2P and 3P Coop Horror Stories in Puzzle & Dragons

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New Additions of Dungeons to 3P Coop

As of today, you can take on more than just Evo Rush dungeons in 3 Player Coop in Puzzle & Dragons.    We now have access to:

Multiplayer Descended Rush

Cosmic Trinity Annihilation

Cosmic Trinity Mythical Plus

Cosmic Trinity Legend Plus

Multiplayer Ultimate Arena

Two Sides of Divinity

Multiplayer Endless Corridors

Catastrophic Endless Corridors

In light of these new additions, you may find a lot of players complaining about their experiences in 3P coop.

User Submitted Horror Stories

I asked my discord for a few horror stories when taking on coop dungeons.  Some of these screenshots will be from 2P mode, but the rules still apply when you’re playing with someone else.


“Udr 2 had Sopdet first and 2nd floor and 2nd floor we were there for 13 turns :sob:

double sopdet UDR double sopdet

It definitely takes a lot of patience to not throw your phone when taking down Sopdet only to have another appear.  Sure she is much easier to take on with a no skyfall leader, but it’s still pretty annoying to see (she’s #1 on my list of most annoying enemies).  Sometimes in coop you might not have enough delays or skills ready in time to use in case you mess up on Sopdet.  Luckily this time around Iruna cleared it since Sopdet was the first and second floor.  Ultimate Arena might not allow skills to be charged in time in coop mode.


“Randomly joined 3p coop and partner that stayed had 1-2 sbr (skill bind resist) in a dungeon that sbr checks almost every floor causing dungeon to be a bad run, on top of that he kept using up the green orbs so id never have any to activate multiplier on odindra”

orbs used 3p pad

When you play by yourself, you can keep all the orbs you want.   However playing with strangers in 3p coop, they might not know what orbs you need to keep more of or might accidentally clear them.  Sometimes when I play with my father in law in person, I say to keep fire orbs, and he ends up clearing all of them.  Thanks bro.


“Tacho had the perfect setup. It was a farm team for this dungeon, and he had Ganesha, a spike and a time extend to guarantee both the kill and the survive. And he gets a phone call and leaves me with no skill on a boss”

star justice shiva 3p

Sometimes people follow a certain build to clear a dungeon quickly.  Not knowing the order of moves can be especially frustrating for veteran players.  Also, if you know to turn off phone call distractions (who answers phones nowadays) but your partner doesn’t, it could be an instant disconnect.


While not part of the new 3p coop, this is certainly a situation you may find yourself in if your partner doesn’t know how to work around damage control.  You may find your partners trying to one shot enemies like Sha Wujing, not knowing they have a resolve.  Be aware of your enemy, but know that this unfortunate circumstance can occur.  Again.  And again.

kali hidden resolve secret resolve leilan hidden resolve kill shot hidden resolve pad

Thanks for the submissions guys!

General Coop advice

Here is some general advice to follow in any coop, but more so 3 player coop in PAD since more people will be playing this.  Some people are attempting coop for the first time under 3p because it’s easier than under 2p to find a partner.

  • Turn on combo skip.  If one player is missing it, no one gets access to this.
  • If attempting to use a 7×6 leader, all 3 must have that ability shared across leaders.
  • Don’t enter a high level dungeon randomly unless you’re confident in your abilities.  Everyone makes mistakes, but not knowing the dungeon or a basic understanding of high level play will lead to frustrating other players.
  • If you’re newer and unsure of dungeons, reach out to other players for a specific room rather than joining a random one.  It’ll be less intimidating and less likely for players to rage.
  • This one’s for higher players, give a little slack to those who are new to the game and understand it’s a learning curve for some people.  Lost stamina can be recovered
  • Be courteous to each other.  Remember it’s a game, even though we all get frustrated, there’s no reason to bash each other or send angry DMs.
  • Know you or your partner may mess up when playing the dungeon so it’s not unexpected if it happens.
  • Stay in the app.  Use apps like discord on an external system to chat with your partner
  • Have fun!

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