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PAD Spotlight Nephthys

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Nephthys Stats

Night Voyager Death Goddess nephythys

HP – 3253 (4243)

Attack – 1455 (1950)

RCV – 418 (715)

Type – God Balanced


nephthys awakenings

No skill bind resist can be a problem

Available Killer Awakenings

nephthys killers available

Active Skill –  1.5 dark attack for 2 turns, enhanced dark orbs

Leader Skill – Dark cards 1.5 HP & RCV.  3.5 Attack when 3 colors (2+ heal) attack at once.

Skill UpBlack DeviNyan Black DeviNyan

Why She seems pretty amazing at first.

As far as I can see, Nephthys is the first dark card in NA to have double 7 combo awakening.  Aside from Osiris, every monster in this pantheon has 2 7 combo awakenings and just like TPAs, you can expect more cards to have this in the future.  This makes her stronger than any triple TPA monsters, and only slightly weaker than quad TPA cards (like Satsuki and Kanna).  Nephthys, being a pantheon card, can be obtained more easily than Kanna or Satsuki as they both only appear in God Fests.  Here is the math below if you get 7 combos vs getting a TPA.

2 7 Combo awakenings = 2*2=4 (such tough math)

4 TPAs = (1.5*1.5*1.5*1.5)=5.06525

Kanna = 1660* (1.5*1.5*1.5*1.5)=8403.75

Satsuki=1603* (1.5*1.5*1.5*1.5)=8115


Of course, there is a deeper level of math involved.  In order to get this attack, you will need to get 7 combos for Nephthys, but only need a TPA for Kanna and Satsuki, plus the math that goes into orb enhances and the number of combos you have for your attack.

While Nephthys can be harder to trigger because you need 7 combos to reach her full potential, that is the way the meta has shifted.  Nephthys is by no means a quick farming team as you need to get higher combos, but she can definitely take on moderate content, and is a fun new refresher.

I like that you can remove the need to get TPAs for damage bursting when using her.  It makes it easier to get higher combo counts and optimizing my essential strategies for getting at least 7 combos.

If her active skill were better, you could put her on any combo style team as a sub.  Since she improves dark attribute attacks, you would only want to add her to a dark combo team, such as Anubis or Reincarnated Yomi, since she would only benefit dark cards.  You would be able to optimize space without needing TPAs and still go for 8-10 combos on average.  Because of her skill and awakenings, she may not be beneficial beyond dark teams and as her own leader.

Who to pair Nephthys with

Honestly, I took some time to play around with Nephthys and used a few different teams, and I don’t see her as a super strong leader.  Her damage would need to be combined with TPAs or Rows, which reduces the chance to consistently get 7 combos.  This means Nephthys herself is very weak if you don’t get 7 combos.


Nephthys for 2.25 HP, 12.25 Attack, 2.25 RCV

Double 7c awakenings effectively multiplies this leader skill’s attack by 4 for each Nephthys.  Her damage won’t be as high as Dark Athena’s, but she can more naturally stall than Dark Athena, and makes up for it with her leader skill, which effectively gives 1.5 dark for 4 straight turns when done properly.  That means that you can stall somewhere in between, or haste your cards  to get more out of this skill.

Nephthys Possible Subs

Nephthys is a tough lead to use, but her HP and RCV stat boosts can help you to at least survive harder content.  However, if you use her as a leader, you will need help hitting high numbers consistently.  If you do decide to use her as a leader, here are some subs you can use.

In general, you will want to have board changers.  You won’t really need to have damage boosters as subs (like Reincarnated Loki)

Haku (With Ryune Inherit) – Haku is obviously the best bet for any dark team these days, and multiple of her will be amazing.  You do run the risk of missing out on heart creators so if you do use her, you might want to add in some inherits such as Apocalpyse or Ryune.  That or add in heart creators from the list below as the last slots.

Ana Typhon – Guarantees 4 different colors.  Orb trolling such as 3 darks and no tpas isn’t a problem anymore with no TPAs for Nephthys to reach her maximum potential.

Satsuki – Combining TPA and 7C awakenings is a great idea.  You naturally will want to get more attack to spike, but you can control the damage by not getting TPAs so satsuki doesn’t soar past Nephthys.

Eschamali – Extra orb enhancements and 4 turns of skyfalls make Eschamali the perfect dark sub.  You will want to make sure your other subs create hearts if you use her, because just having her reduces your spots for potential heart makers to 3 on your team.  If you’re using Haku, then it’s down to 2.

Reincarnated or Cruel Bleak Night Pandora – An unbinder with 3 rows that seem out of place on this team, Pandora is still a great card that can create hearts and dark, which is 2/3 of what you need for her leader skill.  I prefer reincarnated Pandora for her stats compared to CBN Pandora, but the TPA and recovery are situationally better than the stat boost.  Plus, you may be reluctant to unevolve your Pandora if you have CBN over Awoken already.

Cecil – Possibly one of the best subs as he has double TPA and creates hearts.  Damage will be reduced by 15% naturally which can help in tough situations.  Most cards above don’t add time extends so it can be tough to consistently get 7 or more combos if you aren’t as experienced.  If you use him, you will want someone like Castor who has double skill bind resistance.

noctisNoctis – The same reason as Cecil above for time extends, except he adds a combo and creates a TPA-able number of dark orbs with his skill.

Cons for Team Building with Nephthys

Nephthys lacks enough damage as her base is 12.25 attack.  Even with 7 combos and multiplying her damage by 4 for herself, you still only reach the base damage multiplier of Dark Athena, a card that anyone can obtain is farming.

Since Nephthys lacks skill bind resistance, you will want to make sure at least one of your subs has double skill bind resistance.   Perhaps it was a sign that I pulled the terrible Dark Chester from Player’s Choice God Fest since he has 3 skill bind resistances.  At the best, he can handle Beelzebub if you run out of board changers, or handle resolves when the enemy is very close to being pushed below.  His double killer can be a problem for damage control.

You will be at a disadvantage for comboing since most subs lack time extends.  Any team can benefit from Reincarnated Yomi of course, but having her on the team means you will only have up to 3 board/orb changers in your arsenal.  Sure you don’t need as many dark orbs and are mostly dependent upon combos, but you’ll need at least 3 to do damage with your cards, and creating dark orbs is super helpful.

Nephthys Possible Assists (Inherits)

You ideally want to match dark cards to dark cards to get that extra boost in stats.  If that is not possible, Ryune or Apocalpyse would be the best off color orb changers for the team.

Video Analysis and Playthrough of Nephthys

To be uploaded when I am at a computer

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