra Dragon in case you never get your skills.  Below I had no skills used and was able to take him out just before he killed me.  Having a skyfall debuff can really hurt your chances of getting the orbs you need though.  Vishnu or Osiris can really mess you up inadvertently with this team.

IMG_2248 IMG_2249 IMG_2250 IMG_2251

Below is a clear of Hephaestus from his Dungeon itself, which is in some ways tougher than than the regular Hephaestus from Arena 3, just because the 2 floors before him are unprecedented monsters and can be tough to tackle.  Below is how I handled it.


High cool down subs (at least 15 turns) are necessary to prevent full cool downs.  For my particular team, I use a lot of Indra shield inherits.  While very useful, I wouldn’t mind having Dark Kali’s skill if it were delayed, for example.  All skills will revert to player 1 skills (in most cases) and it’s important to go into Hephaestus knowing this could happen.

He hits successively harder after every turn, and Ra Dragon will need to start using Indra shields soon.  You have 6-7 turns, depending on your shields, before he blasts you away.  He has 78 Million HP and a 50% resolve as well so you can;t just one shot him.  As long as you have the right skills after the cool down, he can be one of the easie spawns with Radragon.

Gaia Dragon

kill within first 7 turns and you will be immune to the 500% gravity if Gaia is below 50% and 20%


Noah Dragon

Stall 99 turns and blast or kill at just above 50%

if just below 50% make sure you have 5 skill delay resists depending on what skills you have


Hera Dragon

Go slow but try to get 6-7 combos with no light tpas.  dark tpas are okay, but wood is too much depending on your team and skyfalls (I used Reincarnated Parvati).


Zeus Dragon

Get below 90% the first turn

Try to burst when favorable color just above 50%

Avoid getting below 20%



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