How to Calculate Damage Per Monster in Puzzle & Dragons (PAD)

how to calculate damage in puzzle & dragons

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The Changing Mechanics of the Game

Ever since annoying enemies with annoying mechanics have been introduced into Puzzle & Dragons, it has evolved how we approach dungeons.

I used to have so much less to worry about in this game years ago.  First I’d get lucky and roll Red Sonia.  Then I would find a plethora of Red Sonia/Lu Bu/Beelzebub friends.  I used low cooldown monsters like Vampire since my luck in REMs were bad besides Red Sonia.  Then I coasted through the dungeon with basic rows.  On the Boss I would use Red Sonia and Lu Bu (or King Baddie) and win.

This was a strategy I used over and over again and conquered every dungeon.

Until Skill binds became a thing.

Until Resolve became a thing

Until Damage absorbs became a thing.

Now with monsters like Sopdet and Parvati being in the game, we have to calculate our damage as precisely as possible.

There have been aspects introduced in our favor like skill bind resistance awakenings, Fujin and Uruka, and no skyfall leaders.  However, it is more important to understand the basic mechanics of the game how it calculates damage.  Leaders with no skyfalls have made it possible to get very precise with your damage.  Based on what is on the board, you could theoretically see exactly how many combos you need based on the orb enhances, rows, tpas, or whatever is on your team.

My Damage Sheet I Use To Make Calculating Damage Easier

I am definitely not a math expert and rely on spreadsheets to do the math for me.  However, it’s good to understand the basics so you know what to calculate.  There are other mathematical cheat sheets out there such as this one on reddit. Honestly, my head starts to hurt just looking at a page like this because I am more visual.  My spreadsheet helps me to better process the damage calculation, and I hope the idea behind it helps you too.

I have created an excel sheet that helps me to better understand the expected damage output based on your monster’s base attack, how many orb enhance awakenings you have, how many orbs are enhanced on the board, tpas, and more.

I am still working on finding a way to make it easier for other users to access and be able to put in your damage, but you can use this as your own reminder of how damage works.  Below is a test of the damage only Reincarnated Kushinadahime would deal if you were to reach (10 combos, 2 orb enhances in the combo, 3 orb enhance awakenings).  TPAs and 7C awakenings are excluded in the math of this example since they do not apply to Kushinadahime herself.

The math shows as (2281 * 324 * 3.25 * 1.10 * 1.15 = 3,038,394.65).  I have to test this number of combos to see how far off it is.  I will be uploading a video to follow up with more visuals.

Kushinadahime Test

Just as a word of cautious, after discussing with GL1TCH3D the theory of using a sheet such as this, it’s important to note that Gung-Ho rounds even at small combos.  This means that calculating how to get Awoken Ceres down to exactly 1.1% is not possible.  You can, however, use this information to get a rough idea of your damage.

For example, GL1TCH3D and I were testing out Rozuel as a leader on the stream yesterday and we want to see how we could possibly bypass Sopdet in Arena 1 without doing too much damage.  Instead of testing it out via practice and jotting notes down, we did a few calculations based on the spreadsheet and saw what each of our teams would do based on our awakenings.

Because Rozuel has no skyfalls, we were able to be precise.  My team was able to get 1 fire and 1 wood combo and it would do just under 200,000 damage.

For GL1TCH3D, he could not match a wood, so he predicted the combos and orbs that would keep his damage under 200,000.

How Damage is Calculated in Puzzle & Dragons

Here are the essentials when creating a spreadsheet such as this

The base damage includes each card after plusses and assists.  You can find this starting damage right on the card itself in the menu screen.

TPAs (1.5^Number of TPA Awakenings)

Orb Enhances = 1+ (.05* Number of orb enhance awakenings)

Orb Enhances on the board =  1 + (.06* Number of orb enhances in each combo)

Number of Combos = (1 + (0.25* Number of combos minus 1) (Because the first combo doesn’t count damage)

7 Combo Awakenings (2*Number of 7C awakenings)

Rows = 1 + (0.10 * Number of Rows)

Any time you are calculating damage you will want to make sure to calculate based on single cards, and then add up the damage.  Enemies with damage voids and absorbs will only depend upon each single card.  Sopdet absorbs damage over 200,000 so your entire team can do 1,199,999 damage as a whole and be okay.  If any one card does 200,001 damage, she will absorb that exact damage (or double if it is her opposite attribute).

Always test your damage in endless to make sure your math adds up.  This spreadsheet can help to keep damage

Video Wrap Up

To be added.


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2 thoughts on “How to Calculate Damage Per Monster in Puzzle & Dragons (PAD)

  1. Wait so doing one combo with 3 orbs(none enhanced) and one combo 10 orbs(non enhanced) is the same damage(assuming no rows)?

    1. Ahh you’re right I forgot to account for more orbs in a combo. It does add more damage the more orbs. This spreadsheet was geared towards kushinadahime so more orbs in a combo means less combos Overall so it’s not efficient

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