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I can’t seem to make up my mind about the best direction to go with my content.  I seem to revolve around a few central ideas:

Box Reviews

These allow me to connect one on one with fans as well as help those players who can’t connect the reviews that are out there and their box.  Sometimes it’s easier to see what’s in front of you rather than extrapolate.  I believe players also believe they might be missing out if someone doesn’t point it out for them.  Box reviews can be frustrating as some people have asked for repeat reviews every time they get a new card. I’m not talking about people who ask for a second review, I’m talking about people who ask for a new review everytime they get a new card.  The Box Reviews are my favorite, but take up the most time.  As anyone who hasn’t gotten a response from me knows, it takes a long time for me to get back to them.

PAD Spotlights

These allow me to dive deeper into a single card.  My videos I like to run in and show off the play style, and take on a semi hard dungeon, or just endless, as long as I show the damage and how to use the team.

I like having written versions of these videos because I can add more.  I just posted my Gremory spotlight, and people wanted to know more about the inherits.  I can’t edit a video and reupload it without losing my views, so I don’t really want to go that route.

Screw the Meta

This is my latest series that only has a few episodes, but has been pretty popular.  I know a lot of people want to see monsters like Fenrir and Lucifer, and they are definitely coming.

Basic Mechanics

This one is the most important in my eyes, but at the same time, I feel it doesn’t encompass all of my users

The beautiful thing about me writing more on my website now is that I get to move information around.  I don’t have to worry about saying something wrong (which happens a lot in my videos and guides) because I can make a quick switch.  I find that my video prep can sometimes involve a lot of planning as I’m not a great public speaker.  Writing and my YouTube has really changed that for myself over the years though, but I still get nervous about every recording.  I thought my most recent video of Tifa taking on challenge 9 was the worst video I’ve ever done, but to my surprise it had no down votes in the first 48 hours.  I usually get one person who seems to follow me just to down vote my videos.  Whoever you are, thank you for the continuous view boosts.

Box Review and PAD Spotlight | Aizen

I am deciding to turn this article into a PAD Spotlight on Aizen, but also a Box Review for mello.  I will compile through my Box Reviews and add any relevant users who are also asking about Aizen and direct them here.  This way I can still cater towards all the Box Reviews I get, give them the attention they deserve, and help others who want to use Aizen.  Additionally, this article will serve as a document to be revised and updated over time.

In Game Name : mello
PAD Herder URL / Account:
What Dungeons Do You Need Help With: more consistent clear of a3
Who Are Your Main Leaders: aizen
How did you hear about PADRagnarok?: noah video on youtube

Former Captain of Squad 5, Sosuke Aizen

Sosuke Aizen

Aizen is a card that was introduced in the BLEACH collab, and quickly took the PAD world by storm.  I can’t remember if Aizen was around the first time the BLEACH collab came to town, or if it was just the ultimate that was a big deal, but I’d have to assume Aizen wasn’t in the original.  His ulimate is not that much stronger than the original so for him to not have been great the first pass, and receiving an ultimate is unlikely.  Please correct me if I’m wrong.  I tend to not worry about Collabs that I don’t really love (like DBZ and Final Fantasy).

I spoke with YukizGames on his stream the other night and asked who was on the ideal team.  Having never played him myself, I thought I’d ask an expert who has first hand experience.  Of course I can theory craft, which is great, but having that first hand experience is always a plus.

Some Stats for Aizen

HP  4557

RCV 394

Attack 1564

Type – God Devil

Active –  Change Wood orbs to Dark orbs, Fire orbs to Heart orbs. Change own attribute to Dark for 4 turns.

Leader Skill –  Dark attribute cards ATK x6. Water attribute cards RCV x2. ATK x2 for clearing each Dark orbs in a cross formation.

At first glance, the HP is high, as is usually the case for water cards, so even though he has no HP boost, his subs should be pretty strong in the HP department.  BUT WAIT, SOMETHING’S DIFFERENT!

Aizen is unique in that you don’t need water subs, it would be better to use DARK subs.  Why?  Because this mofo FLIPS HIS ATTRIBUTE.  I realize I’m writing this after everyone know this, but some people new to the game might not understand why all the subs they see in those crazy videos of Aizen clearing Ultimate Arena 46 are dark.

Aizen gives all dark attributes x6 attack, just ’cause.  This means double Aizen will serve up x36 damage and times 2 for EACH dark cross.  That means times 24 for each Aizen, leading to times 576 damage multiplier.  Two dark crosses are possible on a 6×5 board, and at least 3 on a 7×6 board.  While Aizen does get a damage boost from having the sub type be dark, the fact that he flips his attribute seemingly indefinitely (really 4 turns as described above) then he is basically dark.

The issue with this, if you can call it an issue, is that he can’t rely on the water HP we talked about earlier, and his subs’ inherits will need to be dark to get 10% more HP for each assist added.  Pretty neat stuff.

What Subs Should You Use For Aizen

As Yuki says, there isn’t much of a problem in the sub department.  Yuki recommends some sort of dark skyfall, and I agree.  Eschamali and Awoken Persephone are the two top choices, but Zaerog Infinity can work as well.

mello’s current team does have an EschamaliEschamali, so not much improvement there.  Who else?

Well Board Changers are always great, let’s see some good ones mello has.

awoken hakuHaku and Lumiel 2497are wonderful choices by mello.  Lumiel even has a lazor (pure damage) so you don’t have to strain to defeat predras.  Not that damage is a problem with Aizen.

Finally, it’s always good on a team that has low HP to have a shield.

D MetaDark Metatron is also on mello’s team, which gives a nice shield and helps keep everything dark.  I like it.

Now let’s get back to the core of mello’s question.  He wasn’t concerned with building a team, though maybe we can switch things around here and there (Ultimate YomidragonYomidra is nice for the almost automatic cross creation, plus hearts and haste for example), the question was more so consistency with Arena 3, one of the toughest dungeons out there.

Team Building Ideas Around Arena 3

So the biggest thing that comes to mind with Aizen, who is a bit of a glass cannon, but able to heal like crazy, is surviving big hits.  There are many times you accidentally do too much damage and get a monster below 10% and he kills you.  That’s not the surviving big hits idea I had in mind.  Most times that happens, you’re screwed unless you have a crazy good HP, but good damage control and awareness can help prevent that.  Of course, accidentally getting 1 hp remaining on monsters without a resolve can occur to anyone, but my main point is you want to survive other hits.  Being able to time your shields and have them ready for monsters like DQ Hera and HeraDragon are critical for teams that don’t have an HP buff.  I would work on your Indra and add it to Dark Metatron as you won’t be using her skill much and it’s more of a backup shield.

There’s also the issue of damage control.  Sopdet, Hera Dragon, Vishnu, and Parvati can be annoying and dishing out 30 million per card is a problem.  Fujin has removed the scary factor if you run into Sopdet for example, but you don’t want to use Fujin on Vishnu and not have her ready for Hera Dragon.  For that reason, unless you have 4 Fujins, which would make for a really bad assist system that is hoping you have the worst luck in spawns, you should try to learn to control your damage instead.

For Sopdet, my research has shown that water TPAs when she’s light and dark three matches with no combo is the way to go (thanks Gr33nDr4g0n).  I won’t put the other damage control ideas here, but instead click on Green Dragon’s name to see the full breakdown.   I’m more interested in the theory here of the team.

The full board changers you have are great, but you could get away with using Yomidra on the team and inheriting Haku or Lumiel on the team.  You don’t need triple TPA with 500x attack, but yomidra brings a lot of great stats to the table.

Finally, you’ll want a delay for annoyances like Hino and Vishnu.  I would inherit your Orochi onto someone who you may only need once in the dungeon, or a leader in Aizen who will have his skill up quickly when used.  Just be careful you aren’t stuck with Orochi and can’t switch Aizen to dark when you need it.

Other than these aspects of the team, latents should be dark and stat boosts.  Whatever can help you survive the big DQ Hera and Hera Dragon Premptives.

I will continue to add to this list as I peruse through other box review requests of people who need help with Aizen.

Box Review 2:

In Game Name : jeannot3
PAD Herder URL / Account:
What Dungeons Do You Need Help With: Mechanical War King / arena /Guerrilla Radar Dragon
Who Are Your Main Leaders: aizen / blue myr (meridionalis for mechanical war king ?)
How did you hear about PADRagnarok?: looking for information on pad in english (or in french but I don’t find any)

I find 3 “good site”, and it’s one of them

I only play in solo, ( never done mechanical war king, arena 1 is done but ratio is 1/5 not enough looking for somethinks more consistent, try guerilla yesterday, much more difficul than what i thinks, i guess i badly chose my inherit skill )

Sub Ideas for Aizen

EschamaliEschamali is definitely a crazy good sub for Aizen as she has dark skyfall creation for 4 turns.  Her 7 orb enhances mean that you can safely go without dark rows or TPAs and still do millions of damage.  Awoken Persephone can accomplish the same Skyfall active buff if you’re looking for that, but Eschamali is just fine.  You shouldn’t need 2 on one team as Eschamali already has a pretty low Cool down. Having two would possibly get rid of too many hearts too often.

Cecil Cecil is a card that can possibly provide 10 darks needed for full activation, but also allows you to heal.  Some scenarios where you have Haku could be bad as she cannot heal your team.  For that I love Cecil’s active skill.

awoken hakuAwoken Haku has  great awakenings, haste, and a full board change and will work wonders

Ultimate YomidragonYomidragon also creates darks and hearts, with haste, and the new ultimate has amazing stats.


With this team you have 2 heart creators, skyfalls, and full board changers.  The

You could also use Gremory Gremory or beach pandoraPandora to create hearts and they can also work as inheritances (assists)

Skill Inheritance

Sheen Time Extends Sheen is a card that will be able to one shot any card for your team with her active.  She will give more damage based on your time extends (each Aizen already has 3) and will only scale up depending on your subs.  With the team above you will have

Will this team beat the dungeons you want?

For Machine Zeus, you will probably want to prioritize heart creators as your subs.  I would use Gremory and Pandoa over Eschamali and Haku in this dungeon.  There is no set team that allows you to beat any dungeon as mechanics are all different.

With Machine Zeus, you may want to bring KhepriKhepri as a sub for the boss.  You need to get 8 combos and it can be variable if the job will be done with Aizen.  2 Crosses on the board can severely reduce the number of combos down and adding khephri allows you to get 2 combos for free, meaning you only need 6 combos on the board (still tough with Aizen).  You can try to rely on skyfalls from Eschamali, but that is even less predictable



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