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PAD Spotlight Dark Athena

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Dark Athena Initial Thoughts

I feel on the fence about Dark Athena even after purchasing her.  I feel that for 750k MP, Dark Athena should do much more than my current leads and more. I can already clear all the content in the game and she doesn’t offer anything besides a new way of doing it.

I’m excited however that it will be easier to find a colo or a3 partner as it’s much more efficient to find same leads as everyone will be running her.  Now that I have her, TOO many people are running her and even my 300 friends have little diversity.  This is natural with a new card and I’m sure we’ll still see her for a long time, but slowly people will begin to have other leads up as the hype dies down.  I find myself limited to running content besides Dark Athena!

That being said, she’s a great card and I will help justify why you should have her in your box.

Dark Athena Stats

Dark Athena

HP – 3618

Attack – 2501

RCV – 0

Typing – God, Devil, Attacker


athena awakenings

Active Skill – Gorgon’s Evil Gaze – Enhance water and dark orbs (6% per orb)  Delay 3 turns to all enemies.

Leader Skill – Victoria’s Victory Song – God, Attacker  & Devil Type cards HP X1.5, attack 3.5.  All attributes attack x2, rcv x2 when reaching dark and water combos.


The Perfect Team for Dark Athena

perfect dark athena team

The best team currently out there is going to consist of 3 Reincarnated Hakus, and a Reincarnated Loki. Having 3 Hakus with over 1000 RCV each more than makes up for Athena’s lack of any RCV.  For this reason, teams that do not have high RCV subs (which can be tough for Devil types that aren’t God type) will not be as beneficial.

Dark Athena operates on the assumption you’ll be able to reach dark and water combos to heal up properly.  If you don’t match them, your RCV and stalling will suffer severely, which means that Athena can’t stall too long without spiking damage.  The x49 multiplier would be too much to stall too long on enemies like Thoth in Arena.  Player’s hate seeing this guy in coop mode because he delays one team by 5 turns, which is effectively like waiting 10 turns.  Being able to get your skill back to where they were isn’t a problem with other teams, but in this situation, Dark Athena will suffer a little bit.  Honestly, it’s never a big set back, but as you’re pummeling through Arena, you might be slightly annoyed and 1-3 x49’s will leave Thoth and his low HP effectively dealt with.

Assists on the Perfect Team

In general, you will want a delay (Zeta Hydra, or any form of Orochi, preferably the base form) on Dark Athena.  Players are opting for Zeta hydra because you don’t get a stat boost anyway from either hydra or orochi because the coloring is off, and you get 1 extra turn for Zeta.  The reason a delay is good for Dark Athena specifically is because you will only add to the active skill, which is all about delaying enemies.  If you’re particularly concerned about getting a stat boost from a dark monster, you can inherit an awoken Okuninushi.  The delay is 1 turn lower so you’d want to consider that, but the stat boost and skill delay resist wouldn’t be a bad option for those who don’t have any multiple headed monsters in their box.

Haku #1 – Ryune.  I would assume if you have another reincarnated Haku, that wouldn’t be a bad option, but the idea is that if you don’t use Haku enough, you have the same skill, but replacing the less needed fire orbs with hearts to be able to heal.

Haku #2 – Lumiel.  This is to deal with predras, but doesn’t take away from Haku very much as the board only has 1 extra orb on it.  It does lose the haste, but lumiel has her benefits for enemies like Zeus Hera if you one shot them, they heal to 50%, and then you just use lumiel to get below the resolve.

Haku #3 – Indra.  This is for the 75% 3 turn shield which will come in handy against hard hitting Radar Dragons.  You can also tank a hit from Kali and execution type moves for enemies below 10%.

Loki – Facet for a big damage burst, or Durga for a stat boost and similar style to Loki.  The idea here is to inherit spike over spike so you’ll always have a spike ready even if you’re skills are delayed.

Flexible boxes for Dark Athena

Just because you don’t have the optimal cards doesn’t mean you shouldn’t get Dark Athena.  I will say that if you have NO good cards to build any type of team, you should reconsider whether it’s worth 750,000 MP.  If your box looks like this, you shouldn’t buy her.

alternate dark box

This is my alternate, and despite what I say, I’ll still buy her, but focus my stones I do get on dark galas for Haku.  I hate my alternate account so much, but really want it to be relevant.  I will work towards what I can, but in this case, do as I say, not as I do.

Since you have a wide variety of cards that fit both Dark, and God/Devil/Attacker, you will be able to create a team, even if it isn’t the best team out there.  If you farmed a Grida, you can definitely use her, but better alternatives would be Reincarnated Persephone or Eschamali (for dark skyfalls and damage boosts) Claire (for a quick dark creation cooldown) Reincarnated Yomi (for time extends if you’re not as experienced but still want to use Dark Athena) and Sima Yi, who is new so may be limited to many players.  Sima Yi is the only card I know of that fits on a Dark Athena team and removed locked orbs.  All of these cards add extra damage through orb enhances, many tpas, or the new 7 combo awakening, which should be somewhere on this team for optimal damage.

Should You Purchase Dark Athena

For my main account, I am going to be purchasing Dark Athena for sure.  I can’t think of anything on the horizon in the MP store that I would rather have.  I spend a lot of time playing Arena 3 Solo during my lunch breaks at work, and having Dark Athena will be a great way to enjoy this break.  I sometimes struggle to find someone who wants to spend 20 minutes to an hour playing Ultimate Arena 3 and I’m usually on a time crunch.

For that reason and the newness of Dark Athena after the massive hype, I believe it will be very easy to find a Dark Athena coop at any time in the day, but I can also farm it solo if need be.  Because I have the perfect team, it is a no brainer to purchase her, but I also didn’t need to use the free MP that was given recently.  In the past 2 months, we’ve received 390,000 MP from giveaways, as well as the entire month of May which will yield 172,205 MP.  That means that every player who has held onto their MP and hasn’t used it on Tamadras will have 562,205 MP.  If you used it on another MP dragon, I don’t blame you as every box is different.  However, I also don’t see 750,000 MP as a waste as 562,205 was free from Gung Ho.  That means that it would only take 188,000 and change, MP to buy Dark Athena.  I’m sure that many players have received pulls they don’t want and sold them, but also that you might have tons of dupes sitting around.  If you have the team, I say go for it as it will bring tons of players into the realm of defeating Arena 3 more easily.

In many ways, Dark Athena has changed the mechanics of the game in a way that was only last seen with the introduction of Myr.  Sure, Myr is farmable, but Dark Athena is in some ways the same.  You don’t have to clear end game content to get her, you simply have to be lucky in your pulls with free stones for GodFests, able to farm something rogue like Zaerog Infinity, or just being patient.  I anticipate friend lists will be flooded with Dark Athena right away, and this isn’t a bad thing.  Many players will have access to higher content sure, but over time, players will want to move to something shiny and new just like with Myr.  Not having to use a heart cross will help with the usability for the average player as well as removing fatigue from having to get pesky crosses.

Dealing with Annoying Spawns in Arena (based on comments and what I’ve seen around).

I’ll continue to update this section based on what users are having annoyances with as well as my own play from videos I record while streaming.


match 3 dark, no blue 1-3 combo, then 3-5 combo Click here for Japanese Video dealing with Sopdet


2 Combo blue dark, no TPA or match red blue TPA.   Click here for Japanese Video dealing with Parvati

Hera Dragon

Click here for Japanese Video dealing with Hera Dragon

This video only details Fujin, so I’ll have to play around with it to see if there is an easy way without her to accomplish this feat.

[Update] Submitted by Benjamin on Operation Annihilation.

“No fujin required, just non tpa combo for days, you can go up to 9-10 with oe as long as you don’t tpa.

this is with single dragon killers on haku, since each haku as <1.8m in pretty sure double dkiller haku is still fine”

Hephaestus Dragon

Click here for Japanese Video dealing with Hephaestus Dragon


Click here for Japanese Video dealing with Vishnu

Zeus Dragon

To one shot Zeus Dragon, you’ll need Facet on your team.  Pop her and get 4 combos, 2 Dark TPA, 1 blue.  If you’re worried about skyfalls, try 1 dark TPA and 1 dark match and you should still be fine.

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  1. Thank you for the write up. Especially on ways to eat with certain troublesome spawns. I have 3 Haku and loki but lack orochi, facet, lumiel, and I incarnated indra. Facepalm.

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