How to S rank a dungeon

How to S Rank Dungeons in PAD

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What Goes into S Ranking in PAD?

You may have heard about S Ranking dungeons in Puzzle and Dragons.  A S Rank occurs when you have scored enough points in a certain type of dungeon.  If you do not score an S Rank, your rank will be A, B, or lower, depending on your total score.  The score required to achieve an S Rank is different in every dungeon, but the ranking criteria will always be based on the following:

  • Total Rarity
  • Total Number of Turns
  • Average Combo

If you don’t feel like reading, just watch my video instead below.  It talks about the same stuff, but you can watch me complete the Water Insect Dragon Dungeon


S Ranking is different than the Ranking Dungeons

This type of S Ranking is different than the ranking dungeons which are based on total time left and damage output, with a few other variables.

To see which dungeons you can go for an S Rank with, look to the top right of the toughest dungeon within that group.  You will see a mark that says Score.  Don’t attempt a dungeon over and over just for an S rank to find out you don’t have the capability to S rank because the dungeon doesn’t allow it.

Locate S Rank Dungeons

How to Analyze Rarity

While the number of combos and total turns depends on your skill level, building the best team does not.  You need to keep your total rarity low to make sure you achieve the minimum score requirement for S rank in PAD.  To achieve this, look at the number of stars on the top of your card.  Verdandi below has 7  stars.  This means if I had 5 Verdandis, my total rarity would be 35.  To keep it low, I use lower rarity monsters, without compromising my HP or skills too much.

s ranking with verdandi

Super Shimonita Leek is a good low rarity monster to use because of its RCV and skill.  For s ranking a dungeon, I usually will not have a need for its skill however, because of the total turns I wish to use.

pad s rank

By using 3 strong monsters, and 2 weak ones, I am able to keep my rarity at 28.  This means with moderate combing and turns used, I should be able to easily S rank the dungeon.

Below is a variation of my team.  I should be able to clear the mythical difficulty and achieve rank S to get my Tamadra reward.  Check out the video above to see if I do it!

verdandi s rank

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