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Thoughts After the Official GungHo Stream

Hey everyone!  This is my first post after such a long hiatus, but as you all know, I haven’t been inactive.  Before the summer I pledged to post a video to my YouTube everyday, and I just about reached that goal.  Consistently posting videos to my YouTube gained me over 2,000 followers, 400 Twitch Fans (with only a few streams) and a presence in the most recent GungHo Official Puzzle & Dragons Monthly Stream.

I made a video about some of my initial thoughts and reflection, but I wanted to add more via writing and get back into posting on my website.  I got away from it because it was easier to post videos, but with my current 2 jobs I have, it is much easier to now write articles on lunch breaks and in between jobs.

I wanted to take a closer look at some of the highlights of the stream and what I saw.  One person from Discord actually reached out to me 20 minutes after the stream to tell me a laundry list of things that the audience didn’t like.  This list included things like mispronunciation of Myr, disagreements with box review teams, and even ridiculous things like how I have chest hair.  Honestly, if these are the worst things the PAD community has to say about me, then I really don’t mind it at all.  I wanted to share my side to a few of these issues the fans had with me.

Box Reviews

As you know if you are an avid follower of my YouTube, I make Box Reviews as a chance to get one on one with my fans.  They take the time to upload their box to and ask me for help, so I take pride in reaching out to each and every one of them in some fashion, whether it’s through email or a special video just for them.  I have literally fielded hundreds of emails, private messages, and in game messages from people of all skill levels (I even did a video for the great Dubby).

All of my box reviews are meant to go into depth for players, but also show them something they might not have seen before.  We all know there are perfect teams out there, but not everyone has that perfect card to make these perfect teams.  This is why the box review is so important because not all players can see the cards they need and fill in the blanks so easily.

When it came to Michael’s Gadius team I made, I saw the most critique.  This team takes advantage of Gadius, an awesome card who has just a few weaknesses.  One of which being Skill Bind Resistance, which I covered with Chester and Baldin.  Of course, I’m missing skill boosts, which makes this team not top tier, but it was never intended to be top tier.  You can add skill boosts with badges or even coop with someone who has more to cover this.  Not every team is perfect and I wanted to take a card that is not seen in the meta very often as a lead and make a team around him.  I plan to play this team in the future when I have evolved all of my Gadiuses (Gadei as Antonio and I pronounced on the stream).

My Box Reviews are meant to entertain and reach the “oh I didn’t think of that” moment.  Since I’m a teacher in the day time, I love seeing that from my viewers.

Anti Bullying

Before the official stream began, I was given an idea of what questions I would be asked in the interview portion.  What it came to my question about what I think about the community as a whole, I knew I had to bring up bullying.  I am a part of a few different Facebook groups, and I see a ton of nasty comments when someone is asking for honest help.  Even when someone asks for help with a dungeon, and the answer is “Git Gud” I feel like this person could have approached the matter differently.

I’ve always seen my channel and Discord group as a positive place where people can interact and play an amazing game together.

Even after my statement, I saw a lot of bashing against myself for picking a +99 RCV reward if I won our little skirmish.  I felt confident I would be able to win the race during the ACE collab and when we won the RCV reward, a lot of people were upset.  To be honest, PAD NA doesn’t need to give out these rewards so any reward is something we didn’t have.  That being said, I looked in the Twitch comments during the stream (something I shouldn’t have done) and I saw a lot of people angry at me.

When it comes to plusses, I view every account differently.  I happen to not get a lot of RCV plusses when I farm and I am over 150 behind.  To me it made sense to ask for this.  Next time I think I will ask the audience first to help everyone be happy, but I believe many people in the PAD community, and online in general, are too quick to judge someone without thinking.  Focusing on intent first will help resolve a lot of this.

Antonio and Michael’s Team Analysis

Antonio’s Teams

I didn’t get too much grief over these teams for Antonio; definitely not as much as I got for Michael’s teams, but I feel like this is because Antonio is 200 ranks higher and pulls more for REMs, so I had more variety to pick from.

The New Sarasvati


This team is pretty straight forward and relies on a ton of damage output.  As I told Antonio in the Official Gung-Ho Stream, I believe that Sarasvati is an REM version of You Yu and on par with his damage output.  If you have Sarasvati, evolve her instead of buying You Yu.  Your subs will be slightly different as you want row based subs, which is why I have Gabriel, Reine, Andromeda, and Ryune.  You’ll want 3 separate combos with one of them being a row to get the most damage.

The problem with the current meta is Sarasvati doesn’t have an HP boost which makes tanking the ubiquitous large premptives difficult.



The Bacetet team (Ace evolution of Bastet) was made preemptively since Antonio and I had not completed the dungeon just yet.  This team focuses on solo dungeons and you want orb changers.  Mei Mei and Verdandi accomplish this, with Awoken Artemis helping out.  Many of the viewers suggested Vishnu which makes a lot of sense.  It just goes to show that I don’t have all the answers right off the bat and having more feedback than just what I think really helps a lot in team building.  This team will dish out a ton of damage, but like Sarasvati lacks the tankiness of having HP to survive hits.

Awoken Vritra


Awoken Vritra is an awesome lead that fits perfectly in the meta.  Gung-Ho always seems to be upping their game with devil teams getting better and better.  Double Vritra has tremendous HP and you can still do millions of damage.  I don’t believe this team will be used for ultimate Arena or tougher dungeons because it lacks the RCV you need, but I’d be curious to try it out with Awoken Loki as a friend to get the RCV boost.  In this way, it will play a little more like the Ryune/I&I teams out there, but hit harder.

Michael’s Teams



Saito is an amazing pull from the Kenshin collab and I wanted to put together a team that takes advantage of his active skill which gives x4 just for using a skill.  This will help you minimize damage on enemies like sopdet if you can avoid getting a dark cross skyfall ( I haven’t gotten one yet).

All of the subs have haste which helps assure you will always have skills up.  Saito will be like Kenshin with lower HP (though Kenshin has a lot for a team without an HP boost) but the damage will be able to approach the damage cap.  You will want to get multiple dark crosses on a board to accomplish this.  I believe Kenshin is easier to do because you can alternate yellow and red crosses, but Saito is still super strong.

Four Gadius Team



Gadius was my team that brought the most anger. I believe the biggest problem was that people didn’t like me forgetting about skill boosts. For this reason, you might want to have subs with more skill boosts, but I made this team for fun.  Personally, I have pulled over 6 Gadiuses so I wanted to make a team for Michael who seems to have a lot as well.  You have 100% Skill Bind Resistance with Chester and Baldin alone, and once you can get to your skills, 4 Gadius means you can keep charging into each other’s skills as needed.  Baldin also provides a nice spike and shield combo in one skill.  Chester can help with perseverance if you are close to the threshold.

Awoken U&Y



Awoken Umisachi and Yamasachi will be a crazy powerhouse once released in NA.  The team below is wanky, but certainly usable.  I believe U & Y will be able to get the resurgence they always needed since they’ve been one of my early favorites (I even have them in my SuPen)



As you can see, all 6 of the teams I made are within the current meta and use current cards.  I try to stay away from recommending Lucifer and Radragon over and over, even as lucifer seems to fade.  I will say like I always do that just because a team is outclassed does not mean it is bad.  The current meta favors hard hitters who have high HP to tank (with Xiang Mei being my favorite example of a card who ahs 50,000 HP in solo play and deals 5-10 million per card with just one skill use (no boost needed for attack).


What’s to Come in the Future

As I continue this awesome journey in the PAD community, the question comes of what should I be doing next.  Obviously uploading videos every day is tough for me with both of my jobs, but I definitely have time to sit down and write a few notes a few times a week.  Honestly, everyone absorbs material differently so maybe people will learn a lot from my writing in addition to my videos.  For that summary, I’ll have to look closer at the analytics of my website now that I’ve been able to see my YouTube account mature.

What I would like to do, if it is okay with those who submit Box Reviews, is post the boxes and teams I make publicly.  This way, I can have a running resource for people in the future who need Box Reviews.  I think it may be kind of like an encyclopedia.  For example, if someone sends in a Box Review asking for help with Awoken DQXQ, I can list the subs that were beneficial for that user, and if people in the future have similar subs, they can be directed to this resource.

I understand that Mantastic has a ton of awesome resources, but I feel like my approach has been more one on one since the Box Reviews began.  I have a feeling I can look a little deeper at specific teams with this method.

Let me know your thoughts!

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7 thoughts on “My Recap of the Official Gung-Ho Stream

  1. Great read man! Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

    And don’t let the Twitch chat get you down, after years of reading it, I’ve learned to just… hmm lost my train of thought O_O

    I’d like to think there are more people on my side than there are people who want to break me down. And the ones being jerks… man who knows. I actually think they are the same people as the ones being nice. They just have multiple accounts for maximum chaos 😉

    Anti-bullying is definitely a worthwhile endeavor by the way. Some people have thicker skin than others, and even though I’m OK getting a bunch of crap from folks, I hate seeing them dish it out to each other.

    Anyway, don’t let anyone get you down on your chest hair or your box-building prowess. It was a blast working with you, and you seriously have the patience of a saintly fellow or some such person.

    OH, and PS: I plan on using each of those teams you made me at least once! Thanks again 😀

  2. Hey Nick / PADRagnarok,

    While I wasn’t able to watch all of the stream (unfortunately) the bits that I did see were entertaining, relaxed, and fun. I also think you do a great job with your own videos. I wanted to address your concern on the haters. Haters will be haters. Whether they’re picking bones with teams you make, or how your chest hair looks, or whatever’s got their panties twisting, there will be haters. Make a note of their constructive criticisms and move on.

    The fact that you are drawing flak is a good thing, because a good presenter divides their audience. That is an observational fact, not something any presenter aims for. A divided audience means that you have opened the audience members’ ears and eyes. Some will love you. Some will hate you. All have given some form of heed to what you’re saying.

    Focus on the ones that love you and appreciate your advice. Grow them and nurture them. This is how all the great presenters become greater. Through your service to them.

    Props to you for putting yourself out there, and here’s to many more streams/vids/reviews!

  3. I think you’ve been doing a great job overall. I just recently joined your discord group, and I have been enjoying every minute of it! I was actually thinking of running a very similar team to your U&Y team, but I don’t have Isis… What godfest should I focus on for a good water/wood sub? Also, is there a farmable sub I can use in place of that future sub?

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