How to Rank up Quickly in PAD

Ganesha Rank Up Farming

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Update 5-10-17

It has become increasingly easy to rank up since I first wrote this post.  Some methods require defeating tough dungeons while some require mindless buttoning.  Below you can see just how easy it has become to rank up.

While it is easy to rank up nowadays, I will always caution against doing it mindlessly.  To me the game becomes tedious going for rank, which is honestly just a number.  There isn’t a big advantage to having a high rank except being able to use higher cost monsters and higher cost badges, such as the time extend 2 badge which boosts your time by 2 seconds.  If you have too many 99 cost MP monsters on your team and your rank is low, you might not be able to use all the monsters you want, which can be limiting.  For that reason, you should try your best to get to rank 600 using any dungeons you see in this page.

When it comes to farming rank, the dungeons that come to mind are:

Extremely Hard and Hardly Farming without High Level Skills

Ultimate Colosseum

Ultimate Arena 3

Super Ultimate Dragon Rush (hard with normal teams, but able to be buttoned with Machine Zeus and Ganesha)

Moderately Hard

Ultimate Arena 2

Ultimate Arena

Mythical Plus Ultimate God Rush, Devil Rush, Hera Rush, Dragon Rush (God and Devil are easiest)

Rogue Mythical Pluses on x4 experience (Zaerog, Scarlet, Volsung, Gainaut, Myr, Nordis)


Descended Dungeons when Experience x4

Monday Legend

Update 3-14-16

As of right now, if you can take them on, the best dungeons to rank up and get tons of experience are in the Mythical Plus difficulty.  These include God Rush, Yamato, Hera, Devils, and Dragon Rushes.  These are all extremely difficult, but with the right team composition, you can take them on and receive 100,000 experience.  And with the co-op dungeons being half stamina, that means 50 stamina = 100k experience.  Not bad, if you can take them on.  I have created a video with a runs of Devil rush and what team I use.  If you have them and can consistently defeat them with a friend, you can get up to rank 500 very quickly.  All the other methods below are sub 400 rank ups.

How to Rank up Quickly in PAD

It’s always fun to spend money and stones on the Rare Eggs Machine (REM) and get new Gods (or new 3 starred bullcrap).  But what use is getting these monsters if you don’t have the Team cost or Stamina to keep playing.  This is why leveling up is important.  If you have 100 stamina, you can only run Super Gold Dragons twice, but if you have 150 stamina, you can run it three times.  Because everything in PAD is timed, it’s important to have more stamina.  There are two stages to level up, when lower than rank 100 and when higher.

When lower than Rank 100

The weekends are your friend.  On Weekends you can run the Tower of Giants, a normal difficulty dungeon, for half Stamina.  this means the final floor you can run for 4 Stamina for about 1500 experience.  The second to last you can run for 3 stamina and get about 1000 experience.  With proper Stamina management, use this to your advantage to level up to rank 100.  You also have the chance of catching a Gigas in the process as there is about a 2% chance each time you run it.

When Higher than Rank 100

While working your way to Rank 100, I recommend playing technical dungeons with a lot of leftover stamina.

For example, if you have 50 stamina, you can run 3 technical dungeons and get about 3000 or less experience.  Use this to squeeze in technical battles and move up the ladder.  I find technical dungeons easy before the Mech dragon series, but they cost a lot of Stamina for much less experience than you should get if you had been running normal or special dungeons.

Once you reach the mechdragons, get yourself a high damage devil leader with a ronia friend.  Devil teams can defeat the Mechdragons easier than a combo team can.  Even at low levels, the Ronia/Baddie spike damage can be tremendous and more than enough for the bosses.  The hardest part is Floor 5 with the Chimeras.  You HP needs to be at least 21000 so focus on your best 5 cards to level up for your devil team.

Once you can beat these dungeons easily, play them every time you have 50 stamina and over 21,000 experience from leveling up.  The goal is to play the mech dragons when you have more than 21,000 experience away from leveling up, but also when you have less than 5,000 from leveling up.  The reason is if you level up at 20,000, you will barely level up, which I think of as a waste of Stamina.  What you want to do is rank up when you need a little bit of experience, then you will overfill your experience bar.  Instead of needing 60,000 to level up to the next level, you may only end up needed 45,000, which is just 2 mech dragon runs.  This used to be a lot harder when each stamina refilled at 10 minutes; now with the 5 minute stamina refill, this is easy to get up to rank 200.  You can continue this as long as needed.  I am in rank 240s on my iPad account and I’m leveling up my iPad air rather easily because of this method.

If you find Challenge mode too hard (how could Lu Bu + 5 Ronia’s be hard?  If you’ve found a better challenge team, let me know, but this has beaten every challenge mode for me) them you can run the Ancient Dragons’ Mystic Realm which comes after Mechdragons.  This is easier because it is tricolor.  Bring a Red Odin or Nepture for the Blue levels and the boss is dead in 3-4 turns.  Much easier than breaking 600,000 defense (not saying I haven’t done it)

Extra pluses

The Mechdragon dungeons are the best to get plus eggs when the 1.5 technical + event is around.  Playing this over and over has gotten me tons of plusses during events.

Update 1-4-15: 10x Descends

During the 10x Descends, a lot of people have been running Zeus Mercury and Hera Sowilo.  These both give between 30,000 and 40,000 experience.  In addition, you can receive 5-7 plus eggs during 10x descends.  Make sure if you are able to take these dungeons on that you take advantage of the extra plusses during these events.

Good leaders to clear Here Sowilo and Zeus Mercury and of course MP dragons, but if you don’t have them any of the Norns will do or decent multiplier leads (horus, bastet, kushinadahime, sakuya, chinese gods).  Hope that helps!

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  1. Great article I never knew that some of these dungeons gave so much experience and thanks for the video guide it is awesome

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