I want to thank each and every reader and viewer I’ve had over the past 2+ years.  It it through your support that I have been able to continue doing what I do and entertaining you all with my victories and failures in Puzzle & Dragons.

While I love what I do, unfortunately the time has come that I am financially strained and time constrained.  I’d love to dedicate more time to Puzzle & Dragons, as well as other games, on my YouTube channel, and Patreon looks to be the best way to make this a reality.

What is Patreon

Patreon is a crowdsourcing platform for content creators such as myself who do not make large profits from their passions.  With advertising on my YouTube and website, Over the last 2 years I have made less than $1000 in advertisement income.  If creating content were my full time job, I would have had to give up long ago.

Luckily Patreon is here and allows you, my loyal fans, to help me continue doing what I love doing and what you love watching.  With almost 3500 subscribers on YouTube, if each of you donated $1 per month, I would be able to have enough resources to leave my second job and focus more time into better quality content and more frequency.  I would also be able to remove advertisements and offer free coaching.

If I have saved you any number of stones in Puzzle & Dragons, I hope you’ll consider donating.

I totally understand that not everyone will donate and that does not mean I won’t continue creating content when I can, but I wanted to make every one aware of the Tiers that are included in my Patreon page based on your level of patronage.

If one of these packages appeals to you, please consider subscribing to any of these packages.  As long as you continue donating each month, they will refresh.  Each higher tier includes all previous rewards.

If monthly donations aren’t something you feel you can commit to, but I’ve helped you in anyway, please consider making a one time donation at any time here.  If I’ve made a box review for you or given 1 on 1 coaching and you’d like to leave a tip for the time, this is where you can do so.

My Story

While I am more known for my YouTube channel, I actually started right here on my website with giant screenshots and terrible analysis of my play.  Once I learned more about how to create a video, I moved over to YouTube and started uploading runs of content I could clear (which wasn’t everything at the time).

I have never had more than advertisement income and occasional donations to compensate for the hundreds of hours I have put into both of these networks.

While I will continue uploading content as regularly as I can, it is currently tough to do so.

Last year I left a business that I created and ran for 5 years and was unemployed for about 4 months.  I had to get a second credit card and put my monthly rent onto it.

I don’t want to sound destitute because honestly I am very fortunate that I have a full time job and a job on the side.  However, my true passion is playing and talking about video games, and YouTube has given me a platform to achieve these dreams.

What Donations Will Go Towards

My first goal is to make $250 per month which will allow me the comfort level to leave my bartending job.  I will continue to work at my marketing job as that is my main source of income, but having weekends free will give me more time to publish content on a more consistent schedule.

Once I reach this milestone I will put future donations towards other perks for all viewer that include:

  • Create more in depth beginner style tutorials
  • Better video and photo editing software ($100 one time cost)
  • Website Hosting Costs ($170 per year)
  • Computer Maintenance
  • Google Drive for Video Storage ($100 per year)
  • Improved audio equipment
  • Green screen and other visual equipment
  • Lets Plays and other video game analysis/reviews on my channel

My main goal of YouTube is not going to be just Puzzle & Dragons forever.  While it has been around for quite awhile, it may not be here forever.  However, gaming will be here forever and I’d like to branch out into other games in addition to Puzzle and Dragons.  Your contributions will help me have more time to make this dream a reality.