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PAD Spotlight despharion

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HP – 5002 (5992)

Attack – 2207 (2702)

RCV – 325 (622)

Type – Machine


awakenings despharion

Available Killer Awakenings

latent awakenings despharion

Active Skill – Dark Orbs more likely to appear by 25% for 1 turn.  3 Dark Orbs created at random

Leader Skill – 1.5 all stats for Machine Types.  No Skyfall.  2.5 Attack when 2 dark.  7.5 Attack 4+ combos.

Skill Up – 3598 Despharion3597 Demonius

Weighted Stats – 1049 #9 overall weighted stats (what are weighted stats?)

Monster Analysis – If you’ve been following my website and youtube then you know I am pumped for the day the machines will rise.  I was duped when Barbara came out and she lacked a severe sub requirement: heart creators.

The ability to match 3 hearts made her very unstable (she requires 4 orbs in each combo like Noctis).   Because so many machines break hearts, having a Barbara team was very tough.  I found myself dying while staring at 3 connected heart orbs because they are not able to be matched.  Barbara did not become a thing, but I’m happy I have her because she fits so well anywhere on a Despharion team.

The biggest card that revolutionized Puzzle & Dragons was Myr.  When she came out she allowed newer players the chance to defeat unbeatable dungeons for them before she came out.  The extra 4 seconds of move time and new mechanic of heart crossing changed the game.

While not as revolutionary as Myr since there are plenty of 1.5 leaders out there, I believe that Despharion is another game changing farmable monster.  He is coming out much later than his light counterpart, but I believe he is far superior.

At first glance, he has the 9th highest weighted stats in the game, offers a 1.5 stat boost for all attributes (which adds a lot more since he naturally has high stats) and he is dark,  which means he has no weaknesses in the game due to an opposite color.

Of course, a card like this comes at a very high cost.  Similar to the toughness of getting Myr’s maximum form, Despharion requires luck as you have to encounter all 4 sub parts, and defeat a tough dungeon to get the head.

EVO TREE despharion orpharion

However, I believe it is worth it to get such a powerful unit who is unbindable (where Barbara wasn’t) and has such great stats.  Even if you don’t have the machines to use him as a lead, he is an amazing sub for tons of dark teams when max skilled.

Oh by the way, he’s Farmable so all players can get him eventually.

Here’s my first playthrough with Despharion to take down Cosmo Crusader


The only better machine out there is ultimate Ragnarok Dragon, but he may be technically harder to evolve and currently unavailable in the US.  Ragnarok also benefits from having more than one of himself on a team, which is 600,000 MP.

How to Achieve Despharion’s True Form

Similar to a PAD Megazord, you need to assemble 4 limbs and a head, then fuse them to Seraphis. Technically, one of the only instances of a fusion that brings a unit that makes sense. I don’t know how cramming dubmythlits into a monster doesn’t end up creating rainbows on the limbs of some monsters.

The counter to Despharion is  Orpharion, who is also up there in weighted stats. However, without the full 1.5 stat boosts, I never saw him as super powerful as a leader.

You can get the pieces to either Orpharion or Despharion if you can defeat legend plus caliber dungeons.  If you’re more daring, machine descends also have some pieces drop.  The non head pieces can be dropped from mythical/legend plus dungeons at around a 2% rate.  Here’s a handy little guide:

Windsor (Orpharion)- Ultimate Descend Rush

Demonius (Despharion) – Demonius Descended

Right Hand Aquor – Liberty Geist

Left Hand Frahje – Star Justice

Right Leg Trigo – Deus Ex Machina

Left Leg Dukdey – Cosmo Crusader

All parts have a chance to drop in Coloseum, and some appear in Machine Athena, Machine Hera, and Machine Zeus

Demonius Descended came out this past weekend, and it wasn’t a particularly tough dungeon.  You can get Demonius, the head for Despharion, pretty easily if you have a Hades.  Hades makes this dungeon very easy, but if you don’t have him, there are other easy ways to approach the dungeon.  I’ll put that in a separate write up.

Leaders to pair with Despharion

3598 Despharion Despharion

It’s hard to think Despharion really goes better with anyone but himself.  Like most monsters, you’ll want to scour your friends list to see who has the same monster as you up.  I’m sure not everyone got all the parts this weekend right away.  Some might have wasted tons of parts making a memeable 6 Orpharion team.   Though if you’re able to get 5 Orpharionsyou can do it again for more Despharions.

Pairing with another Despharion gives a 2.25/126.56/2.25 spread.  A lowish cooldown allows you to inherit other cards onto him as well that might create hearts.

Best subs for Despharion

3598 Despharion  Despharion

Farmable, but requires a ton of patience and probably stones, Despharion is essentially a system team.  Of course he doesn’t have to be at all, but the 2.25 stat boost is amazing when your stats are so great.  I’m sure 6 of these bad boys would be around 80,000 HP solo, not including inherits/assists.

The lower cooldown of 7 allows you to inherit board changers like Apocalpyse and CEcil onto this team to ensure great boards.  You could almost use a Despharion skill every turn to keep 25% darks flooding in in addition to making 3 darks at a time.


Even if you don’t go for rows, which you shouldn’t have enough space to reliably pull off consistently in theory, his skill is great to be able to automatically trigger the leader skill.  You won’t be able to take advantage of TPAs if there aren’t at least 2 other dark orbs on the board.  I like diadem because he is a bind clearer, but his 3 rows may be wasted on this team.  If you keep your hearts near the bottom you can arguable have a board changer who doesn’t get rid of hearts automatically like most dark machine subs seem to want to do.

Eschamali  Eschamali

A rare card, but certainly powerful.  With no skyfalls and a requirement of 2 dark orbs (ideally TPAs) and 3 other combos for the fulll leaderskill can make it tough.  Having 7 orb enhances and helping ensure there are tons of dark orbs will be beneficial.  7 orb enhances are effectively like 3 and a half rows, without the need to reduce your combos and get a row.


A great card that has multiple skill bind resists an a double orb change.  Like Eschamali, he removes heart orbs, but for some reason has 2 enhance heart orbs to help “make up” for not having any hearts.  The haste/charge is nice.


If you haven’t got time for a bunch of Despharions for your team, Kakkab is an awesome card that will automatically create a column of dark orbs, which is enough to create at least 1 TPA.  He has haste so it lends to more of a system like team.  Triple TPA will mean he can do a bulk of your damage.


I loved when Barbara came out, but unfortunately as I mentioned, she did not take off as a lead beyond novelty.  She still brings a Red Sonia like board, has 3 killers, and a 2.5 damage boost for machines for the turn you use her skill.  This can be used as an assist or monster on your team, depending on how you plan to work in damage absorbing enemies.  Even with a no skyfall Despharion, Barbara might do too much with her kills against some enemies.

Farmable Subs

3598 Despharion  Despharion

Being a farmable subs, it stands to reason that having more of himself wouldn’t be a bad team.  Full unbindability and great stats are a nice plus, but the hours lost and hoping for invades might make you go crazy.  My theory is to start with what you have, play the dungeons occassionally that bring more parts, and work towards more, but don’t make it a priority.

More 3598 Despharion Despharions would be great, however farming for a full team is the definition of a luxury team.  Check out this reddit post  as I’m sure more people will comment on it about this.

  Machine Hera

I like the 30% gravity for farming dungeons like Liberty Geist for more parts, but Machine Hera is probably only useful if you don’t have any of the above subs.  If that’s the case, you might not be able to achieve Despharion yet.


I remember a time when Voice was a great pull from the REM.  A low cooldown monster wasn’t a bad use of 5 stones 4 years ago. Now Voice is totally farmable and we won’t see him in the REM again.  He has since gotten a reincarnated form, one of the first if I remember correctly, and some great stats that fit well on this team if you dn’t have any REM machines to use.


While the dark rows might get lost on this team, you certainly could pull it off.  Before having a 1.5 machine HPboosting demon like Despharion, I couldn’t think of many teams that benefitted from 15% shields for 9 turns.  You could effectively have almost 100,000 HP in solo/coop mode.  He actually has a surprising amount of RCV and amazing HP for a farmable monster.  Using the same fashion you can use to get Demonius, you can apply to Ninegaruda for max skilling 1-2 of him.  I’m tempted to try 2 of him as a sub when max skilled since you’ll almost always have 15% shield in addition to your highMachine HP.

  Zaerog Infinity (Z8) (non machine)

While not a machine, Zaerog is farmable and one of the better farmable monsters to apply when you don’t have enough dark skyfalls needed on your teams.  Definitely a last resort, but worth mentioning.

Best Assists


Potentially the best assist possible for any Despharion team as she has a full board change, a damage enhance, and matches the color of the team to boost your stats when assisted. If you have enough subs, you can use her as an assist over a sub on the team.


A new monster not everyone will have had enough time to gather just yet, this unicorn thing boasts a 5x Attack for 1 turn and  haste by 2 turns.  A super strong boost that benefits the entire team since you’ll most likely be using all dark subs.

Apocalpyse  Apocalypse and Armored Batman

A full board change plus haste so you can heal and deal tons of damage.  Each gives a third color Batman that doesn’t really benefit the team, but can help add buffer orbs for more combos gives a dark assist boost while Apocalpyse doesn’t.  Hopefully we get the dark Apocalpyse soon for the stat boost.


Just like Apoc and Bateman, Cecil creates a dark/heart board (and lights)
   Red Sonia,   Green Sonia, Blue Sonia PAD  Blue Sonia, 3523 SheenaSheena,   Halloween Sonia

All these lovely ladies are bi color board changers.  If you end up with 3 dark orbs on the board, which is a small chance to occur, you can fix it with Despharion.

  Sleeping Beauty

An on color bind clearer with heart creating abilities.  I hope you didn’t sell off the 5 you pulled in player’s choice Godfest too quickly.  Every card has a use somewhere.


A great farmable inherit card that offers 3 turns of bind clearage.  The off color doesn’t add stats, but there aren’t too many bind clearers everyone has access to that will match color.

Non dark sub ideas

If you’re pressed for dark machines, but still want to try out your shiny new Despharion while the hype is real, these non dark subs might be a great addition to a team.

  Another Crusader 

Having 4 turns of 1.5 RCV on top of your already great 2.25 RCV can make it less important that youdon’t have many heart orbs on many boards.  While farming for those parts, you might have come across this Another farmable form for heart creation.

  Myr Rei

A rarer 8 star version of Myr that not everyone has access to.  I like Rei Myr for her 7 heart creation when you’re in a tough spot, but also her ability to reset time debuffs, in constraint to farmable Myr.


Of course Myr doesnt fit perfectly on a dark machine team, but being able to create. hearts on a quick cooldown can save your life while your other subs are destroying the hearts.

  Another Justice

A rare, but farmable bind clearer with better stats than other machines.  Diadem is better as a bind clearer because he is on color, but Another Justice can work if that’s what you have to work with.


Balboa is great at helping complete rainbow colorage for many teams, but he is primarily useful for predras and bind clearage.  The killers might be overkill for damage control against someone like Hera Dragon.


Similar to Balboa, Baldin’s killers might be overkill, especially his 5 killer version.  The damage would be amazing, but will require you to have very precise damage control or Fujin/Hiko/Uruka up at the right time.

A very  strong, quad TPA monster for fires.  She has a unique ability that will create many fire orbs, as well as heart skyfalls.  Mixing with the no skyfall clause of Despharion, you might benefit from having a heart flooded board the turn after you use her.  for heart skyfalls.

Cons in team building

As usual, most machine builds have a significant drop in heart creators and most actually remove hearts.  You might find yourself sacrificing machine typing just to have heart creators (like Yomi Dragon) there to save the day.  That or going off color and adding Myr just to be able to survive another battle.

The high need for strong machine subs and inherits/assists may make Despharion not as able to take on tougher content.  In the end, he can be similar to someone like Reincarnated Kushinadahime.  Super strong if you have a perfect team, but not nearly as capable or consistent without it.

Will you be farming for this crazy good card?


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  1. ok so i could’ve been looking for yomi instead i found despharion when i searched for yomi now if ound about a new card now ive been trying to do these descendes with yomi team i cant beat eany of them but deus ex machine.well i guess i cant get despharin yet

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