PAD Spotlight | Reincarnated Kushinadahime | The Best Wood Leader In PAD

PAD Spotlight Reincarnated Kushinadahime

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Reincarnated (Revo) Kushinadahime

revo kushinadahime

HP – 4305 (5295)

Attack – 1682 (2177)

RCV – 700 (997)

Typing – Healer, Dragon, God


kushi awakenings

Active Skill – Blessed Protection
75% damage reduction for 1 turn. +1 combo count for 1 turn.

Leader Skill – Spirit of the Miko Goddess
No skyfall matches. Healer attribute cards HP x1.5, ATK x1.5. ATK x2 at 5 combos. ATK x2 for each additional combo, up to ATK x12 at 10 combos.


The Perfect Team for Revo Kushinadahime

best kushi team

Above you can see the perfect team for Kushinadahime.  The similarities to Dark Athena are striking, I know.  The main difference is the inherits.

All of the above cards are great because they give great stats, full color coverage, and are healers.  If you don’t have these subs, you can still utilize the above cards, just make sure that you have the main ideas down.  Board changers, damage boosters (tpa or 7 combo boosts), skill bind resist, color coverage.  I really like how Kushinadahime has the 75% damage shield because none of these cards on the main team create hearts.  That means you’ll want to minimize damage as often as possible.

With Dark Athena, you want Ryune, Indra, and Lumiel, but you don’t need indra with Kushinadahime.  If you don’t have Ryune or Lumiel, you don’t necessarily have to have them.  Ryune is probably the best to have (which is why she’s on my list to vote for in PCGF) but the other inherits are flexible.  You can use anyone who creates hearts and might have haste.  My personal favorites for Kushinadahime and Reincarnated Haku are Mitsunari and Ana Typhon.  Both generate a full board change with hearts and have 2 turns of haste.

Reine is here to make sure you have all of your colors covered for the guard break ability.  This ability is essential for making latent Tamadra s and predras in ultimate arena 3 easy.  When you get all 5 colors matched, you will void the enemies defense for that turn.  The best substitutes I have seen if you don’t have Reine like me is Claire, the Red Valkyrie, and Allura, from the Voltron COllab.  Both cover lights and have the guard break ability.

You don’t necessarily have to have a guard break because Kushinadahime is able to tank predra hits, but it is optimal for speed runs and making those predras look stupid.

PlayStyle and Getting 7 Combos With the Perfect Team

If you have the perfect team, but are unable to achieve 7 combos, check out my video below where I break down how to achieve 7 combos every time by splitting the board in half.

 Great Healer Subs Beyond the Perfect Team

The sub suggestions below are all great in their own right, but when putting a row sub and a tpa sub on a combo lead, you may find your team composition a little confused. Sure Sun Quan, Xiang Mei, L Kali and pandora would be an all Healer, all attribute team that has a few heart creators and a quad dong sub, but the team doesn’t flow together as many rows and irrelevant awakenings don’t add any value to the team. Be aware of this when using Kushinadahime if you lack 3 Hakus.

Strength in TPAS

The main problem with not having Haku is that your damage is not going to be as impressive if you get 7 combos over 10. Since 7 is easier to pull off and almost every board can has 7+ combos, but not always 10, it’s good to play the odds.

I like the cards below because they’re either really strong and help make up for missing what Haku brings to the table in her double tpa and 7 combo awakening. They also bring a great ability to the team.

Sun Quan is a great choice because he has 4 blue dongers.

Chibi Valkyrie with a quick heart breaking cool down is always a favorite of mine. She’s not the right type of Valkyrie on the best team but she certainly works for tpa damage. And 8 combo double light tpa will do more than enough damage to deal with predras.

Umisachi and Yamasachi have great double tpa strength and the ability to quickly make orbs to continue to hit high strengths

Ganesha has double tpa and an ability that is essentially a delay for 2 turns as nothing will hurt you.

BKali and LKali are TPA board changers who don’t make hearts, but can help newer players who don’t have a board changer and need a little help in dealing damage.

Heart Creating Healer Subs

It’s strange that the perfect team doesn’t have a single heart creator. Honestly, I have lost to easy enemies because I didn’t have any hearts ready. It becomes very hard to stall later in arena runs when you don’t have hearts. It’s also super annoying when enemies with resolve as you need to be extremely precise to save the chance you won’t have hearts fall in. Having no skyfalls makes it impossible to get a life saving heart skyfall.

I find it very strange that there aren’t a ton of healers who create hearts. It seems most healers are utilities who bring bind clears (isis and lmeta) or heart breaking (valkyries) mechanics to the table. Some subs below are useful to have, but don’t bring much to the table beyond their active skill.

Lightning is arguably the best heart creator because she gives a full board and a laser. Her awakenings don’t benefit the team as you won’t be utilizing rows very much. At least she has skill boosts and God killer.

GKali is also  a full board changer like lightning and has her strengths to provide. Being an 8 star pull will stop her from being in many players teams.

Xiang mei is a “farmable” or for a better term purchasable monster who creates 6 hearts and has haste. While lightning will save  you from full poison boards, Xiang mei can be useful for when you just aren’t getting hearts to appear.

Her haste can be beneficial as well as her high rcv, but her rows don’t bring any benefit to the team.

Gadius is an unbindable sub that I like using in a lot of teams. I suggest him to newer players as a board changing healer. He has certainly saved my life in the past with his hearts and bind clear, but he has also killed me by making just 3 fires. Again, his red rows don’t help the team.

Uriel/pandora/andromeda are all double orb changers with great rcv. They also all have rows.

Unfortunately the reason kushinadahime is so great is from the awesomeness that Haku brings. While you won’t be able to clear high content as easily, using a mix of the above healers can definitely clear any content up to arena 1. Arguably, having more heart creators on the team helps with kushinadahime’s survivability as you’re not dependent on hearts magically appearing.

Why She’s the Best In Puzzle & Dragons Right Now

According to SetsuPAD, Kushinadahime is among the top leaders in the game.  She really hits a whole lot of areas of this meta.  HP and RCV boosts, scalable attack, and no skyfalls.  I also love the fact that she is a combo leader, but also adds a combo count with her low cooldown active.  This helps players who may be unable to always trigger a high multiplier with her leaderskill by adding that 1 combo.  Her active also gives a 75% shield for big hits from monsters like Hera Dragon so you can survive longer.

The best part of Kushinadahime is definitely her no skyfall scalability.  Enemies like Sopdet, Vishnu, and Hera Dragon are easier to handle as long as you know your damage output.  I intend to list out damage scaling for Kushinadahime in this article to help users.  I honestly use my more recent guides because I have been using so many different leaders that I now forget the scaling damage.  Honestly, it is a numbers game and getting the right damage at the right time is all about math.

Since skyfalls in the past meant you could get all the orb combinations you needed on the board, but lose because of a thousand skyfalls meant you couldn’t always rely on complete damage control.  There was always a degree of luck involved, but with leaders like Reincarnated Kushinadahime, you don’t have to worry about that.

She also deal with combo shields very well, despite her no skyfalls.  Some players may rely on getting a ton of skyfalls to kill enemies like Mech Zeus, but Kushinadahime won’t do much damage without 7+ combos anyway.  You can even use her active skill and get 7 combos on Zeus to kill him, as long as you have a dark TPA involved for your Hakus.

setsupad tier list


My Experiences So Far With Kushinadahime

I love playing Kushinadahime because she was one of my earliest leads and it’s fantastic to see her in the top spot for once.  I love combo leads and the constant emphasis on high combos.  Sure a lot of leads haven’t needed high combos lately unless you’re against a combo shield (Dark Athena can one shot Zeus Dragon with 4 combos) but to me there’s nothing quite like the success of hitting that 9 or 10 combo.  Knowing you’ve fully mastered a board is a great feeling everytime.

I have not been able to clear dungeons like Arena 3 yet solo with Kushinadahime since I have been bouncing around with my leaders, and I haven’t even maxed out my Valkyrie.  I will work towards this as I create my Sample Damage Scenarios below in the coming weeks.

Sample Damage Scenarios

Kushinadahime is a very fun leader, but I find my biggest weakness is knowing exactly how much damage to do against enemies with resolve like Ilsix, Vishnu, and Hera Dragon.  For that reason, I am working on my Sample Damage Scenarios section below.  If there are specific monsters you’d like assistance with, please let me know, but I will be building this over time.  I’ll start with my standard most annoying monsters.

These scenarios are based on the following team and stats

Kushinadahime (Ishida Mitsunari)

Haku (Ryune)

Haku (Ana Typhon)

Haku (Indra (because I bounce back and forth with Dark Athena)

Claire (Lightning)

Kushinahime (variable)

Combo Multiplier With Dual Reincarnated Kushinadahime

5 Combo – x9

6 Combo – 20.25

7 combo – x81

8 combo – x144

9 combo – x225

10 combo – x324


5 combo will be more than enough. Just be sure to avoid TPAs. If you don’t get her down far enough, you can fall back on kushinadahime’s skill to survive her big hit.


For me, Parvati is a little easier. The sub types for Haku allow the optimal team to widdle her down with tpas. Because I have Femme, I would do too much with TPAs.

I like to do 5-6 combos without tpas, and let her create hearts to heal myself. As long as I keep combos below 5 with her trisula ability, you won’t have femme do too much.

If you have Reine, you can fire tpa to widdle down Parvati.


6 combos is the sweet spot for Vishnu since I have Femme on my team. Make big connected combos with hearts and jammers to heal but also keep your combo count down.

Hera Dragon

To deal with Hera Dragon you will want to have 7 combos and no tpas. This will put haku in the 1.5 million range. Feel free to mix in kushinadahime’s skill to prevent big hits from Hera, but remember to factor in the extra combo that is added.


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4 thoughts on “PAD Spotlight | Reincarnated Kushinadahime | The Best Wood Leader In PAD

  1. By Mitsuhide, I assume you’re referring to Ishida Mitsunari? Mitsuhide is Akechi, who turns red to dark and blue to heart.

    1. Yes thank you! I knew I made that mistake somewhere and I couldn’t remember which article I had written it in. I made the change.

  2. If I have a Lumiel inherit on one of my Hakus is it really worth it to bring Allura as the last sub, or should I just put a fourth Haku on instead?

    1. You want Allura or a valk for full color coverage. It’s important for predras and high defense enemies

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