Screw the Meta with Athena (Not Dark Athena)

Screw the meta athena

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Screw the Meta Athena

I will continue to play more dungeons based off of user feedback and upload them here with further analysis.

Below are my runs with double Athena vs Satan (back in the day) and Legend 7×6 Aegir. I will try Mythical Aegir and other dungeons based off user suggestions

History of Light Athena

I am positive that a lot of long time viewers of my content on YouTube or Twitch will be very happy with this version of Screw the Meta, featuring Athena.  While most people are hyped for the day Dark Athena comes to NA, I’m just sitting here playing with one of my favorite leaders from long ago.

I know lots of players loved using Athena back in the day, and some even still use her.  I had actually used mine to create Myr so I had to go ahead and create a new one, but luckily it’s very easy to do.  I will need to max skill mine and probably inherit a new ability onto her, in addition to awakening her, but I will still try her in my next Screw the Meta because it just brings back great memories.

I used to use Athena for my “sure fire way” to beat Zaerog in Legendary Earth, the last Normal Dungeon.  I remember those dragons had way too much defense for me to clear with most teams, and Zaerog himself had a whopping 3 million HP with 100,000 defense.  So freaking hard!

I used to die a lot to the first floor because my skills weren’t ready, so I heavily relied on having Rei Sirius ready by the first turn and I scrambled at the time to get 5 skill boosts.  It’s amazing how that doesn’t matter much anymore.

I wanted to try to create articles surrounding my play styles and ideas I have for creating the teams, so below you will find some ideas I have for subs .

Team Ideas for Athena

max damage athena screw the meta


Apocalypse is so versatile since he has 2 rows and 2 TPAs.  He would be more limited, but much stronger, if he chose 4 TPA or 4 rows, but nonetheless, his skill as a full board change with haste is what I really like about him.  I am so lucky I have 2 of him and I am unsure how that even happened.  He isn’t a Godfest exclusive and just kind of showed up when I have rolled randomly.  I never exactly went looking for him, but I’m very happy to have him for almost any Light team, like Tifa in my most recent challenge 9 win.

Quick Orb Changers (Chibi Valkyrie, Leonis, Rei Sirius, Verche)

All of these cards allow a quick cooldown to create hearts, either just one type (Valkyrie) or one column (leonis and Rei) Both are helpful in various situations, but in different ways.

Valk and Rei are both 5 turns, but Leonis offers haste, which is beneficial to the entire team.  All of them also have at least 2 TPAs which is really cool and fits perfectly with the team’s TPA style play


Kanna has 4 TPAs which is the only way I can possibly do any damage in this meta.  Double Athena’s x9 attack just doesn’t cut it even with Kanna.  Look at my damage below.  This was with 3 TPAs and about 6 combos.  I don’t see this team beating Kali in arena right now.  That being said, Kanna is essential to this team defeating whatever dungeon I decide to take on.

screw the meta with athena

Avalon Drake

I wish I had this card, but it is so hard to find out when to get him besides a wood gala.  I could roll outside Godfest, but I never advise that.  Maybe I’ll get a princess from the wood set, but she’s not as valuable to me and it doesn’t seem worth it just for a card I would rarely use.  Drake is situational but I have always wanted him for my Athena teams I’ve put together over the years.

The fact that he makes only wood and light orbs means you can use her active skill and enhance the entire board.  My understanding of the stat boost is you will get a 180% damage boost if the entire board were connected.  Since the board will be cut in half (at the best results) then I am assuming you will get 90% for light, with a perfect split.  I would need a fan who knows more about the math correct me but here is my understanding.

Assuming 16 light orbs (more than half will need to be changed into light orbs) you will get 4 TPAs.

Each TPA has 4 enhanced orbs (plus 0.24 at 6% per enhance attached) and you multply this by 4 for the 4 TPAs you have, which equals .96.

This means you essentially have your attack boosted by 2 from Athena’s seemingly crappy active.  The numbers will go up depending on how many light orbs you receive, but you would need to connect less TPAs if you get more than 16 light orbs.

How Athena Play Styles Traditionally Worked

I loved when Athena first came out, but she was very hard for me to get.  She requires a wood and light spirit jewel, which was not as easy to get 2 years ago as it is today.

Once you did get her, you needed to have God types as subs, and they were hard to come by for me.  One of the only ones I had at the time was Verche, who is a great farmable card to begin with.

You generally want to have TPA subs as rows won’t really be the best way to get through dungeons.  Their cooldowns are usually longer and you don’t have many orbs to work with anyway.  Even though Athena had the highest HP of any team I had 2 years ago, she is very fragile and her RCV makes her unable to heal up properly.  I used to try to blaze my way through with TPAs and it worked for the most part.  I’ll probably be doing the same attempt in my official plays.

Leaders to Pair Athena With

I was very lucky when I ran my test runs that I had a best friend who used Athena.  It wasn’t 297’d, and neither was mine, so I can imagine the HP and RCV being a little better.  I can probably find someone who still has a 297 Athena (they probably got the plusses needed over the course of 2 months of farming ocean of heaven.  Oh the glory days), but I’d also like to explore possible friends to pair with.


The main drawbacks I’ve seen with Athena are:

Lack of RCV

Lack of Attack

Lack of Time Extends on Subs

Obviously these are tough to overcome, but Myr at least helps accomplish 2 of them better.  I guess if you don’t have to heal as much after heart crosses, you don’t need as much RCV, but it doesn’t necessarily boost it either.  Myr is also OP as hell so let’s see who else we have.

L/L Izanagi

His non Awoken form can cover a bit of the RCV problem so I can last longer (lol) in dungeons, but the damage isn’t much higher.  I like the fact that I don’t have to worry about enhanced orbs falling in naturally with him on my team as he brings 60% himself so I should be able to activate his secondary 1.5 leader boost.  He would be interesting and I will have 2 cards to boost my damage for dugneons that have more than one “boss” or if the boss actually needs more damage boosting.  Why is Athena so weak now!

Awoken Apollo

I like the stat boost for all lights, which will be on my team anyway, but I feel the damage isn’t much higher than Athena by herself.  What I really like is the light skyfall which will help in between waiting for Valkyrie to be ready.  Having 2 heart breakers should be offset by the RCV boost and double Apocalypse I already have anyway.

I actually like all of these leaders and I may try them all out, if I can find users who have them somewhere in there newly, annoying to navigate box thanks to the version 10 update.  I guess that’s kind of why I’m posting this article before my runs 🙂  Check out a few more screenshots of my terrible damage outputs from my tests.

athena screw the meta screw the meta screw the meta athena

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