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PAD Spotlight Gremory

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Who is Gremory



Gremory is a 6 Star God Fest Exclusive card that operates very similarly to Myr and Ronove.  She maxes out at x144 attack (though in game it shows as x36 and doesn’t take into account the x4 from using a skill).  Gremory, in my opinion, can hit the highest team damage (since she has lots of rows) of all three, but is not the best.  Even though she is able to hit over 30 million per card (as seen in my video PAD Spotlight below) she doesn’t stack up as she has the most expensive subs needed for optimization.

She received a recent buff of 2 more dark rows, and a bind clearing awakening, which means she now has 6 turns of bind clearage (not including her active which would bring 2 more for each Gremory used) and 40% more damage from 2 Gremories.  This damage boost makes her much stronger than Ronove’s entire team, and already much higher than Myr is capable of.

Honestly, you have the most flexibility with Gremory, but if you had 600,000 MP to play around with, you could buy 2 Xin Huas, 2 Yomidras, or a combination of them (even Halloween Xiang Mei wouldn’t be bad at all, but for the price you can almost get 2 Xin Huas or Yomidras).  This leads to more of a system type team where you most likely have a heart cross at all times, and a static x4, or x144 if you heart cross.  Other great cards to use could be Akechi, either Pandora evolution (which are easier to pull), or more Gremories.  I think it would be a great idea to have 2 akechis as subs for a ton of damage, and the other cards can have haste to help bring skills back around sooner.

Myr seems to rely on specific light subs who create hearts and lights (DQXQ, Sun Wukong, Apocalpyse for example) and Ronove is best with 2 Kaedes and a 300,000 Ragnarok Dragon.  Of course all of these are ideal teams, and when everything is compared, Gremory can be more flexible, but her best team is going to want more MP out of you for the most consistent results.

Video of this PAD Spotlight

Take a look at my play through and some ideas of how to use Gremory to achieve the x144.  I even show off her potential damage in a 7×6 board dungeon.

Gremory Vs Ronove Vs Myr

Gremory Myr Ronove Comparison Chart

All three of these leaders are amazing, and comparing them is just for the sake of argument.  If you have all three, by all means play to whichever you prefer.  Gremory favors rows, Ronove favors TPAs, and Myr can be either (though more people choose rows).

If you have the ideal teams, or even if you don’t, choose your favorite and don’t let this guide make you think Gremory is my favorite just because I’m writing about her.  In all honesty, you don’t see her on the top tier teams by Setsu and there must be a reason she’s supposedly inferior to Ronove (even though they have the same shield).


Cards to Pair Gremory With

gremory double leads

Gremory is best paired with herself.  Some people like using Myr with Ronove, or vice versa, but I haven’t seen too much of an argument for another leader.  Pairing with Myr just makes no sense for this team, and pairing with any other dark leader would bring Gremory down to a 35% shielded monster, which isn’t too impressive.  A static 57% shield is much better in my book than any sort of damage multiplier.  As you can see from my video, damage isn’t an issue for the entire team of Gremory (vs Ronove who stacks the TPA cards, but not the entire team).

Possible Subs for Gremory

gremory 1 gremory 2

Essentially, any dark sub that creates lights and darks is great, but in my opinion, the above are the best subs if you have the money.  I didn’t include Halloween Xiang Mei in the visual, but I think she would be great to trigger the leader skill, but not necessarily going to provide any damage if that board has no darks.  Her haste is valuable, but if you’re going to spend 500,000 MP, you might as well go for Yomidra and get Xin Hua when you have an extra 100,000 MP.

Let me know what you think and if you have enjoyed playing with your Gremory.

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4 thoughts on “PAD Spotlight | Gremory

  1. What about Typhon? Unbindable, time extend, dark row, devil killer, and has haste in his active. I also think his base cool down recently just got reduced.

  2. I own both Gremory and Myr, and I like to use Gremory a lot more

    Subs I use : Typhoon Ana ; Akechi ; SPandora ; ReYomi

    you didn’t mention Tsukuyomi, but since LS Gremory doesn’t give TE (unlike Myr) playing with Yomi gave a lot of confort (2sec passive + 5sec passive) since making Xheart+Rows can be difficult
    However, I may replace Yomi someday for the +2sec badge (not enough team cost for the moment)

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