How to Defeat Old School Athena Descended from 2015

defeating athena descended

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Athena Descended: Not as Hard as You Think

Athena is a very valuable team leader to have.  Her ultimate has 2 Two Pronged Attacks which means you can easily defeat monsters with 100,000 defense just by matching 4 yellow orbs and a few combos.  The best thing about her is you don’t need to spend a single stone to get her on the Rare Egg Machine.  She is completely farmable and easy to skill up.  She has 8 skill up levels, but it’s easy to get if you have the right team composition.

As long as you have enough RCV, most devil teams can easily beat this.  Since everything is going towards devil teams anymore (why not call it Puzzles and Devils) this dungeon is a piece of cake.

The Requirements

High HP – Just in case you have to tank a 20,000 hit by Floor 4

A spike sub – King Baddie or Lu Bu work great.

The Team to Use to Beat Athena

We’re going with the same team we took on the King of the Gods. This is my go to team and gives you a great idea how to defeat this dungeon.

Crazed King of Purgatory Beeelzebub (+19) (Sub arcane Monarch Vampire Duke,  Awoken Hera Ur, or any attack times 3 for Dark/Devil teams)

Dark Liege, Vampire Duke (+2) (Can sub for any dark orb changers)

divine flying general, lu bu (+0) (can sub for King Baddie)

Banishing Claw Byakko, Haku (+23) (Can sub for Dark orb Changers, second Vampire,

Marvelous Red Dragon Caller, Sonia (+65) (Can sub for strong devil such as Hera Ur or Hadar)

Marvelous Red Dragon Caller, Sonia (+297) (easy to find a strong Ronia friend out there)

If you don’t have the REM monsters (Sonia, Haku, Lu Bu) no problem!  You can substitute a the Blue Vampire as your leader for 3 times attack.  All other subs can be found above and will still make this dungeon easy.

Floor 1: Gigas

The first floor of Athena Descended is all about beating him quickly.  You get a 3 turn countdown so you’ll want to match as many rows or two pronged attacks as you can.  He doesn’t have too much HP just be careful.

A combo 5 on the first turn is enough to take him below 50%, repeat and you’re done.  No need to stall on this dungeon with this team.  If you need to stall, Floor 3 is your place.

Floor 2: Cu Chulain

This guy has a ton of defense so unless you want to waste your lu bu, let’s just ping him down.   Ping means attack him with as many attributes as you can.  We have mostly purple (8) with 2 reds and 1 blue.  We can take off a maximum of 11 damage which should kill him in 3 attacks.

The main idea is when he gets below 50%, he will take you down to 1HP.  This can be trouble so you want to make sure you keep Heart orbs on the board.

Our first attack took off a good amount, after this next one, he will 1HP us.
I have enough hearts and got Orbs trolled so I don’t have purples.  The next floor will heal me if I wanted to be risky and change my hearts to purple with my vampire, but let’s play it safe.
We were able to get purple drops so it doesn’t matter.
Floor 5: Seigfried

He has about 2 million HP and with the blue, it’s hard to wittle him down with my red.  As long as I focus on Purple matches, I’ll be okay.

His first attack is always King Bubblie Enhance, which raises attack.  This means you have 4 turns until he hits you.  If you use a low HP devil team, make sure to kill him before this attack.  You can always bring two baddies or a lu bu leader with a king baddie sub for this.  That way you have one still for Athena. I decide to use my Haku to whittle him down.

I got him below 50% so the blue isn’t a big deal anymore. I could even use a ronia in this situation if I really wanted to, but with Beelzebub, he won’t kill me in one hit.  
He dealt 20,460 and I’m still kicking,


Floor 4: Athena

Now the big Baddie Athena.  Not so hard.  Lets use Ronia, lu bu, and Beelzebub. Counting the orbs, I can see more reds than purples, so it won’t be even.  Lets go for a 5 combo and see what sky drops.  5 Combo with 2 rows should be more than enough.

Here’s the completed puzzle with 3 purples on the bottom left.  
Rinse and repeat and you can skill up your Athena!

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