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Gods Destroyer Monstrous Wolf, Fenrir Viz


Fenrir Viz is the follow up to a jammer based meta that never took off. People, at the time, kept saying that they’ll hold onto their jammer cards until the meta takes off. Some people did, and some people didn’t.

The jammer meta itself never came around. What I mean by this is that the mainstream teams and those leaders featured in Game8, SetsuPAD, and the brag posts you see online never featured either Fenrir.

However, the jammer meta lives on with people who like a challenge. People who are always testing their skills spent time with Fenrir, and unfortunately I was not one of those.

Here’s a run of me clearing Challenge 10 with Fenrir Viz!



I currently have 2 Fenrir Viz, and 8 Fenrirs, so waiting for the right time couldn’t be any more appropriate.

Fenrir Viz is a 50,000 MP, 6 star God Fest Exclusive card. He has a lower cool down than Fenrir and is the opposite attribute (Fenrir is dark/fire, Viz is light/water). This means that if you have a team with both Fenrirs, you will only need a wood card to make a rainbow (if Dark Fenrir is your lead). Luckily Jormungandr fits this color perfectly and is farmable .

Fenrir Viz was originally just jammer based, since his leader skill relies on 9 jammers to get x10 (x100 with 2 Viz leaders) and his active gets rid of fires and hearts for jammers. I wanted to include him in the Screw the Meta series, but just last week he received a buff of 1.5 to all stats for devils (and not just 1.5x RCV, which is kind of useless with double Viz if you don’t have the HP). Now that you have the HP boost, the RCV is even more remarkable and Viz can now more easily clear tough content.

In my eyes, the 1.5 boost puts him somewhere between Krishna and Acala. Acala is hard to activate her x729 multiplier on a 6×5 board, and krishna is relatively easy. All three give 1.5 stat boosts to either their attribute or a monster type.

Since Fenrir Viz is now at least on par with top tier leads, I will still continue to make this Screw the Meta episode featuring him because I don’t believe this automatically puts him into the Meta in most people’s opinion. To be Meta, people will probably still say you need to have orbs that attack. Jammers do not attack and will take up at least 9 spots on the board for full activation. I believe a lot of people will play Viz (they’re not currently on my friend’s list) but I don’t see a lot of people using him to clear arena 3. This is my goal. I will first set out to document his damage with varying levels of jammers on the board, and I will put those resources in this document. It will be my damage control bible against Sopdet, Parvati, Vishnu, and Heradragon.

Having a quick cooldown of 3 turns, I don’t foresee Fenrir Viz having trouble against the traditional enemies with large preemptives like DQ Hera and Lifve, so those enemies won’t be a big issue. The low cool down means I will have almost a systemic team on my hands as Fenrir himself has 4 turns of cooldown, while Viz has 3, so a jammer active should be up on all turns.

Team Sub Ideas for Fenrir

Fenrir Stats

HP – 5,656

Attack – 1,944

RCV – 408

Active – Changes fire and Heal orbs to Jammers.

Leader Skill – 4x attack when clearing 3 jammers, max 10x with 9 jammers; 1.5 stats for all Devil types

Leaders to Pair Fenrir Viz with

Fenrir Viz


Fenrir Viz is the obvious sub for himself especially since the new boost in all stats for devils. My current Fenrir team, without full 297s, has about 67,000 HP. Fenrir Viz is an amazing card to have boosted stats for as he has over 5,000 HP (when 297’d). Each Fenrir Viz brings a huge amount of jammers to the equation by changing fire and hearts to jammers. Having a 3 turn cooldown means you only have one turn of waiting in between being able to create more jammers. I am currently using a dupe Fenrir Viz which means unless I am skill delayed, I can always have jammers ready. If I were to put 3 skill delay resists on Fenrir Viz, he will never be delayed.

My main issue with Fenrir, which many will see and why he most likely won’t be top in the meta, is the fact that he is bindable. I died while running Ultimate Arena 1 to Tamdras because they kept binding my leaders and it became impossible to heal and hit hard with my leaders bound. I even had 3 unbinders at the time (Reincarnated Parvati, Gremory, and Awoken Pandora. I believe just like any team, you still need to exercise caution and proper planning.

Almost exclusively, I believe I will be running Fenrir Viz for the extra HP and other stats, but the other lead you may consider for extra damage is Dark Fenrir.



Fenrir allows up to an x25 multiplier, which means a multiplier of x375 when paired with Fenrir Viz. Having this combinations means you will have 4 attributes covered as they compliment each other’s opposites, and two of the top jammer leaders in the game (there aren’t many to choose from). Combined with Fenrir’s stat boosts, you have a pretty good team here. All you need to do is cover wood, which isn’t hard considering Jormungandr is one of the best jammer subs there is, and he’s farmable.

Similar to double fenrir, all you need is 3 jammers and you get times 12 as a multiplier. This can help to control damage against enemies you need to (like Sopdet) but of course you’ll want to be careful as the God Killers can be troublesome. Trust me.

Possible Subs for Fenrir (Farmable)



I’ll repost my information for a few of the cards that I talked about with Dark Fenrir article as the same info applies.

Jormungandr is pretty much like Awoken Isis on Ra Dragon teams as he helps finish the tough coloring of wood and water. He is a full board changer with jammers included, in addition to poison for enemies with high defense like predras.




Gainaut covers fire and light which means you’ll have all the colors you need for Fenrir just by having Gainaut and Jormungandr. The beautiful thing about this is both of these are farmable and if you get as many Fenrir’s from GodFest as I do, you can definitely make these teams.
Gainaut is the same as Jormungandr as he makes a full board plus jammers, but enhances fires, which is something, it doesn’t hurt, but barely helps.

Ultimecia is a great card to use, but I don’t see her being needed on Fenrir Viz as you already break hearts quicker with two Fenrir Vizes. I’ll make a point to mention that Hephaestus and Hephaestus Dragon create jammers from darks, and make fires, though they aren’t the best subs as you still make so many jammers from your leaders that not much else is needed except damage and helpful abilities like bind clearing.

Possible Subs for Fenrir (Non Farmable)

Fenrir Viz


Fenrir allows for you to achieve more than enough skill bind resistance and always have jammers on the board. It can definitely be overkill to have so many, but it’s nice knowing that you always have a jammer active ready if none are bound. This means you don’t have to keep some jammers around if you don’t want to, but that’s always a good practice.



A great sub for his bigger brother as you can guarantee the minimum for his jammer creation, and help more jammers to skyfall into the board. You can have more damage from his God Killer and also his skill bind resistance is a great help. I just wish his skyfall were more than 1 turn so I can get more jammers to flood the board (never thought I’d say that).

Damage Creators

By himself, Fenrir is not that strong against any card beyond God types. For this reason, you will want to have double, triple, and quadruple TPA cards as subs to account for the damage. A multiplier of x225 is strong, but without TPAs and 7combo awakening subs, this will not be able to break the tougher enemies.

So far, I’ve been using cards that have reincarnations, as the HP is crazy good when multiplied by Fenrir Viz’s 2.25, but also have additional helpful measures.
revo parvatiReincarnated Parvati has been one of my favorites to use as she is devil type, has a bind clearing awakening, is unbindable, and has double TPA with a low cooldown to make hearts. Having 2 wood TPAs on the board has cleared 10 million damage for her easily.
I also like using bind clearers like GremoryGremory, who also makes hearts, as well as h rozuelHalloween Rozuel who also does the above, but has triple TPA.
I have even tried a dark row based team with akechi dAkechi (4 rows), Awoken PandoraAwoken Pandora (3 rows and bind clear), and GremoryGremory (3 rows and bind clearing). The damage was able to get 5 million with 1 dark row and 9 jammers, which ain’t bad, but it’s less consistent. It requires 9 jammers and 6 dark orbs, meaning half the board is taken up. You can’t rely on this all the time and the actives to make darks are a little too high with only one card hosted. Nevertheless, it’s fun in shorter dungeons.

Bind Clearers

awoken isisIsis, alrauneSpirit of the Masquerade, Alraune, & GremoryGremory are great cards that reduce bind within the same active without using a turn, which is a good idea when you know the enemy must be killed that turn or you need your leaders to heal.

Awoken PandoraAwoken Pandora (for rows), h rozuelMasquerade Devil, Rozuel (for TPAs) and revo parvatiParvati are great examples of bind clearers with devil status and row bind removal, which takes up a turn. ¬†It’s worth noting that Red Sonia has bind removal, and is like Ilm in that an entire board is dark and fire. ¬†Paired with Fenrir Viz, it can make an entire dark/jammer board which can be beneficial in some teams.

Acubens, Denebola, Algedi

denebola algedi acubensAny of these three from the mechanical star god series 2 will help create jammers for Fenrir, but I don’t see you needing them for Fenrir Viz. They have God killers which can help with damage, and create 3 jammers which can allow the minimum for Fenrir’s leader skill.

I believe the best course of action would be to not try and reinvent the wheel and split your colors. Since Fenrir has no colors needed, only jammers and devils, you can split colors. However, Fenrir Viz being light attribute means you could use light subs, however the best subs I’ve seen make this team’s cost rival Ra Dragon.

PaimonPaimon, who creates lights and hearts, Ilm no baseIlm, who makes an entire board you can use a Fenrir Viz to correct and make a 1/2 jammer 1/2 light board are fantastic subs. However, Paimon and Ilm are both 50,000 MP, 6 star God Fest Exclusives. Baal, Wedding Gadius, SariaSaria, and Sun WukongSun Wukong are some of the best subs out there in terms of light damage, but sadly I only have Saria in this list. If you have them, by all means make this light version, row based team with what you have and let me know how it turns out! For now, I’ll be concentrating off color.

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3 thoughts on “Screw the Meta Planning | Fenrir Viz

  1. I think you need to update your numbers… When Fenrir Viz got an LS buff (1.5x to devils), Dark Fenrir got an updated LS too. It’s now: 1.5x for 3 colors (up to 4.5x for 5), and 4x for 3 jammers (up to 10x for 0 jammers). His cap is 45x for a single Dark Fenrir.

    Just thought you should know, since you seem to have a couple odd multipliers in your guide.

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