How to Defeat Hera Is | Puzzle and Dragons Challenge

beating hera is challenge mode

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How to Beat Hera Is in Puzzle and Dragons

This dungeon can prove difficult if you aren’t prepared.  Make sure you have an all Green team and take out Hera Is before she can bind you.

The team I used was

Liu Bei (more awakening Ult Evo)

Marine Rider

Green Zhiug Lang (GZL)




This team allows for all Attackers to take advantage of Liu Bei and GZL’s active skill.


hera challenge team

Floor 1 Devils

Take out the blue devil with a two prong.  If you get enough combos, the purple will fall as well.  Just make sure they both don’t attack you at the same time or you will fall.

devil hera challenge



Sky Dragons aren’t too hard and you can stall here if your skills aren’t maxed out.

sky dragon on hera iss



This devil Dragon is very hard and will most likely one shot you if you don’t one shot him.  I used my GZL since I had a few turns to recoup his skill back.

hera is dragon

Here is a level you can stall if needed.  He will charge up his attacks after being below 50% giving you an extra two turns.

hera is mechdragon


For some reason I love the blue Chaos Devil Dragon.  He looks so cool as if the regular one is frozen.  I just love the art.  He will skip his turn after his first move giving you up to 3 turns to defeat him.

blue chaos dragon


ice chaos dragon

Here you need to take Hera Is out with one shot.  In this turn I had used my GZL already and didn’t stall enough to get him back even though he was max skilled.  I used Verdandi and go 3 TPA to defeat her

boss level hera is

Enjoy your stone or magic jewel if you are playing this on challenge!

hera is boss floor

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