How to Defeat Leonine King Legend| Get Your Sphinx for Ultimate Evolutions!

defeating mythical sphinx

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It’s finally here!  Ultimate Horus, Ultimate Ra, and Ultimate Bastet have been released in North America after 4 months of lag time from Japan.  I have been waiting for this moment to ultimate my Ra on my iPad.

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I will have to wait a little longer for my new iPad but my older one will be able to defeat this easily.

I’ve taken a look at the Dungeon Wiki and it doesn’t look like anything I can’t handle.  After I did defeat Sonia Gran without stones last week

As the dungeon will be out tomorrow, I’ll be sure to have the update as soon as it is defeated, which won’t be too long.  Stay tuned!


The Sphinx allows you to get Awoken Ra, and I may have underestimated just how good this team is!  I just used it to roll through Rare Evo Rush, a dungeon that features the mythical levels of each weekday dungeon and isn’t easy. The idea is you have 5 times attack leaders (x25) and times 2 for each Ra when a skill is used, totaling 100 times attack!  Definitely worth the run.

I even beat challenge 7 and 8 with this card!

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Team for Legend 

If you’ve seen my other guides on this site, they may seem too highly skilled or rare for unlucky players.  On my iPad I was lucky enough to pull 2 Red Sonias.  This means if I use a Ronia friend, I have three, which makes most dungeons pretty easy.

Since my wife bought me a new iPad, I opted to restart rather than transfer data.  This turned out to be a great choice because I got Kirin, Lu Bu, and Ra rather quickly.  Though I’m only rank 120, I am able to beat many harder dungeons based on strategy.

The Team

Ultimate Lu Bu

Chaos Devil Dragon




Red Sonia

The team used for this dungeon is not too rare, with the exception of Lu Bu and Persephone.  These two can be traded for a King Baddie or another dark orb changer/devil without an issue; you would only need to make the Blue Vampire your leader for 3times dark attack.

Red Sonia will be your primary way of one shotting the boss and recovering RCV after floor 2’s Griffin.  Echidna is your just in case for Sopdet on floor 3.
The Legend Walkthrough

The main idea for floor one is to focus down the Cyclops below 50%.  This causes him to skip a turn and you can focus on the Minotaurs.  5-6 Combo with darks should do the trick.

With the Cyclops below 50%, we can now shift our attention to killing off one of the Minotaurs.  If you don’t kill him off, you want to get him low enough that he binds a fire sub.  If both Minotaurs attack, it will most likely result in using a stone.  Make sure to keep at least 5 hearts on the board when you clear this floor. Feel free to stall here depending on your skill levels.  Echidna would be good to have up by floor 3.

Floor 2 is the Griffin.  He will always start by reducing your HP by 99%.  Begin by comboing 5-6 plus matching hearts.  You need to get your HP high enough to sustain an attack.


2 Attacks was enough for this round.

This is probably the hardest round of the dungeon.  Sopdet absorbs any single player  who attacks for more than 200,000.  This means you won’t want to use Ronia’s skill and try to take her down.  She will kill you in 4 turns if you don’t take her out.  The key is to match 2 purple orbs plus 4-5 combos.  With none of my team at level 99, this will be sure to not break the damage limit.  Remember purple will double when she is yellow so if you take off 100,000 with Lu Bu, she will absorb the attack.


Wittle her down.  It took me about 3 turns and I was able to save my echidna.

One more turn…


Thoth begins by reducing your skill counts by 5 turns.  This new ability is kind of like a skill bind, except you can’t deflect it yet.  You can stall on Thoth, just keep his HP rather high or he will begin attacking for 11,000 each turn.  Use Chaos and Perseophone if needed when your skills are ready and take him down.

He will create poison and blocks from time to time.  Just make sure to clear them and heal as needed.

Now comes the boss.  The hardest part is he absorbs combos 5 and under.  This means a normal ronia board may not be enough if you don’t get any sky drops.

Use Ronia, Lu Bu, and Echidna like normal to set up the attack.  Now you need to match 3 orbs in a few different places to block off the rows.  You are sacrificing orb row combos, but it means you can one shot this boss.

In this example, begin by selecting the bottom red orb, moving 1 to the right and 2 up, you will now have a single 3 red orb match.  Next move 3 spaces left and 1 up, you will now see 2 different 3 red orb matches that do not connect.  Next match 3 red orbs on the top left.  You can now place the orb you are holding on the second row from the top,, 4 spaces over.  Your final board will have a purple row on the bottom, then 3 purple orbs and 3 red orbs on the next row up, then 3 red orbs and 3 purple orbs, then 3 purple orbs, a red, and 2 purple, then 3 red orbs and 3 purple orbs.  You minimum combo for this is 7.


With a 40% drop rate on Legend, you have a good shot at getting the much needed Sphinx for your Horus, Bastet, or Ra.  I have a Ra on my iPad, now I need Awoken Sopdet, 2 Keepers of Golds, and a Yellow Spirit Jewel.  I have a little ways to go.  For my iPad 2, I only need the materials to evolve my Sopdet and I am ready for x100 attack!  

I hope this helps!  Mythical guide will be coming as soon as I am back from my vacation!

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