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Kenshin Collab Analysis

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Should You Roll in the Kenshin Collab

Ni'itsu Kakunoshin

I believe the Kenshin collab is one of the best collabs to roll in, being second to BLEACH and Final Fantasy.

What makes this collab so great is the increased chances to get the 6 star monsters in the REM.  There are 3 this time around and you have an increased rate each day depending which you are looking to get.

Like some previous collabs, you will also get a free roll.  It isn’t confirmed if your free roll is influenced by the increased rates.

If you decide to roll, best of luck, but know based on your box that you might not need to pull.  If you’re like me and unable to buy stones right now, take a look at who you pulled in the past.

Tifa and Ilmina both pair really well with the new Ni’itsu (Hiko) 6 star pull.  If you have either of these you might not need to roll for Hiko.  You can also pair with a lot of other light leaders who boost light attack and you can use either rows or tpas.

Ilm and Ilmina pair well with Kenshin. Here’s a video showing how easy Kenshin and Ilmina can make Arena 2 look.



Saito is fun, not not a necessary card to have.

If you decide you don’t want to pull or spend any stones on this collab, I would advise you to at least play the collab dungeon.

Anji the Best Farmable Farming Sub Everyone Needs


Anji is one of the most coveted farmable farming monsters in the game.

He makes tamadras, extreme metal dragon, king rushes, snow globes, predras and anything that has low hp, but high defense in an easy dungeon.

You can farm with him without thinking by using his active on the first turn, then matching any orb to kill the enemy. Their defense will be 0 and the effects carry over if you defeat the floor that turn.

He has a much lower cooldown than similar cards like shiva and fits perfectly on any farming teams. If you’re just starting out you can take advantage of quick farming even if you don’t have cards like goemon yet.

Which Cards to Hope to Pull in the Rouroni Kenshin Collab 

kenshin collab
New in the Kenshin REM

Ni’itsu Kakunoshin (Hiko Seijuro)

Hiko1.5 all light attributes

3x attack 2 light. 6x attack 3 light.

Double tpa. 7 combo awakening. Damage void ability. This card screams amazing.

I love all aspects of this card. He’s only a 6 star compared to 7 or 8 in other rems. He also has a hp and rcv boost while boasting a big attack on top of it to take on tons of enemies.

What most people will like is the active which voids the enemy’s damage absorb for 1 turn at a 20 turn cooldown. This is a similar active to Uruka and Fujin. This mechanic is super useful against enemies like sopdet and Hera dragon.

Kenshin new ultimate

The old KenshinKenshin that came out last year is amazing. With 2 kenshin leaders you can hit the damage cap because he boosts attack by so much with light and fire crosses. He was even buffed to receive a damage reduction.

Traditionally people like to pair kenshin with ilmina for a 7×6 board and chance at 5 crosses to hit the damage cap, or just insane amounts of damage.

The new kenshin buffs and the new ilmina evo (light/fire) both reduce damage which will make them able to take on the toughest content with less barriers.

The Kenshinultimate kenshin has his own 7×6, but operates as a much weaker version of himself. You can probably pair with his other ultimate version in the same way as you would use ilmina I suppose. The active can help propel damage, but i see the regular kenshin ult as far superior.

Only create the new ult one if you pull a dupe.

Saito’s new ultimate 

Saito has a new ultimate that is similar to a dark Neptune dragon style of play. You get more attack with more orbs, up to 12 orbs. You also get a base 2x attack and rcv which is nice.

This means saito will do really well paired with a dark leader who boosts your hp and has rows.

Cards to pair with can include those like ichigo or armored batman. Both improve hp or shield to some degrees.

Overall, I don’t see saito as an amazing pull.   Similar to Neptune dragon, a card like saito that is too orb hungry may not be that great.

New 5 and 4 star pulls added

Most of the gold and silver pulls in this collab are great assists.  None are very useful beyond this, but I’ve highlighted some of the main uses from the collab below.

Kamiya Kaoru can changing the top row to water and bottom row to light.  Great for a quick auto row to boost your teams damage.

Megumi and the new Kashiwazaki NenjiKashiwazaki Nenji can be bind clears if you don’t have any.

Shinomori Aoshi can create enough water orbs for a row and creates skyfall for 2 turns.  This can be beneficial for players who don’t have beach eschamali, scheat, or Hermes.

Seta Sojiro and Honjo Kamatari can inflict 99 damage on one and all enemies, respectively.  Useful for speed farming dungeons with enemies who absorb hits over 99 damage.

The new cards Yumi and udo jin-eUdo Jin-e are not too impressive honestly and only dilute your chances to get 6 star pulls.


I believe that the kenshin collab is one of the better REMs to pull from. Many players may be strapped for cash having this directly follow a player’s choice god fest. The 6 stars are amazing and you have better odds of pulling them in a collab like this. I pulled kenshin in 2 pulls last year.

I will be pulling for Ni’itsu because I love the idea of a boosted light card. We haven’t had a good one like this come out for lights and this means he essentially has no weakness.

Adding 3 more 4 and 5 star plus means you may be more diluted, but I think the rates are pretty good.

Plus, everyone gets a free pull!

Best of luck!

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