Monster Hunter Collab Analysis and REM

Monster Hunter Collab Analysis

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Monster Hunter

Monster Hunter is a collaboration with Puzzle & Dragons to include specific monsters from the Monster Hunter Series.  A lot of people have really been anticipating this series as it brings a new top tier monster to the NA scene in Diablos.  There are also 2 highly anticipated monsters I will discuss further below with  Amatsu and Glavenus, both of which have the resolve killer awakening known as the Follow up Attack.

Each REM pull is 10 stones this time around (just like the Heroine Machine) but definitely worth it in my mind. Sure the rates for amatsu and diablos are less than 1% but hey yolo rolls. If a new sss tier lead is added, I don’t care how rare he is, that collab is amazing. Plus the first release of the follow up attack awakening is amazing, even if you have to settle for the 6 star over a 7 star.

The best advice I can give is to not throw your life savings at this REM, despite it being great.  The best pulls to hope for are Amatsu and Glavenus because most of your friends will have already pulled and hypermaxed Diablos for you.  He pairs best with Kushinadahime rather than himself so there’s no need to have one yourself.

Farmable/Obtainable Monsters for All

I say farmable because MP is essentially farmable at the current state of the game.  Farming rogues for 500 MP per predra (plus selling everything else in the dungeon) is an easy way to trade your time for MP monster purchases.

Everyone has received a free Male Hunter in the mail just for logging in this week.  In addition, everyone will obtain a free Female Hunter if they clear the 4 team members or less challenge in the mythical difficulty Monster Hunter Collab.  Not too difficult these days, but if you’re having trouble I can help build a team for you

Each of these hunters are also available for purchase in the MP shop for 200,000 MP.  You’d want to buy more if you need multiples of the evolution tree you’ll see below.  Each hunter has 3 forms, which means you’ll need to spend 800,000 MP if you’d like to get all 6 at once, or multiples of one specific monster in the tree.  Follow this chart that was posted to the Puzzle and Kupo Server on Discord if you’re unsure


3704 male hunter  Male Hunter (Gift)

Evolution Tree

male hunter


3707 Male Hunter, Demon X Gear  Male Hunter, Demon X Gear

Definitely the strongest of the bunch as you get tons of damage for multiple crosses.  I like that the multiplier is one of the strongest multipliers for multiple crosses I’ve seen (most are multplied by x3 for each cross.  An exception being Jormungandr-ullr, but you can only fit 2 jammers on a 6×5 board vs 3 multicolored crosses with Demon x Gear).

Of course the lack of an unbindable leader or stat boost like Acala, or damage reduction like Kenshin make Demon x Gear far inferior and more of an unreliable glass cannon in comparison.  The damage is nice and you can pair him with Romia if you’d like, but this will be restricted to a fun farmable cross lead, and not as reliable a lead.

As an inherit for the dragon killer ability you can have a nice spike.  I assume the dragon killer applies in some way to latent dragon killers, but I’m unsure about that.  This as an inherit would be amazing on a Dark Athena team where most players have double dragon killer latents on their Hakus, but again, I’d need someone to test this out first before I make that a full recommendation.

If it is true, that’s how I would use this card.  0.50 for every dragon killer can add up quick on farming teams with multiple tsubakis also.

3706 Male Hunter, Mizutsune X Gear  Male Hunter, Mizutsune X Gear

If you play a decent amount of coop in PAD, you’ll want to get Mizutsune.  In some ways he can be better than Kushinadahime or Dark Athena because you can use any subs.  You get an entire team’s boost for coop only so it’s one of the first leaders I can think of where you’re that flexible and can use ANY card as a sub, just make sure you’re in coop mode.

The damage scales up similar to Kushinadahime, up to x9, plus your 1.5 boost for coop (13.5 multiplier)  Just like the Narga Female Hunter below, that is compounded with the coop awakening boost Mizutsune has.  An overall great card that adds 1 combo as well to automatically reach combos.

If you have trouble getting a ton of combos, you can pair him with the tons of Diablos leaders out there for a bigger board and a slightly weaker multiplier.

3705 Male Hunter, Rathalos X Gear  Male Hunter, Rathalos X Gear

A lot of Gl1TCH3D’s guides surround using Yamamoto for fire farming teams.  If you don’t have him, you could potentially make a bunch of these guys for farming.  He has a similar active that makes a full row (2nd from bottom) into fire orbs for an automatic row and quick farming.  I don’t see much use out of this monster except for specific farming team gaps he can fill in.

3708 female hunter  Female Hunter (Must defeat Hunt a Thon Teams of 4 of Less)

Evolution Tree

female hunter

You can choose one of three evolutions for your free Female Hunter.  If you have 200,000 MP, you can purchase additional female hunters in the MP store to get multiples.

3710 Female Hunter, Narga X Gear  Female Hunter, Narga X Gear

Narga is great for a low pure damage that is inheritable and farmable.  Enemies who absorb hits over 100 will succumb to her skill that deals exactly 99 pure damage.

A nice amount of dark orb enhances (automatic 20% damage boost not counting when there are enhanced orbs being matched).  She is great because she has 1.5 all stat boosts for herself in coop, which is then compounded when you play coop.  So for herself, she is automatically times 2.25 all attributes without taking into account the other leader.  If you don’t have Yomidra and would like one, she is a free version as long as you can clear the 4 or under challenge.

If you have 800,000 MP to spare (slightly more than the cost of Dark Athena) you could in theory make a team of nothing but Nargas.  Each card would get 2.25 to all stats, plus another 2.25 to all stats again with both leaders multiplied.  It would be interesting in the least, but I don’t recommend it.

3709 Female Hunter, Kirin X Gear  Female Hunter, Kirin X Gear

The highest HP of the three evolutions, Kirin has a new ability that allows you to add 1 to your combos for 3 turns.  The first of its kind.

Double TPA, Coop 1.5 stat boosts, and Dragon killers are great awakenings to have.  Using her as a leader however is only going to be if you are pot committed to this collaboration.  You get 1.5 for all your stats (which means a ton of attack since everyone has great attack stats) but your entire team must be Monster Hunters of some sort, through REM or multiple Female/Male hunters.

That being said, a 7 times attack for 7 combos is pretty nice.  This doesn’t leave room for damage control however as it’s either x110.25 or x2.25.

3711 Female Hunter, Glavenus X Gear  Female Hunter, Glavenus X Gear

Glavenus brings the highest attack of the three (though still far inferior to many of the REM pulls).  This is essentially a Yamato card with an HP boost if you’re using it as a leader.  This means it isn’t too powerful for most late game content.

However, Players who love buttoning dungeons will enjoy this card as it brings a higher attack than Masamune and a very strong attack (x144).  You can bring some summer Goemons and button through lots of dungeons that have no preemptives.  I’m sure GL1TCH3D will have a guide out soon on how to use her for farming.

What to Hope For in the Monster Hunter REM

7 Star


The most anticipated monster because of his amazing base attack (3162) and leaderskill.  You can essentially pair him with anyone, but people on the top tier teams prefer Kushinadahime.  He changes the board to a 7×6 board which makes triggering Kushinadahime extremely easy.

He also has the guard break awakening which can change the super Kushinadahime team to put in more heart creators, since this is the biggest weakness with the team.

Even if you don’t pull him yourself, friend the lucky players who pulled him and pair him with your Kushinadahime.  If you don’t have Kushinadahime, you will still benefit from a 7×6 board and 25% damage reduction paired with any other leader you like.

His active works with any team since he’s not a board changers, but only a board enhancer.  It’s also amazing to be able to deal 25% damage to the MAX hp of a monster.  That means whale teams with 4 of him inherited can handle anything that doesn’t automatically void or absorb large amounts of damage.

More likely, you’ll spend your time running him paired with a high damage dealing leader and enjoy his unbindable, time extending, 7 combo awakening amazingness.


The second most anticipated monster, and some will argue much more so than Diablos.  Amatsu is amazing on your own water teams as a resolve killer who can unbind your team.

If you run with Amatsu as a leader, you can go really far without pairing with an HP booster.  You will get over 10,000 HP just for each Amatsu, which already puts you around the standard HP of a glass cannon leader.  I love how much HP water teams can have.

His base attack is only times 12, but you’ll be trying to at least 7 combos with him and his double 7c awakenings will multiply the damage by 4 for each Amatsu.

The best part however has to be the resolve killer.  You can hit tons of damage and do a follow up attack which will attack the enemy before they have a chance to counter.  This is different from the Anubis style active that waits until the monster attacks before hitting them.  The difference between the two is that the follow up attack happens right after your attack and before your opponent gets a chance to strike.  This means monsters like Shuten-Doji will be dealt with before they have a chance to rage against you.  The damage is 1 hit, so make sure you one shot the enemy so they have 1 HP.  Every pixel matters here.

6 Star

Since these monsters don’t have evolutions, it’s expected that if they ever do they will get more than the 5 awakenings you get, which is lackluster for 6 star pulls, even in a collab.  Their stats however are pretty nice, primarily their attack.  A lot of these cards make use of at least 1 7c awakening which multiplies your attack by 2 when you get 7 combos.


Pretty weak for a 6 star pull in the awakenings department, but an unbindable devil with a 1000 fixed damage can be useful for certain scenarios.


Kirin can be used for light teams as a light version of Meridionalis  Meridionalis but without the awakenings that make Meri amazing.  At least Kirin is unbindable.

Kirin’s active reminds me of the machine-like monsters who change the top row to lights, like  Shedar, but you also benefit from adding 1 combo to your count automatically.  If you don’t have a no skyfall lead Kirin can be an okay one, but certainly orb hungry in the light orb department without creating as much as Meridionalis.


I don’t mind the awakenings on this card since there’s a 7 combo awakening in there paired with a high base attack.  The active can automatically give you enough fire orbs for a row, or 2 separate fires if you’re using the skill for a team like Krishna who benefits from multiple fire orb combos.

A nice heart skyfall active that can be inherited on any Myr team to save on actives.  The heart skyfall is for an unheard of 6 turns, which is the highest I can think of.  If you still use Beach Myr you can put it right on the team and get a 1.5 stat boost in coop.  Not too much use other than that.


The follow up attack awakening makes this card amazing.  I love the 9 turn cooldown to create a column of fire orbs also.  As a bonus, you get times 2 for dragons and attackers in 9 turns, which is an amazingly low cooldown to have on this type of attack.  Another high base attack monster hitting 2600 without plusses is so awesome and allows him to fit on a low of teams.  Unfortunately he doesn’t have any damage boosting awakenings like Row,s 7c, TPAs, or Orb Enhancements.  This means he will greedily keep his high attack to himself and not spread it out across the team.  Because of these weak awakenings, he will be relished to just being needed for his follow up attack awakening and must take up a spot on your fire team if you don’t pull amatsu.

5 Star

5 Star pulls are monsters with lackluster awakenings and troll golds in general here.


Super high HP (as most waters do) and a fun active that randomly makes 3 water, 3 wood, and 3 dark orbs, plus delay.  I pulled this for both my free pulls and like the idea of trying him as a leader for lower content.  3 water rows, an HP boost, and a x9 leader.  Not as good as Meridionalis, but could be fun for players who don’t have her and would like to try out row leaders.  It can be tough to get a row every time if you only use Gammoth’s skill, and you don’t have too many full board options out there to specifically make a ton of water orbs, but it could be fun nonetheless.


The triple TPA and high base attack can be a great asset, but inferior to Apollo for skyfalls as he doesn’t change any orbs for you in the same turn.  I don’t see him getting much use unless you need a delay with light skyfall as well.  You can put him on your Kirin team however, but you’ll have to be lucky with a ton of light orbs to get 9 connected light orbs and a TPA in the same turn.


A nice poisoner if you don’t already have the million out there alerady.


okay if you were able to defeat Jormunganr and need another full board jammer creator, but useless beyond that.


A nice low cd dark creator who can hasten the team.  This makes him a good inherit at best.

Overall Collab Score – A

While Diablos, Amatsu and Glavenus make this collab amazing, the other cards are just fillers with high attack and the new 7 combo awakening.  That doesn’t take too much away from the collab if you pull any of these three either.  What I like most is that you can use your free pull and call it a day if you’re a non IAP (In App Purchase) player.  This is because a ton of other players will undoubtedly pull Diablos and you can pair almost any leader with it and benefit.  Because that makes the cards in this Collab accessible to all, I give the REM an A.

Best of luck to all!

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8 thoughts on “Monster Hunter Collab Analysis and REM

  1. Valphalk is really fun as a leader. Takes us back to the old days of no time extend awakenings, and yet hits like a truck.

  2. Hi sir, how good is the red female hunter? Especially when comparing to A.CAo cao, i have a pretty develope red box, and choosing between her and the dark one.

      1. One blue Male and one Dark Female is enough for most players. Light & fire Female are a specific need. Male you can get another Wood Male if you need a dragon burst, if you have a lot of tsubakis.

    1. If you need more farming leads, feel free. ACaoCao should be all you need as long as your subs are good.

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