How to Defeat Leonine Mythical

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How to Defeat Leonine Mythical Difficulty


It’s time to get that Sphinx Guaranteed.  If you read through the Legend gudie, this will be similar, but make sure to bring your top notch players.  A Beelzebub Devil team is great, but you can beat it just as easily with a Dark Vampire or other 3 Times attacking Devil leader.  Instead of Ronia’s if you don’t have two (I was lucky twice) then you can use dark orb changers whoa re devils.  Lu Bu can be replaced by Baddie and Echidna helps, but isn’t necessary.  It’s more the ideas of how to defeat this dungeon.  Beelzebub’s 2 prong makes it much easier.

2015-07-10 22.51.09

Floor 1 – Focus down the Cyclops below 50% and defeat one of the Minotaurs so they don’t defeat you.  ( I used a screenshot from Legend mode for this one since I forgot to take a screenshot)

2015-07-11 08.02.09

The Griffin will reduce your HP by 99% so make sure to heal or use a ronia.  Since I had no hearts, I had to use Ronia to defeat him.

2015-07-10 22.53.002015-07-10 22.53.11

Sopdet is tough because you can’t be too strong.  She absorbs single attacking cards over 200,000.  If you have purple cards, she absorbs their 100,000 attacks.  Two Prongs with Beelzebub are dangerous here.  But you have 5 turns to defeat her before she unleashes a huge attack which will defeat this team.  Use Echidna if needed.

2015-07-10 22.53.36

Thoth is probably the easiest in this dungeon.  That being said, I messed up and used a stone, but you don’t need to if you don’t mess up.  He changes orbs to poison so I recommend matching them up and making sure to match hearts on the same turn to cancel it out with Ronia’s RCV boost.

2015-07-10 22.55.47 2015-07-10 22.56.15

When low on HP, Thoth will attack you with a large amount.  If bound, use Ronia’s awakening to remove this.  For two non bound Ronia’s, you will reduce 6 binds for each card.


2015-07-10 22.57.45 2015-07-10 23.01.15

Floor 5 – The boss.  The hardest part is matching your orbs so you get at least 5-6 combos.  You wouldn’t want to use Lu Bu to have 1 HP and mess up.  This is also where echidna helps.


2015-07-10 23.01.37

Match orbs carefully here.  You can defeat him on one shot if you get about 6-7 combos.

2015-07-10 23.01.55

Enjoy your Sphinx!  I used mine for Awoken Ra and it helped me defeat True Endless!

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