How I Got Started on my YouTube Channel | How to Keep Puzzle & Dragons Fresh After 1200 Days

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I want to thank everyone first of all for contributing to my half a million views on YouTube milestone.  My website is already picking up speed and I hope it makes the same impact!

My History with Puzzle and Dragons

Puzzle and Dragons is the longest standing game I have played consecutively to date.  While there have been plenty of games I have dropped over 100 hours into (Final Fantasy 7 and 10 are 2 of my most played games) they still don’t even come close to the time I have spent playing Puzzle & Dragons.

With over 1200 days, 3 separate accounts, and tons of money invested into the game, I can say this is my favorite game for sure.  No other game has kept me engaged for over 3 years and had me logging in every day.  There’s just something about this game that is amazing.

In the past, PAD had periodic updates, monthly or bi-monthly Godfests, and events were few and far between.  Here are a few stats about PAD that were around near the beginning of the game compared to now.  All of these have been updated for the better:

  • There used to be no awakenings
  • Stamina refreshed every 10 minutes
  • Golems and Mystic Knights were in the Rare Egg Machine
  • 4 Stars were in the Rare Egg MAchine
  • Gigas and Echidna were actually good pulls from the REM
  • Teams looked like this:

old pad teams

  • Daily Dungeons weren’t a guaranteed drop
  • Pis and automatic skill ups didn’t exist
  • Awakenings didn’t exist
  • Tank teams that were over an hour to complete a dungeon were common place

Hera Descended 60 minutes

  • No skill inheritance
  • No latent awakenings
  • No MP shop (selling or fusing duplicates meant no reward)

If you were around when a lot of these things took place, you can see we’ve come a long way.  For newer players who haven’t experienced this, you’re definitely playing in a golden age now that you don’t have to deal with these mechanics.

Back then it was easy for things to get stale.  For me, I felt like I “best the game” just because I conquered Legendary Earth with my (farmable light) Athena team and could one shot every new dungeon with my Red Sonia/Lu Bu team set up.

How to Keep Puzzle & Dragons Fresh After 1200 Days

Because it got boring for me, I decided at that time to start a website to help others.  I didn’t start my YouTube channel right away because I didn’t know the first thing about it.  Some of my first articles and first videos just give me chills how bad they were.

Don’t Play and Farm Every Single Day

Log in for sure.  Don’t skip that bonus.  However, you don’t have to spend 5 hours a day playing.  Some times I stopped playing entirely, but just logged in.  This allowed me to keep the interest and keep my spending low.

Some people spend packs and packs just for massive 297s, on top of their heavy REM rolling.  Remember that PAD is gambling and it can get out of control if you’re not careful.  It’s always good to set limits and while I don’t know if most PADicts can keep to that recommended 1 hour of play a day rule Gung-Ho has us laughing about, but it certainly helps to keep it fresh.

Trying New Teams

Gl1tch3D wrote an awesome article where he discussed how he tries different teams to keep the game fresh.

I completely agree with this and it is why I try to use different teams all the time.  Screw the Meta has been a fun series for me to test my comboing and damage control/enhancements with varying teams.

Since I don’t IAP as much as other players, it’s tough for me to +297 a lot of monsters since I find new teams need new monsters.  I am only at around 85 297’d monsters so to get to max out every team is a far off fantasy.

For me, I like to record it and upload it for entertainment and to put myself to the test.  You don’t have to record yourself to keep the game fresh, but it would be nice to see more PAD Youtubers and Streamers.

How I Got My Start in the Puzzle & Dragons Community

I never would have gotten my start if it weren’t for PuzzleBoss reaching out to me.  He loved how I showed my face, which is something that almost no PAD YouTubers do. I like keeping this philosophy so I try to keep it around, but I also want to take my video skills to the next level and work on more animations.  More of that coming soon.

PuzzleBoss and I worked together to become more well known, which got us into communication with Kamcord, my first streaming experience.  Lately I work on my YouTube and website more than streaming just to be consistent in one area rather than spread myself too thin.

With YouTube videos, I decided to stick to the philosophy that I will play team ideas that I have, but help make teams for others through Box Reviews to help them specifically.  I have found that blanketed advice is not as helpful to everyone because some people find it hard to make that connection to a certain team if they are lacking a specific monster.  Some people even let a lack of latent awakenings hold them back from taking on new content.  I do my best to help with hands on training when people reach out.

I am growing in my presence in the PAD community and I believe that at least most players involved online have heard of me.  So far I have reached 500,000 visitors to my YouTube channel and over 200,000 views on my website.

YouTube Views since Mid 2016

A lot of my views for my website have come in the past 3 months as I have dedicated a lot more time to it and promoted it more.  I believe my articles are more in depth now.  This correlates to my time at my new company where I am unable to record videos every day.  Below are my total sessions from April 1st until June 29th (today).

padragnarok analytics

Perhaps most impressive is the fact that I have reached 3 million watch time minutes on my YouTube channel.  This tells me that people are liking my content so far and I always see comments that you all want more.  Thank you so much for that and I will continue doing what I can.

If you are finding that the game is getting boring for you, create a channel/website and write about your teams and theories.  MantasticPAD has already written a great article about how to start a PAD blog, and I will be making an article about my specific set up soon as well so you can capitalize on the opportunity to make PAD into a larger lifestyle.

Unfortunately, I don’t make too much money from this, which is why I started my Patreon page to continue creating content.  If each of those 500,000 views gave me $1, I would be able to publish content every hour, but unfortunately that’s not how the internet works.



After over 1200 days, it’s easy to say PAD is my favorite game and I will continue playing.  If I didn’t stop to keep it fresh by not using the same teams over and over I may have stopped playing long ago.


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5 thoughts on “How I Got Started on my YouTube Channel | How to Keep Puzzle & Dragons Fresh After 1200 Days

  1. It is a awesome game. I’ve tried bout every game but always get bored with them after few days? Then I saw this commercial on TV about puzzles and dragons. Since then I’ve been hooked! I rank at 334 but still trying to build a strong team.

    I don’t know much about building a strong team? I’ve seen your videos on YouTube. I’m blown away how strong your team’s are? I haven’t seen all of them but I’m getting there. I want to thank you for showing us how to and progress on puzzles and dragons.

    Thing is I got my nephew into the game now. Which is good because I get to spend more time with him. I would ask your help on building a strong team but i wouldn’t want to be an inconvenient? Just keep up the great work you do.

    I’ve seen other games trying to follow P&D but there’s only one game that can’t be copied! Hahaha. Be well and God bless you and your family.

  2. Pad, I really like your style of presenting information, and that is quite a compliment coming from a teacher with 24 years under my belt. I have learned a great deal from you and I really appreciate the time and dedication you put in to make the community a better place. Thank you!

  3. I like the way you present things and the tips on game play like how to use snow globes to help level up your monster . I am hoping that there is a similar way to max skill because I’m having a hard time getting to max skill and max plus eggs . Hope you can help me Thanks
    What is a TPA ?

    1. TPAs are when you match 4 of the same color. If the card has a single TPA awakening this will show a different animation and you will get 1.5 attack for that monster. It adds more damage the more TPA awakenings you have. 2 TPAs is 1.5 times 1.5 and so on.

      Thanks for reading! Glad you’re enjoying the content

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