How Should You Spend Your 390,000 MP | Which MP Dragon Should I Get?

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If you haven’t collected your weekly 100,000 MP, then you’ll have to go the old fashioned route of getting MP: whaling the crap out of the REM.

If you have collected the 390,000 MP Gung-Ho has given out, then you might be asking yourself (or me in many of my YouTube comments) which MP Monster you should purchase.  I’ll be looking at the monsters in the MP shop (all of which are available right now) and go through my thoughts of if you should get the monster or not, depending on the subs you have available.

The first thing to note is that you should only purchase the monster if you are absolutely sure you are making the right purchase.  Purchasing a Ra Dragon without a Dark Kali for example would not allow you the full potential of using Ra Dragon.  It’s tough to pull the trigger on that first MP purchase (mine was Halloween Kali as I did not have a board changer at the time) so make sure you’re sure before you go through buyer’s remorse.

The second thing to note is that each MP monster is unique, but there are REM versions of almost every monster out there that you may already have.  You Yu for example is amazing, but very similar to Sarasvati.

The third thing to note is that MP is farmable, depending how much time you have to spare and your skillset/monsters available.  With just a few strong leaders, you can farm any of the Rogues (I personally use Machine Hera for Nordis and the runs take about 5-8 minutes in Coop).  500 MP per run plus whatever else you sell can add up to an MP monster purchase eventually.  Rather than go through the math again, you can check out MischiefyPAD’s analysis here, but it is certainly doable with a little effort.

Evo Materials (2,000 MP to 10,000 MP)

I must admit I am guilty of purchasing evo materials on my alternate, since I don’t play it often, but I bought tamadras a few weeks ago since time was a factor.  With all my job situations in the past year, I work a lot of overtime and don’t have the time to really sit down and farm like I used to.  Sometimes I’m too excited to play a monster, or maybe my team relies on a certain monster skill to inherit/assist.  I bought a few Tamadras to finish off Reincarnated Hades a few weeks ago when I started my new job since I needed it for a Colloseum run that very day and didn’t have the time or stones to purchase and farm tamadras.  I also felt that the time needed to farm 10 million coins again after buying the dungeon wasn’t worth my time.

I won’t say never use MP to purchase anything besides monsters because we’re all at different stages of the game and sometimes buying a spirit jewel will get a player that next monster that can help them progress through the game.  With MP being very farmable now adays (and even given away by Gung-Ho through this event in March or even the “free” predras from the flamie esque challenges we’ve had the last 2 months) then it’s easier to get the MP back after a little purchase like a tamadra.  Some people will swear you should never purchase things like that from the MP store, but everyone’s needs are different and everyone is at a different stage of the game.

Latents and Tans (10,000 up to 30,000 MP)

While I believe evo materials are situational, Tans and Latents are too easy to farm to include in that argument.  Tans are guaranteed to appear 4/4 floors in Tan Infestation (vs tamadras which are never 100% guaranteed from any run).

Latents you can farm as well, and most of them aren’t worth the MP to purchase.  The biggest exception would be Skill Delay Resists, which are not easy to get for most players.  They cost 30,000 MP which is steep and I purchased 2 for Ra Dragon last year before SDR’s were farmable.  Now they are farmable, but one man’s definition of farmable is definitely different than anothers.  This dungeon is no joke, but cards like Meridionalis make it look easy.  That being said, it is still situational whether or not you purchase latents, but I would always say to buy MP monsters first.  If you’re at the point where you can spend MP on latents or evo materials, you probably already have 3+ MP dragons and don’t feel bad for purchasing them (I currently own Xiang Mei, Halloween Kali, Ra Dragon, Yomi Dragon, Ragnarok Dragon, and have 650,000 MP in my box waiting for Dark Athena.

Pys (50,000 MP)

I have never purchased a Py and you shouldn’t either.  While spending 3,000 MP on a tamadra is okay in my book sometimes, spending 17 times more for 1 skill up isn’t worth it.  It would only take 6 runs of Zaerog Infinity to get my 3,000 MP back, which is 150 stamina in coop, but I would have to run that same dungeon 51 times to get my Py MP back.  I don’t have enough time in my day for that.   Especially now that I can just run Ultimate Arena 1 in 10 minutes with Ultimate Yomidra for the same effect (even though I don’t get to choose my Py) but much less stones and stamina are spent.

Princess Soprano and Linka (100,000 and 200,000 MP)

I actually thought these cards were jokes when they came out.  Princess Soprano came out about a year after Halloween Kali, during a time when both Sherias were here (I believe) and full board changers became farmable (Gainaut and Linthia).  Her leader skill is weaker than many farmables now also, so I never really understood this card.

Linka, on the other hand, was worth it when she first came out.  She came out slightly after Yomidragon and played similarly.  Those light enhances don’t lie, but she isn’t worth it to purchase these days.

Puppeteers (250,000 MP)

All three puppeteers has the idea of cheese behind them.  While their skill is pretty awesome, the cool down is too large to be practical on any team besides a cheese team.

Cheese teams depend on leaders who significantly reduce the damage from one color, and enough of that color’s resistance to bring your full resistance to 100%.  The only requirement after this is your enemy needs to be that color, which is where the puppeteers come in.

Right now, Courage fits on Reincarnated Neptune teams

Pure fits on Reincarnated Ceres teams (though I barely see this played)

and Charitee fits on Reincarnated Minerva teams (pictured below)

Hit all you want Hephaestus Dragon, you aren’t getting a single hit in.

minerva cheese team

These girls are powerful and allow anyone to cheese Ultimate Arena 3 within 1 hour pretty reliably.  There are guides out there if you want a full set up, but they aren’t worth purchasing if you don’t have the leader above.  Any times 2 boost (and even the now inheritable, farmable, Titania is a better damage boost).  At 250,000 MP, you’d be buying a very expensive damage spike.

MP Dragons

Shiva Dragon

Shiva Dragon used to be the king of ranking tournaments.  Honestly I was annoyed at the players who could purchase Shiva Dragon and had all the subs needed for make him blast through any dungeon.  Now there are a lot of cards that outshine Shiva Dragon, but he still remains a really great quick farming team, which is why he was used for so many ranking dungeons.

The speed and strength factor was only enhanced and brought back into play with his new ultimate evolution, which unfortunately requires one of the radar dragons, just like the next few dragons on this list.  This means that he is inaccessible to a lot of players who are unable to clear content harder than Arena 2 (you can now get Hephaestus Dragon in a Guerilla dungeon that has so far appeared once in NA).  This means you can effectively stone your way through, which is nice, but not needed in my opinion for Shiva Dragon.

If you have a lot of strong fire subs, and want to clear mythical dungeons for the first time, Shiva Dragon can help do this easily.  My father in law was unable to clear a lot of mythical dungeons until I recommended Shiva Dragon.  Shiva took his game to the next level as many times you can get just a TPA or row and do enough damage to clear many mythical floors.

Odin Dragon

Odin Dragon was once a laughable card to purchase.  Then I pulled Kaede and almost pulled the trigger on Odin Dra as a sub that was unbindable (I settled on Ceres who I already had though, so if you want Odin Dragon just as a sub, check if you have other unbindable options first).  Now, Odin Dragon has received 2 ultimates that make it a freaking crazy good leader.  As long as you can match multiple crosses (check out my Acala videos on YouTube for assistance) then Odin Dra as a leader can be fun to play.

One ultimate you will get 3.5x attack for each cross of wood or light (up to 3 possible on a 5×6 board for x42.875 damage for one Odin Dra, x1838 for 2 as leaders.  That damage is insane and makes Reincarnated Anubis look like nothing.  If you want a glass cannon and can match many crosses, then go for it, but not all players can match that consistently.  You’ll also want wood and light creators like Sylvie, who is a great one that has haste. but she’s a 6 star God Fest Exclusive.  Avalon Drake is another and he makes the whole board light wood, but is very hard to pull by targeting events for the rare egg machine).

If this seems tough to pull off, then you can get the above mentioned Odin, and pair with the other version of Odin Dragon, who gives x3 damage and 80% damage reduction when your HP is full.  Think of this as an Ama/Grodin team that can actually deal damage.  You can stall through dungeons but hit like a moderately sized truck at the same time.  As long as enemies don’t have multiple hits which bypass the 80% shield method, you can clear the dungeon easily.  18383 auto heals from each Odin Dragon is also a great way to keep HP high, but the auto heal from the first Odin Dragon is amazing too.

Side note, Odin Dragon paired with himself is probably the best candidate to easily beat Machine Athena with 0 stones on this list.

Neptune Dragon

Neptune Dragon was such an exciting card for me when he came out that I purchased him on my Alternate account.  Silly me, I forgot that account has great water subs who aren’t max skilled.  Because of that, my great subs like Hermes and Andromeda aren’t even up on the first turn.  I highly recommend you max skill any team subs, but I was a little discouraged at first.

I tell this story first as a preface because Neptune Dragon requires a ton of water orbs to trigger.  You’ll definitely want water subs who create a lot of water orbs.  If I had Neptune Dragon on my main I would use Beach Eschamali, Mori Motonari, and Andromeda, all max skilled.

The new Neptune Dragon pairs perfectly with Meridionalis.  You certainly get an HP boost from Neptune, which was missing in the first release, and the huge RCV boost from Meridionalis.  Her double water orb creation is perfect for “flooding” the board with water.  Having a skyfall sub like Sarasvati, Beach Eschamli, or Scheat (preferably inherited) would allow you to have more water orbs, without them accidentally clearing off as they come in from skyfalls (because of Meri’s no skyfall leaderskill.

I recommend Neptune Dragon if you have strong water row subs, a plethora of Meri friends like I have, and skills matching up to 10 water orbs in a row, plus getting more combos.

Yomi Dragon

Yomi Dragon was one of my first purchases and got me through a lot of content.  The RCV is really great and the low cooldown plus haste is a nice bonus.  Yomi dra is unbindable also which makes her a fantastic sub for almost any dark team.

The new ultimate Yomidragon got a slight buff in attack and allows you to not just use dark subs.  NY Spica and Christmas Castor and Pollux are both light attribute monsters who can create a system to defeat Ultimate Arena 1 in minutes.  The fact that they don’t make dark orbs only or are dark main attributes doesn’t matter because the damage is enough for farming.  All you need to do is activate a skill and swipe in most cases.  Some orb manipulation is required, but it’s easy to do if you have the subs.  Like many teams suggested in this article, you don’t have to have these subs in these teams to make it work, but you have to understand the idea.  You can sub those cards for low cooldown monsters with haste who have enough orb enhances to boost your attack.

More traditional Yomidra teams will use dark subs like Awoken Haku, Akechi, and really any God type dark monster.  If you have 4 of them, and are struggling with mid game content, Yomidra is perfect.  If you haven’t cleared Arena and also have those subs, she still works.  But clearing end game content consistently is not a reason to get Yomidra.  The lack of HP boosting is a problem that fits with many of the cards on this list, and the damage isn’t as strong as someone like You Yu or Xiu Min.

I do love Yomidra for farming and it can definitely help open up a new player’s perspective on the game, so for that reason and her flexibility in subs, Yomidra can be a great choice for newer players.

Ra Dragon

Ra dragon is one of the best leads in the game, when you have the perfect team.  That’s the annoying part of Ra Dragon because he is inaccessible for a lot of players.

The perfect team used to be Dark Kali,Dark Kali, Awoken Isis, and Indra.  Indra was replaced by Kanna for her damage burst (4 TPAs) when the new ultimate ra dragon got an HP boost and a skill boost.  No longer do you need the 2 skill bind resists from Indra or his damage shield.  Although if you had Indra before, you can inherit him onto any card on the team (I recommend on Ra) then you can survive those hits that require you to have more than 80,000 HP in Arena 3.

When it comes to Ra Dragon, and really anyone on this list, I won’t say don’t purchase them unless you have the perfect subs, because this game is not fair for everyone and some people just have bad luck with their pulls.  I will say that you should have some sort of full board changer (all attributes and hearts) on your team that resembles Ra Dragon.  If you have 600,000 MP (just need 290,000 MP from all your dupes and 6 star GFEs that you don’t want anymore because you really want Ra Dragon) then you can purchase a Ragnarok Dragon as well.  He doesn’t have the God typing you need, but the skill and God Killer can help make up for that fact.

When you have the perfect team, Isis is only there for her attribute covering (since the entire team is unbindable) but her low CoolDown is great for inheritance (I use Orochi for mine).  You could use Orochi himself if you don’t have Isis, or even G/B Balboa, who offers a way past predras more easily and damage reduction.  Ra Dragon doesn’t really need these things, but hey it’s nice to have.

I would say that you certainly can purchase Ra Dragon even if you don’t have any subs, but unless it really is something you want to play, I don’t recommend it.  Ra Dragon is strong because of his subs who help him shine.  I tried a farmable Ra Dragon team and it certainly wasn’t fun, but there are more options these days.  Linthia and Gainaut are 3 farmable monsters who can cover the colors you need and bring a different type of full board change (jammers and poisons are involved) so you can definitely utilize these cards with Ra Dragon, but the team won’t be as great.  That will have to be something I try first hand however 🙂

In short, Ra Dragon is the best card to buy, but his skill rises exponentially as you get closer to the best subs.  When I bought Ra Dragon, it was because I just pulled Isis and Dark Kali.  Up until a month ago, I ran my Ra Dragon with 1 Dark Kali and Okuninushi (for his TPA strength) and it worked to clear Arena many times.  I even used Reincarnated Parvati up until I recently got my second Dark Kali and I beat Colloseum, so you certainly don’t need the perfect team, but obviously the consistency of clearing these dungeons rises dramatically the closer you get to the perfect team.

Ragnarok Dragon

As mentioned above, Ragnarok Dragon is great as a full rainbow sub for those who are unlucky and haven’t pulled Dark Kali, Sherias Roots, or the newly added Raijin.  He has fantastic subs and works among the best subs out there on a Ronove team for his God Killer, matching attributes, and board change.

To use Ragnarok Dragon as a lead, you would need more machines and I don’t think he’s great as a leader.  I purchased him because my Ronove team was better with him than Dark Kali and I love the versatility he requires.  Honestly, most of the cards on this list are sub specific, but Ragnarok Dragon’s main purpose is to be a sub.  For that reason, he could be one of the best cards for newer players looking to improve their rainbow teams.  If Mantastic is right and the meta is going towards rainbow and combo leads, Ragnarok Dragon could be essential for players who don’t have rainbow board changing subs for the newer direction.

Four Gentlemen

Xiang Mei

I have already presented my argument of why I don’t believe you should purchase 3 Xiang Meis, but Xiang Mei is still a great card.  If you are struggling to take on tougher content and you own Gadius and at least 1 Uriel, Xiang Mei is, and will remain, a great option for you.  Don’t let others make you feel you need to spend 900,000 MP for 3 of her to be content.  That style of play leads to a boring, waiting for fires to fall, play style, as there are no ways to create fires besides uriel and gadius.

I believe Xiang Mei is the most consistent of the Four Gentlemen as she has high HP and a great damage output.  However, she will be limited to using healers as subs.  Just because you have 4 sub par healer subs (like Valen, Red Riding Hood, and NY Mitsuki) doesn’t mean you should buy Xiang Mei.  She really shines with Uriel and Gadius, but performs much less consistently without them.  That is why she is great, but like Ra Dragon, only when she has the right subs.

To put it all to shame, if you have Super Krishna, you will not need to buy Xiang Mei at all as he outclasses her in every way.  I still like to play her from time to time however.

You Yu

You Yu is a great glass cannon leader, which means you can burst the hell out of your foes, but won’t survive too many hits.  You will need shields to manage DQ Athena and other premptives, but overall You Yu is a fun card to play.

Your sub pool is very large as you don’t have many restrictions.  You’ll want cards with TPAs over Rows as it will be tougher to separate water orbs with rows.  Not that it isn’t possible, but you don’t want to always rely on your subs’ actives to unleash your full leader skill potential.  It’s that reason that Neptune Dragon, by comparison, is so hard to use.

If you have Sarasvati, you do not need to purchase You Yu as they accomplish the same things.  The slight damage boost you may get for You Yu is not worth it.  I prefer the skyfall parade Sarasvati brings to the team in all honesty over the damage burst from You Yu.

Xin Hua

Xin Hua is a card that received some of the lowest attention of the Four Gentlemen when they came out.  She was similar to Xiang Mei in that she needed multiples of herself.  Unlike Xiang Mei, I believe this is needed because she gets a boost for Balanced types, which is hard to come by.  Like Xiang Mei, her sub pool is limited.

The best use of Xin Hua would be a sub for Halloween Xiang Mei if you have her, or Gremory.

I think Xin Hua is too orb hungry to be a consistent leader as she needs 10 hearts to fully trigger and has no HP boost.

Xiu Min

Xiu Min paired with himself is pretty great as a glass cannon lead.  Xiu Min paired with Tifa is on a whole notha level of awesomeness. I have used Tifa in many of my YouTube videos because I love the fact that I can combine PAD and Final Fantasy, but also the damage is insane.  While 2 Xiu Min leaders would give a bigger damage burst, the fact that I have a 7×6 board and a ton of extra rows makes the combination deadly.  Any damage further than Tifa can do is not really needed anyway.

If you have Tifa, I recommend pairing with Xiu Min and not purchasing one yourself.  If you feel you need to take the next level in damage and want a glass cannon, Xiu Min is great with the proper light subs.  Honestly, any light creators can work, but ideally they would be physical to benefit from Xiu Min’s active burst.

Should You Save For Dark Athena

In short, yes.  If you have somewhere between 300,000 and 750,000 MP, I recommend waiting as long as you have purchased from the MP shop in the past.  If Dark Athena will be your first MP monster, you most likely are a lower rank (not everyone) and won’t be able to afford a team with her on it.

Dark Athena is capable of clearing Colloseum and Ultimate Arena 3 more easily, as long as you have good dark subs.  She is able to clear end game content quicker than most other leads in the game.  Cards like Myr take a long time by comparison, even though the consistency is there, but many players are bored of Myr these days and want something new.  Dark Athena Definitely brings that to the table.

Subs include any dark orb changers really.  Dark Athena is extremely flexible in team building and from what I’ve seen you’ll mostly want Awoken Persephone and Durga.

I won’t have any first hand experience since I don’t have a JP account, so I’ll just wait patiently for Dark Athena.  If I start getting a lot of MP from dupe Godfests and approach 999,999 MP (which will expand in the future as well) then I’ll get some of the monsters I don’t have yet on this list for fun.  I’ll definitely still want to get Dark Athena first because I like giving into hype and already have end game monsters.  Sometimes a new style and direction (and 750,000 MP) are great ways to keep the game fresh and exciting.

Hopefully this answers some basic questions about which MP dragon you should get with your 300,000 MP.  I will be updating this post with more information and player specific information also so stay tuned.  Comment below who you decided to go with and why.


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3 thoughts on “How Should You Spend Your 390,000 MP | Which MP Dragon Should I Get?

    1. yea i agree because loki also gives you 2 sbr like durga, 2x attack for dark and light for 2 turns, and doesnt reduce hp to 1.
      One thing to note is that durga does have 2.5x attack for gods and devils though.

  1. I am just over a year in, and just about to hit rank 400. I had saved up just under 300K when they announced the free MP. I have a pentamaxed Pandora team and a Pentmaxed all inherited Krishna team. (Which I have cleared thru Arena 1 with). However, I pulled Gremory the first godfest she arrived in NA. even though my dark box is strong, I never felt like I had the right mix of subs to make it work. So my final decision for now was to buy Xin Hua and Yomi Dra. I have a while before I can ULT EVO Yomi Dra, but first evo and Pentamax happened right away. Now my Gremory team is Gremory/Plum/Yomi Dra/Awoken Pandora/Utility (Usually Akechi but I have a lot of good dark subs) my Gremory team jumped Massively in ability once I purchased those two MP’s. I post this just to further your thoughts that these choices can be situational, and while some people will tell you not to purchase an MP just for a sub, I know I will develop Yomi Dra and play around with her as a lead, I am now clearing harder content easier with the choices I made even though neither was purchased to be a main leader.

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