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One Shot Challenge 11

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History of myr

Myr stood at the top of the Tier List for Puzzle & Dragons for a long time.  She was highly anticipated as the first heart cross lead to be reliable.  Before she came to North America, Sumire and Kaede were the main heart cross leads, but they both lacked that little bit extra.  Sumire was never really strong, and Kaede’s subs were too hard to achieve for most people (being a 6 star God Fest Exclusive card).  Even though both had a large shield of 75% with 2 matching leaders, neither took off.

Myr was an amazing addition to the North American Top Tier set because she is a farmable card.  She came out as a very tough dungeon for its time, but even newer players could play coop and get her.  Once you had her, and could evolve her, you had 4 extra seconds of time to move, regardless of enemies with awakening binds (like Lucifer below) and made dungeons that were previously very annoying, like Wadatsumi Descended) extremely easy.

Myr also made the top dungeons look easy, like Ultimate Arena 3 and Challenge dungeons.

I wanted to run through the One Shot Challenge with Myr for old time’s sake because I have a really good team for Myr and it has changed since she was top of the meta.

As always, Myr is a great card and just because other cards have come out ahead of her, does not mean she can’t take on dungeons anymore.  I think a lot of people feel this way but my run through of the one shot challenge proves this.  I also was feeling nostalgic to heart crosses since it’s ad been awhile since I played one.  I’ve been having a lot of fun with Ronove lately too.

The one Shot Challenge dungeons are somewhere between Ultimate Arena 2 and 3 in terms of difficulty.  Slightly harder than Arena 2 because Radar Dragons are involved and you need to know how to defeat them.

My Myr Team Set Up

I have opted for a hybrid team that includes 2 cards with light rows (DQXQ and Venus) and 2 cards with TPAs (Apocalypse and Kanna).  Apocalypse is great because he has rows and TPAs.  Below are my monsters and their inherits.
Myr (Sylvie)

Awoken DQXQ (

Reincarnated Venus (Gadius)

Apocalypse (Gadius)

Kanna (Kanna)

Myr (Wedding Akechi)

I like this team a lot because Kanna allows me to not need to use skills as often.  I don’t need to make sure I get rows to take out most floors because a TPA is stronger.  As the last screenshotwill show you, TPA and rows make Kanna exponentially stronger than the rest of the team.

One shot challenge Run through. Why it works easily. 

Since Myr is already capable of taking on Ultimate Arena 3, it makes sense she shouldn’t have too much trouble with the One Shot challenge.  I have about 34000 HP, meaning I effectively have 136,000 HP everytime I match a heart cross.  This is better than the top tier cards like Reincarnated Kushinadahime, however she has ways to deal with high HP hits.

My of course has draw backs, such as getting high combo counts, which Kushinadahime excels at.  A lot of cards are moving towards high combo counts (with the 7 combo awakening) so Myr won’t be seeing much play for those who keep up with the meta.  She is still going to be great at all the content we see, but others will just be able to handle it easier.

How to Deal with Lucifer

Lucifer first made his appearance in the One Shot Challenge Dungeons and that seems to be where he hangs out.  You have 2 turns with him and you either win or lose in those 2 turns.  Think of him like Lakshmi where you have to play his game to proceed in the dungeon.


Lucifer has a high defense so don’t worry about killing him.  Just ping him down to below 50% on turn 1, and finish him on turn 2, or else you will lose.  You can always bring the 50% skill bind resistance badge to block the skill bind.  This means you can use a defense break like Awoken Ra if you’d like.  However, knowing the basic strategy is more important than trying to game the system.

Turn 1 – Awoken Skill bind, Skill Bind, must get 4 combos, rainbow board change.  Must get Lucifer below 50% HP.

Turn 2 – Must get 7 combos, rainbow board change.

With no skills, there is about a 2% chance you will lose automatically.  Because sometimes there are no more than 6 combos on a board, and this would just be bad luck.  You would rely on a skyfall, and if you’re using a team like Kushinadahime or Acala with no skyfalls, it is instant GG.  Don’t worry about this too much, just know it’s a possibility.

With Myr, you get 4 seconds extra even without your awoken skill.  Don’t worry about getting a heart cross, just make sure to match light and whatever sub attributes you have.

Ah the memories of using Myr


For Laila, Use Dqxq if you Accidentally Kill Her

Laila is a fun new card that has come out recently as an enemy.  She has a resolve so you can just cross and get her below 50%, but if you accidentally get her to a low HP like I did, you can use DQXQ to your advantage.

She changes the entire board to jammer and fire, and I don’t have any fires to attack with if I used Myr.  This means using Myr would put me in a loop where I can save myself from getting hit, but won’t do any damage without a skyfall.

DQXQ works great here to change the fires to hearts, then the jammers to waters.  I ended up killing Laila (fire type) with my one sub type on Awoken DQXQ for the win.


Even with a big shot, Seraphis can be survived if you get him below 20%.  However, it’s always good to play it slow and continue heart crossing.  If you don’t feel you can burst him safely without the kill shot, wait until his 5 turn shield goes away.

Noah Dragon, You can stall Indefinitely

Noah Dragon can be an annoyance.  There are 2 ways to kill him/her.

1 – Stall 99 Turns and Burst Down millions of damage

2- Get to about 51% and burst down.  Make sure she isn’t absorbing a color you will hit her with.

Because Noah dragon voids damage over 5 million, you won’t be stuck in an infinite loop where skyfalls make her absorb more damage.  Instead, you have good flexible damage.  You can skyfall a TPA like I did, have Kanna do way too much damage, and it won’t hurt you by dragging out the battle.

Just like Zeus Dragon, too much damage isn’t bad, as long as that damage isn’t voided and the enemy falls into the 10% kill zone.

With Noah Dragon, the 10% damage threshold will void any shields you have, and then kill you.  Be careful of this.

Noah Dragon also hits for about 17,000 each turn, so you don’t need to heart cross every time.

Each phase has a 75% shield and a differing mechanic.

90% 45,000 damage hit.  10 turn Skill bind

70% larger hit (59,000). Full board change

50% 120,000 hit.  5 turn skill delay

30% 199,000 hit.  Awoken skill invalid 2 turns

10% void shields and buffs and wreck you (299,000 damage)

When I was taking on Noah, I survived the 90% and 70 hits, then got her to about 55%.  I saw I had 2 light rows and I thought I would get them and a heart cross.  Knowing if I didn’t kill her, I would still survive the big hit, but not the 30% hit.

2 rows noah

You want to do this above 50% because if you get her anywhere above 10%, you will see the 50% hit first, then the 30% hit, which I can’t survive without an added shield like Baldin or Indra. I did slightly too much with these 2 rows and combos.  Next time more combos and one row should be enough.

noah 5 million over

Most of my cards did too much as you can see.  I ended up getting her to about 35%.  Because the 75% shield was put up, I opted for TPAing her and getting rows.  That way everyone does more damage and Kanna can spike.  With the 75% shield, I can do up to 20 million each card.  Here were my results as I got a light row, TPA, and skyfall gave me another light TPA for some reason.

noah kill shot

And boom goes the dynamite.  Remember Kanna does too much, but it’s ok because it doesn’t heal Noah like it would with Sopdet or Parvati, etc.

The Future and Past of Alternate myrs

Rei myr

Rei Myr is a colab card that essentially combines Ronove with Myr.  You get a rainbow card that has the shield of Myr and the strength of Ronove.  The problem with her is not everyone has her as she is 8 stars.  She is amazing, but I haven’t used her first hand.

Red myr

Red Myr was hyped to be added last Christmas, but we ended up getting Christmas Gremory instead.  I think it was a bit of a rumor and not a push back of content.  Still a new Red Myr was just released in Japan and it looks amazing.  It is a PADRadar esq content so we’ll have to see how it is released in NA.

The active skill is already better than Myr.  It doesn’t guarantee 7 hearts like before, but that was overkill anyway.  Most boards have 2 hearts already.  The problem was Myr didnt make lights, but this one makes fires.  Activating a TPA is pretty easy now.  She is also unbindable, has the same 50% shield as Myr (75% with 2 myr) and looks kind of like Nephthys which im sure fans will like.

She has a 7 combo and 2 TPAs which makes her attack ridiculous.  Hue did the math on PADx to put it into context.

Just for reference, at max level and +99 attack eggs (also ignoring other damage calc things for the sake of simplicity)

Dath hits 10111.5 attack per TPA

Kanna hits 10909.688 attack per TPA

Scheat hits 11755.125 attack per TPA

With TPA and 7c Red Myr hits an insane 14197.5 attack per TPA.

Imagine a team full of these lmao, full unbindable, full SBR, TWELVE time extends, good base active, insane tpa damage given enough playerskill/skyfalls (lol) whew.

Blue myr 

Blue Myr costs 500,000 MP, but is not worth it anymore.  At the time I could have sold my BAldins for her, but I decided not to do this.  She lasted about as long as Myr at the top, but isn’t seen on these Top Tier lists at this time.  Even though she is the same as light Myr, the fact that Myr has better subs probably helps her cause.  I think the blue subs are bettter suited in my box since I have Andromeda, but I don’t have Sun Quan, the light alternative Hero unit.

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