PAD Spotlight | Ni’itsu Kakunoshin (Hiko Seijuro)

PAD Spotlight Hiko

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Ni’itsu Kakunoshin (Hiko Seijuro), An Amazing 6 Star Collab Monster

Hiko Seijuro

HP – 4521 (5511)

Attack – 1854 (2349)

RCV – 256 (553)

Type – Balanced


hiko awakenings 1

Hiko has some pretty amazing awakenings.  2 Time extends, 2 TPAs, a 7 combo awakening, and 2 skill bind resistances.  These awakenings allow Hiko to cover so many bases as a leader or sub for any team that needs a strong light card.

Available Killer Awakenings

hiko killer awakenings

It’s always nice that balanced monsters can have access to every killer out there.  Just be sure to avoid things like God Killer for Sopdet.  You wouldn’t want to waste that fancy active too early if you don’t have to.

Active Skill – 

Ignores enemy damage absorb effects for 1 turn ( does not include combo shield, attribute absorb, and damage void ). +1 combo count for 1 turn.

Leader Skill – 

No skyfall matches. Light attribute cards All Stats x1.5. All attribute cards ATK x3 when reaching 2 set of Light combos. ATK x3 for each additional combo, up to ATK x6 when reaching 3 combos.

Why Does Everyone Want Hiko

6 star kenshin pullsni'itsu

It seems many cards these days are taking advantage of awakenings over leader skills to do their damage.  Dark Athena is only a 7 times leader (49 with 2 Dathenas) and yet she is one of the most consistent leaders in the game.  Hiko also brings a relatively weak multiplier for his time, and yet he is amazing.

x81 is nothing too crazy as many cards out there have x100 before batting an eye.  Sure the stat boost is nice, but it’s not enough to deal tons of damage.  Hiko takes advantage of TPAs and the coveted 7 combo awakening to deal massive damage.

The main reason people want Hiko is not to use him as a leader.  There are definitely better leaders out there in Reincarnated Kushinadahime and Dark Athena.  However, not everyone has a Fujin like (damage void) active because Fujin and Uruka are very rare pulls.

Hiko, on the other hand, is only 6 stars (6 for Fujin, 8 for Uruka), from a collab, and has his rates of being pulled boosted on selected days.  Plus, the consolation prize if you don’t pull him but see a diamond egg pop out of that adorable Kenshin Rare Egg Machine. It could either be Kenshin, a top tier card in my opinion, or Saito, a fun cross lead to play.

Many people will want to add that great damage void active (great for enemies like Vishnu and Hera Dragon) to someone on their main Dark Athena team, or other team they are using, but I will enjoy using Hiko as a lead for awhile.  When the buzz dies down, I can always add Hiko as an inherit for a measly 1,000,000 coins.

Hiko Playstyle as a Leader

Hiko reminds me of the old school light Athena days.  When I used that team, I would stack as many light orb creators as possible and go for multiple TPAs

3 TPA board
This style of play came rushing back when I tried out Hiko for the first time today.  I still need to evolve and hypermax him, but even without being evolved, the damage and play style was a ton of fun.

Athena used to be my go to for strength and a boost of HP.  Hiko is light years (and actual years) ahead, I just like to think of the early days of PAD.

With Hiko, you have access to the amazing no skyfall leader skill which allows you to control your damage so you don’t use the active he has as a crutch.  You can predict the outcome of your damage more precisely and not get annoyed by skyfalls.

Your cards get a 1.5 stat boost for all light attributes and you can honestly choose whether or not you want to go with TPAs or rows based on your box.  I don’t see team building being an issue for most players unless they are severely lacking in their light box.  If that is the case, I recommend saving stones (or buying if you’re into that) during a Player’s Choice God Fest that coincides with a light gala.  This will give you a higher chance of pulling cards that can be subbed on a Hiko Team.

You can go about team building with either tpas or rows. You might think tpas are the way to go based on the awakenings of Ni’itsu (Hiko), but when pairing with tifa, you already have 50% more damage with her row awakenings.

I also like Tifa because you’re not as limited in subs to use if you used as a friend leader ilmina. You’ll basically want ilm but other board changers like apocalypse and momiji become useless. With tifa you can use either and still go for tpas mixed with rows for maximum damage.

Great Subs For TPA style play

reincarnated apollo  Reincarnated Apollo is one of the best subs I can think of that many players have to keep the lights coming. He also has two TPAs which goes great with Hiko’s innate TPA style of play.

L Kanna  Kanna For quad tpa which gives her a 5x attack before any multipliers.

leonis  Leonis is a crazy good, unbindable sub who has triple dongs and a low cooldown with haste. Using multiple leonis lends this team to be system like. You will struggle with hearts if you use too many however.

Apocalpyse  Apocalypse has double TPA and a full board change.  Orb trolls happen occasionally of course, but in general it is an amazing skill to have around.

Great subs that come to mind for rows

  Ilm (no sub attribute) is great for a full board spike and has 3 rows.

vaan  Vaan from the Final Fantasy collab would be an interesting choice.  He has 4 light rows and automatic activation of a row with a 7×6 board friend

reincarnated venus  Reincarnated Venus and reincarnated DQXQ (not in NA yet) are both great cards with amazing stats.  Venus has a low cooldown to inherit anything you’d like and DQXQ has a relatively low cooldown.

Apocalpyse  Apocalypse for a full board change and double rows

Momiji  Momiji for full board change and double tpas

Saria  Saria for a full board change plus haste and heart creation
Any wedding series cards, especially akechi and wedding eschamali would be awesome if you invested into that collab.  It remains one of the best source for light cards in the game.

Who to Pair Hiko with as a Leader

ilmina  Ilmina (Floof)
Ilmina comes to mind as a great card to pair with as you reduce damage and have a 7×6 board.  I don’t know if the damage will be tremendous, but I know adding more orbs to the board with someone who hits like a truck like Hiko isn’t a bad idea.  A 7×6 board almost always ensures a natural activation if the enemy doesn’t change orbs nad you clear the board properly.  It only takes 12 orbs (9 light orbs and 3 fire orbs when combining leader skills) to activate the minimum of the leader skills.

The downside to using Ilmina as a friend leader is the fact that you have to match fire orbs as well.  This eliminates cards I love using like Apocalypse since he doesn’t create fires.

You can definitely use cards like Ilm and Saria, but these are also rarer being God Fest Exclusives.

I feel an Ilmina pairing lends to those who have been more fortunate in their pulls to be able to balance the team


Any card that uses a row playstyle can generally reach a higher amount of damage per card.  If you have one strong TPA (like Kanna) then you can do too much damage against enemies with damage voids or absorbs (not that Hiko cards about the latter) but with rows you can trade one strong card for an even steam.  This helps you better predict the total damage your team will deal out.

Keep in mind the damage below is with a 5x Ni’itsu rather than a 6x Hiko.  He’s also level 6, but the team deals pretty similar amountso fed damage.  A slight tweak to my output and I will do under 5 million for each card to deal with Noah Dragon at will.

hiko with tifa

Hiko  Hiko

Pairing with himself gives 2.25 all stats, but you’ll want more light skyfall subs to optimize your lights on board.  I like the option of a 7×6 friend because the ability to get more light orbs without needing as many actives is very appealing.

hiko paired with hiko
I also feel that the active of Hiko is only needed once or twice in a dungeon.  If you are unfortunate enough to get Sopdet, Parvati, Vishnu, and Hera Dragon in one Arena 3 run, you would benefit from 2 Hiko actives.  However, it is always better to know how to deal with these enemies without the need for this active.  You might not have it charged quickly (since it is a 20 turn cool down) or an assist may take the place of it by the time you reach those monsters.  Also, if you happen to not encounter any of these 4 enemies, the active skill is essentially useless and would leave you open to getting orb trolled on Kali or Hephaestus if you run out of actives.

The damage from double Hiko is pretty good and the extra HP and RCV puts him on par with cards like Kushinadahime for HP.  This means you can survive almost any preemptive (Awoken Artemis in Zeus Dragon Descended might be the only exception).

Good luck in your pulls and remember to pull based on the proper day of boosted rates for Hiko.  I have heard some people get him in 1 YOLO roll and some put packs in to not get him.  I got Hiko on my 6th roll.

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