How to Defeat Wadatsumi Descended (with a Green Team)

wadatsumi defeated

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Wadasumi was the very last descend that I defeated from the earlier descends that have been around for awhile.  I have to say that I definitely take my time extends for granted.  It is almost like being back at the Puzzle and Dragons North American Qualifier with only 5 seconds to move orbs.  This combined with the lack of skill boosts makes for a hard dungeon.

What I’ve decided to do for this team is use an all Green team because it makes the floors easier, dealing double damage for most of them.  The biggest issue with this is getting past U&Y on floor 4, but I walk through how that can be achieved.

The team I used is certainly variable and you can exchange it with a lot of green subs that may be better than what I have.  It’s interesting to note that Bastet and Kushinadahime are the only max skilled monsters I have, so stalling on floor 1 and 2 can help make up for the skill boost loss.

If you don’t have bastet, use your highest multiplying green leader with either bastet or another high multiplier green card.  Archangel Michael may even be a good leader for this dungeon as well because of the HP boost, just make sure your RCV is high too.

The second thing I wanted to make sure of was that I had a lot of heart orb changers.  This is really just to get past stalling 10 turns for U&Y

wadasumi descended


My Bastet Team for Wadatsumi

Awoken Bastet (Skill level 4, +187)  Can be subbed with a strong Green leader

Archangel Michael (doesn’t have to be Michael, as long as you can create hearts

Kushinadahime (as long as you can create hearts or reduce damage)

Verdandi (as long as you can create hearts or reduce damage)

Kaede (as long as you can create hearts or reduce damage)

Bastet (+297 max skilled)


Floor 1 – Mid Water Ninja, Marine Goblin, Ice Samurai Ogre

This floor is all about keeping the middle Ogre alive and above 50% HP.  The left Ninja has a high defense, but I recommend focusing on the Goblin on the right and not getting an ALL green attack.  If the Ogre is above 50%, he will either attack you or skip a turn.  Attacking while alone is preferred, because you can stall up to 9 turns, effectively regaining the skill boosts you lost from losing awakenings.

floor 1 wadatsumi

I took off a little too much and didn’t accomplish this, but it’s okay.  I can still stall one more turn and defeat him on the last shot.  He will do freeze strike if you let him here. I missed out on stalling a few turns, but I still got 3 stalls on floor 1.



Floor 2 – Red Ice Leviathan


He begins by changing a random orb to water, but you want to stall anyway so it’s okay.  Stall as long as you feel comfortable.  If you need a few turns to defeat him, start right away.  If you know you can one shot, then attempt this when he is on a 2 turn counter, that way you have room in case you mess up.

wadatsumi floor 2

Floor 3 – 2 Neneko and 1 Stone Gaze Demon Bird Cockatrice

This floor may bind you.  I decided to take them out, but you can get bound and still survive, if you have a damage reducer.  If you don’t or they’re not ready, look to defeat them quickly.


Floor 4 – Umisachi and Yamasachi

This is what makes this dungeon hard.  Their 10 turn green absorb means you cannot defeat them with this team.  Other teams will work, but we’re focusing on a mono green team.

The main goal here is to take advantage of your heart breakers.  If you have enough HP to stall 2 turns without hearts and take the hits, it’s okay, just make sure to heal to full.  Below are a few screenshots of my skills as I made my way through.

img_0576.jpeg   floor 4 U&Y

I kept stalling and still have Kaede ready.  I can one shot him, and I know that it doesn’t matter what my HP is for floor 5, since she brings you to 1 HP anyway, so I take the hit and defeat them the next move.


Floor 5 Sea God’s Songstress, Siren

This floor is easy if you have hearts.  She does a progressive attack which gets stronger over time, so make sure to heal after the big gravity and then take her out.


siren wadatsumi

Floor 6 – Wadatsumi himself

With the hard parts over, the only advice needed here is that you need at least a 5 combo and don’t get him too low.  He will change greens almost every turn ( at least he did on me) so green orb changers are needed. (this is why Michael is good as he makes hearts and greens) If you don’t have any left, be able to stall long enough to get one ready and heal every turn, or until more greens appear without him changing them.  You should be able to one shot while he is blue with a strong green lead.  If you used Michael, then widdle him down and try to spike when he is above 25% so he doesn’t take you out with Sea God’s Strike.

flooor 6 wada

Enjoy victory!  This rewards a spirit jewel during yamato challenge, but you can always try on the normal descend when it comes around.


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5 thoughts on “How to Defeat Wadatsumi Descended (with a Green Team)

  1. Hey I have been playing for a while but have not made too much progress. Is there a way I could show you my box (heard this could be done) so I could get some advice? I was able to do Sphinx descended yesterday thanks to you! I’m hoping for Athena next but always die. Thanks.

    1. Hey thanks for commenting! You can submit a box review on the pop up on this site,, and I’ll add you to the queue! I’ve been doing a few basic mechanic videos on my YouTube that may help out as well 🙂

  2. Can you help me beat myr descended legend plus. i think i have cards that are in the right level and i maxed leveled them, but i didnt max skill them and dont have a lot of plusess on them. If you can then can you help me. Thanks for your support

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