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3 Player Coop

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3-Player Multiplayer Mode

3 Player Mode coop

Full details of how Gung-Ho describes how to play here.  Here is my summary:

You will now see a list of 2 options to play after clicking multiplayer: 2-player mode at half stamina, and 3-player mode at normal stamina.

In 3 Player Coop

Awakenings aren’t combined

Bind clearing only applies to one team, but skyfalls stay for the next player.

HP isn’t combined

Similar leaders aren’t required

You can now search for automatic matchmaking within the app (Do not have to only play with friends or with an ID).

As of right now, you are limited to 1 dungeon, but this will change over time as it is tested further.

You have 30 seconds to move

Combo skip can be applied (unlike 2 player mode) when both players have combo skip on.

Issues with 3 players coop

  • People using it to show off their super teams

Or their incredible luck with orpharion part drops/coliseum skills.

  • With 3 players, the risk of disconnecting is higher. Since you don’t get any stamina discount or effects from your partners, this won’t matter as much if your partners disconnect.

  • Lack of boosted stats can be an issue as this was one of the main appeals of 2 player mode.  Some dungeons in the future may be better off with 2 player mode over 3 player mode unless it is buffed
  • Need to wait for fellow players to move longer.
  • Randomly matched pairings will result in more Facebook posts about high level players making fun of low skilled players.

Pros for Coop

This can be a great way for newer players to watch high level players combo in real live situations they can see right in front of them.

For certain dungeons in the future, you can have two drastically different teams take on a dungeon. Imagine encountering Zaerog, who absorbs light or dark for 4 turns, randomly. If you have a dark team and a light team, you have  zaerog covered no matter which absorb he does.

Coop can now be quick and easy to find a partner to play. I found a partner in less than 30 seconds when testing it out today.

Sometimes I just want to find someone to play coop with to save stamina, and this will help that out.  However, you don’t save stamina so unless half stamina gets added to 3 player mode, this saved time doesn’t change that.
It is also easier to farm and do other activities while others play for you.  Sometimes I like to enter dungeons like Tamadra infestation and have my partner do the buttoning for me while I watch TV.  This version of coop has a similar idea to it.

Finally, I like 3 player coop because Gung-Ho is continuing to advance the game.  I am all for anything that keeps this game going as long as possible.

New Awoken Skill: Bonus Attack

A new awoken skill has been added and it is super useful for resolve enemies.  You will get 1 bonus attack after your main attack and if you encounterr an enemy with resolve, instead of them getting a chance to heal back up, your 1 extra bonus damage wil finish them off.  This makes enemies like Hino Kagusuchi, Ilsix, and Shoten Doji a breeeze.

Various skill changes

The biggest skill changes I see are Lu Bu trying to become relevant again with a x4 boost for devils.  This can benefit people playing Reincarnated Pandora teams and mono dark devil teams.  It will probably be pretty effective when I do my next Screw the Meta, which will be featuring Red Sonia.

Aten is a great active for newer players who may need time extends as he now gives a 1.5 time extend boost on the turn you use his skill.  This means a 10 second start time will result in 15 seconds of orb movement time.  His leaderskill now scales up to x5 damage, starting with 3 attributes.

Each Norse God (as well as Light and Dark Wisdom Kings) had their actives increased from 2 turns to 3 turns.  This means you can boost damage for 2 attributes one turn longer.  I think Dark Athena users with Loki will like this.

You can view the entire list here.

New Ultimate Evolutions in Version 11.1

All of the following evolutions will require you to devolve a monster you may be using right now to get it.  There are some comparisons to consider before you do that.

Yamato, Andromeda, and Perseus have very similar awakenings.  If you find you need subs that have double TPA and a 7combo instead of row based teams, then these evolutions are for you.

Some teams, like Meridionalis, really benefit from having Andromeda because the double skil lbind resistance makes up for Meri’s lack of them.  If you have a team like mine (Beach Eschamali, Andro,media, Mori, Mori), you need to keep andromeda for the skill bind resistance too.  Yamato and Perseus may also be used in this way on some teams.

I find it a little strange that these forms have such confused awakenings.  The fact that you have a 7 combo awakening means you are less likely to utilize the rows.  If Gung-Ho changed the awakenings, they could have replaced the first row awakening with something more relevant.  What you end up with is a card that has 3 different damage boosting awakenings that can hardly be used in constant conjunction with each other.

  Awoken Yamato

  Awoken Andromeda

  Awoken Perseus
   Awoken Sun Wukong

Sun Wukong  is the exception of the above awoken forms.  Sun Wukong does not get any TPAs added and actually can become a better sub for light row teams.  If Sun Wukong is your soft bind clearer (only has a row bind clear awakening) then you will benefit as he is now unbindable.  While the rest of the Heroes all have their bind clearage as well, Sun Wukong can always use his because he can’t be bound.  The stat boost that comes with an awoken, and soon to be reincarnated form, can justifygoing  backwards in the evolution tree to create him.

Since the Fervent Monkey King Sun Wukong form doesn’t have a third or fourth row, you’re actually replacing the less useful, single TPA, with the ability to save your team from bondage.

Mechanical Star Evolutions

3586 Flashblade Mechanical Star God, Algedi  Flashblade Mechanical Star God, Algedi

This version of Algedi is really good as a leader as she boosts all stats by 1.5, and I love when cards have this feature.  Algedi has as much power as Ronove with a slightly weaker damage reduction.  However, you don’t have to block up your board with a heart cross to achieve that damage reduction.  What I love is that she is focused on combos to get the damage reduction of 25%.

She has two rows so 3587 Twinblade Mechanical Star God Algedi TwinBlade may be a great sub for this version as she adds more rows and makes jammers.

3587 Twinblade Mechanical Star God Algedi  Twinblade Mechanical Star God Algedi

You can use this version as a leader for more damage reduction, but the attack is severely lowered.  This makes this version a row oriented sub, but you’d have random jammers occasionally.  She might not fit with the leaderskill you are using her as a sub for, which could be a problem.  If you don’t have any other subs, she can work in a pinch.

3588 Slumbering Mechanical Star God Alcyone  Slumbering Mechanical Star God Alcyone

While sleeping, she has 3 rows so she can be a good sub if you need double skill bind resistance.  If you find a light leader that boosts hp by 2, you might benefit from using her as a lead as she has a very nice 2.5 RCV boost, but this seems like an unlikely pairing as x5 damage is too weak as a lead for this meta.

3589 Sunny Side Mechanical Star God, Alcyone  Sunny Side Mechanical Star God, Alcyone

This version is a nice lead.  She boosts All attribute cards ATK by x3 and reduced all damage by 25% with 2 light combos.  However, you will need to have one of those lights be a 5 orb match with 1 orb enhanced.

3598 Despharion  Dark Star Crusher Machine, Despharion

While obviously very tough to achieve, Despharion is an awesome alternative to Orpharion.  The cost is the same, but certainly achieveable.  All you have to do is farm the hardest dungeon in the game.  No big deal.

However, Despharion is a huge boost for machines in PAD and is the leader we may have been waiting for.  I was so excited when Barbara came out, but she fell too short to be useful.

Despharion is unbindable, has amazing stats, boosts all attributes by 1.5 for machines, and lacks skyfalls.  This can make it tough to get the 2 darks and 4+ combos as you will need quick dark creators to guarantee activation with TPAs, but the skyfall lead can definitely help as the boost is 25% for 1 turn.  Color skyfalls enhancements can benefit a no skyfall team since you will flood your next board with darks and not get an overkill shot that takes up too many of your orbs by accident.

I can’t wait for this card, but like many machine teams, the question will come about who can create hearts.  Hopefully more machines with heart creating abilities will comes out soon.

New Reincarnated Evolutions

Time to put your snow globes to use!

  Reincarnated Sun Quan

Sun Quad Dong is such a treat.  He is the 3rd water card that has at least 4 dongers (behind Orochi and Scheat) but his skill bind resistance awakening and boost for attack in addition to delay is great on many water TPA teams.

I see Sun Donger as a great sub, but when paired with Reincarnated Hermes for the HP boost in conjunction with Dong’s RCV boost, you will have a super strong team that can take on a ton of content.

  Reincarnated Liu Bei

I can’t think of many dungeons that Liu Bei couldn’t farm that were less than 11 turns already, and yet he gained another row and an extra .5 to his attack.  He’s got better stats as a reincarnated card, and you should definitely reincarnated him, but I’m not sure much was buffed except more stats.  Hey, I don’t mind.

  Reincarnated Da Quao & Xiao Qiao (DQXQ)

Reincarnated DQXQ gained another row, balanced typing, and more sparkling art.  Something about this art just gets me amped up and happy I pulled 2 more DQXQ’s from PCGF.  Unfortunately Revo DQXQ hasn’t gained a soft bind clear like her solo form, Sacred Dragon Princess.   She will sit happily with her 4 rows on any light row team.

  Reincarnated Freyja

Similar to Liu Bei, Revo Freyja gains another wood row.  However, since Freyja is more useful as a sub (particularly on Reincarnated Astaroth Teams) that extra row will help this tank of a team do more damage.

New Damage Boosters

Can we just agree how fluorescent this monster is?

Cresent Moon Wisedragon Diena

A new set of monsters has been added, with each being a seemingly better version of the Gemstone Princess series.  They each boost attack for 1 turn by x4 for their respective colors.  This means mono color teams will benefit regardless of their awakenings.  Rainbow teams like Ra Dragon will still benefit from respective gemstones like Carat.

What do you think of these evolutions?  Will you be playing 3 Player Coop as it develops?

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