Should You Pull in the New Super Carnival

Should You Pull the Super Carnival

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In normal circumstances, I would say not to pull in Side Carnivals.  In general, you shouldn’t pull outside GodFest anyway unless you’re specifically targeting a princess series card.  Don’t be fooled by those posts that say ‘YOLO ROLL” and pull something great. These are few and far between and I don’t want you wasting your precious stones.

The Super Carnival is similar to the Director’s Carnival in that it features cards that are not unique to God Fest, are included in God Fests, but not generally pulled through God Fests.  I have pulled my fair share of times, and have only gotten Silk (and recently) from God Fest pulling.  The rates in my opinion are boosted for pantheons and Godfest Exclusive cards, and silvers, so the chances of pulling something in between are low.  Of course every account is different.  I honestly believe my alternate account is incapable of rolling a gold during god fests anymore.  Maybe it’s jealous of my main, but it will never get on the same page since I stopped putting money into it.

The only cards Director’s Carnivals have usually been good for is the Valkyries.  For a long time, the only Valkyrie I obtained was the farmable one.  Then almost 2 years ago I pulled Chibi Valkyrie, who really cemented my Awoken Sakuya team.  However, the other valkyries haven’t generally been worth it.

Until now.

Valkyries are very coveted for the super Kushinadahime team that includes 3 hakus and Reine, the blue Valkyrie.  You can sub the fire Valkyrie, Claire, if you have her, but to cover all attributes and get the guard break, it is recommended to use the blue valkyrie so you have a card with main damage for each attribute.  Fire is generally avoided for this new Kushinadahime team since it can do too much damage and be hard to control against Parvati, Vishnu, and the like.  I don’t know the specifics because she ain’t here yet, but I’ll be sure to follow up with a PAD Spotlight when she is.

Unfortunately, it doesn’t look like the Valkyries have any boosted rates this time around since it’s not technically a Director’s Carnival, but they’re always in the machine waiting for you, so it couldn’t hurt to throw a few pulls at them.

What’s in the New Super Carnival

This new carnival allows users the CHANCE to pull one of the most recent additions outside of GodFest Pantheons being the Legendary Heroes (full list below).  I like these cards and for a little bit, Oda Nobunaga paired with Lu Bu was something to talk about.  It didn’t last too long, but I’m sure people still play them.

Also included are the coveted Jewel Princesses, who spike damage based on various criteria.  Just like Muse boosts attack for only Gods, cards like Silk boost damage based on the number of fire, heart, or light orb enhances you have.  This means cards like Napoleon add 1.75 damage because of his 5 fire orb enhances.

In all honesty, most cards these days do enough damage that the jewel princesses aren’t always needed.  Teams these days burst damage in the 10s of millions and I can only think of a few monsters that that won’t one shot.  There are of course situations where you want to have a princess ready (Reincarnated Astaroth vs Hephaestus Dragon is almost essential, though limited to coop as the 15 turn cool down will hurt a lot.  You can also consider bursting Noah Dragon or Gaia Dragon more quickly with a Jewel Princess).  That being said, there are times I wish I had them for collection’s sake.  Also, if you’re inconsistent in pulling off a leader skill, it might be beneficial to get the boosted damage on your side as it can make a big difference.  If you want to test their damage, try out the farmable skill ups for them, known as the gadgets.  Speaking of, I should be farming Seraphis today for the red gadget and to finish my seraphis when I finally have Orpharion.

Here are the monsters included in the line up from the official Gung-Ho Facebook Page.  Of course you are not limited to only pulling these monsters, but they do have “boosted rates” even though that number is not defined.


Robin Hood
Yang Guifei
Oda Nobunaga



So, Should You Pull?  And How Many Times?

As always, this is a loaded question.  Every account is different and if you’re lacking strong subs and leaders for your box, this isn’t the fest for you.  Without a proper team to take on tough content, these cards may not be right for you yet.  Not that it wouldn’t be a good idea to get them now so you have them, but there’s no guarantee so you might as well save your stones for a GodFest and improve your teams.

I still recommend a few pulls for most players since these are great cards to have.  The Legendary Heroes aren’t anything super special if you’re in the late game, but new players can definitely benefit.  If you pull 2-3 Sheens, hold onto them and don’t be quick to sell them.   You never know what teams you can inherit that damage burst onto.

If you’re short on stones, I recommend buying the coin dungeons and clearing dungeons you haven’t yet.  You can also finish as many challenges as you can since that entire challenge mode reset is coming to NA soon.

Hope this helps!

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