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How to Defeat Sonia Gran


Below is a video where I use a Double Awoken Ra team to defeat Sonia Gran.  Below this are pictures of me defeating Sonia Gran with a Beelzebub Devil Team

The first two stages will vary between 3 Ripper dragons’ Ultimate Evolutions.  The second Stage will be one of 5 Sky Dragons.  I believe the sky dragons are much easier.  See the video above on how to defeat these as I forgot to take screenshots!

Using a Devil Team

While it seems an unlikely choice, I have 0 stoned this dungeon during a challenge event with a Beelzebub / Red Sonia team.  The reason this worked was because I had 3 Ronias altogether and an Echidna for the Green Sonia.  Sonias are needed for the three Sonias you will have to fight.  Fighting fire with fire is essential for this Devil team to work.

Floor 3 – Blue Sonia

The most annoying part of this battle is her being Blue, which makes all my red attributes not work very well.  She will also change your orbs to Blue which makes her annoying.  Match as many as you can and use your Red Sonia when you get her below 50%.  I used the wrong screenshot below when I had Vampire in my team.  I realized delaying Green Sonia was more important than the extra RCV from a devil.


Floor 4 Green Sonia


With this team, you need ot take her out with one shot or use Echidna.  Since you want to save your Red Sonia active skills for Red Sonia and Sonia Gran, Echidna and proper comboing is needed.  She will not one shot you if you use Echidna after her pre-emptive.


Floor 5 – Red Sonia

Red Sonia absorbs combos 5 and below so you need to match your orbs in sets of three when you use Ronia, instead of rows and hoping for a sky drop.  With enough combos, you can one shot her.


Floor 6 – Sonia Gran

The most annoying part about her is her passive skill.  When you kill her in one shot above 50%, she will stay alive (much like Zombie teams) and will heal to 100% the next turn.  After 4 turns, she will 100% gravity you down.  Since I was in a no continue challenge, I couldn’t have that.  

I first managed to get my max skilled Ronia back to her turn from when I used her on the Blue sonia. This is possible since I used Echidna on the Green Sonia.
After whittling her down, I used my first Red Sonia without Lu Bu or Beelzebub. I didn’t want to risk killing her.  She also skips a turn by raising her attack when she is below 50% so I had no worry that she would hit me in between.

  I was able to get her below 50% and then I used Ronia, Lu Bu, Beelz for a victory!

This strategy only works if you have max skilled Ronias.  Otherwise, see the video above for using a multiplier team


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