How to Beat King of the Gods

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Let’s look at how to beat Starlight Sanctuary: King of the Gods

We’re going to be using a Crazed King of Purgatory Beeelzebub / Marvelous Red Dragon Caller, Sonia Team.  Other team suggestions are below.

Team Lineup

Crazed King of Purgatory Beeelzebub (+19)

Dark Liege, Vampire Duke (+2)

divine flying general, lu bu (+0)

Banishing Claw Byakko, Haku (+23)

Marvelous Red Dragon Caller, Sonia (+65)

Marvelous Red Dragon Caller, Sonia (+297)


Important Notes

3 teamFor this dungeon, this team does NOT require any max skilled monsters.  The only perk for this is if you get into a bind (no pun intended) you can quickly get your skills back (vampire and Haku have very low cooldowns when they are max skilled)

Half of these monsters are only received from the Rare Egg Machine, but you can certain substitute many monsters for them.  The main idea is to have a Ronia friend (pretty easy to find) and have any orb changers in your team that turn orbs to Dark.  Your main focus will be dark rows and TPA Purple (4 purple orbs).

Why This Team Works

The main reason this team works is because you have so much HP with Beelzebub and you can heal very fast with Ronia’s high RCV for devil boost.  I find Beelzebub very underated.  The fact is, he is a farmable lead that I have used to beat any dungeon a Ronia team can or can’t clear.  High defense monsters like the mythical masks are even easily beaten with his double Two Pronged Attack (TPA) skills.

The Walkthrough

I’m going to give you the play by play on how to beat this dungeon with this team and why it works.

Floors 1-8

These are the monsters you may face.  Important to note you don’t have to run Friday’s daily mythical or Expert dungeon to earn a DubMythlit.  You can run this dungeon on Monday’s for 1.5x drops and you get much more experience out of it.  If you are still struggling on this dungeon, you can beat the other 4 dungeons and still potentially see a Dubmythlit.

encounters for KOG

These encounters will always be random, but consist of some

Floors 8, 9, 10

Here’s where you need to make sure your HP is above 25,487.  Unlike other Zeus boss dungeons, Zeus only has 1 attack (no Lightning of God for 40,000 here)

kog bosses


Begin by choosing the dungeon of course and your Ronia friend.

12 king of the gods 3 team

The next encounters will always be randomized.  If you don’t have max skilled monsters, the key is to stall on the turns you can.  On the second floor here, I see two ogres and can stall a few turns without getting hit, as long as you take them out when the time comes.

4 floor 1 5 floor 1 6 floor 2

A good rule of thumb for clearing these monsters is matching 3 purple orbs and getting a 4-5 combo.  That should beat most monsters in one turn.


7 floor 2 8 floor 3 9 floor 4 10 floor 5

You can see that I’m matching 4 Purple orbs because this activates Beelzebub, which takes out 2 at once.

11 floor 6 12 floor 7

Floor 8: Tiamat

Here’s the first boss, a Tiamat.  With our high HP, he won’t be able to beat us in one hit, and Ronia’s high RCV allows us to recover if he does.  I take him out in 2 turns here.

13 floor 8 14 floor 8

Floor 9: Chaos Devil Dragon

This monster is tricky because of his high attack.  Here’s why a double ronia team can work, but you must defeat him right away if you do.

What I did was activate Haku.  I only got 7 purple orbs, so I could have either chosen a TPA and 3 orbs, or 1 row.  I went with 1 row and took off about 70%.


15 floor 9 16 floor 9

Next, I thought he was done, so I just matched a TPA and red, but little did I see, he had a sliver of health left. Whoops.  He managed to hit me for 24,000, which Beelzebub saved me, but now I have no room for error on Floor 10.  I should have just matched hearts and beat him, but I was confident that I could take out Zeus having saved my skills.  I’ll show you how.

17 floor 9 18 floor 919 floor 9

Floor 10: Zeus

We made it to the big daddy.  I have only used Haku’s skill.  What I can do here is activate Ronia, and see if I have a good board.  The luxury of a second ronia means you can activate the first, not like the board, and try again.  No guarantee you will get something better, but with Lu Bu, you are going to lose in 1 shot if you miss anyway.  Why not have the best board.

Okay, so let’s activate Ronia, then lu bu, then Beelzebub in that order.  Vampire is not needed.

20 floor 10

Not a good board in general, but we can make it work.  Before moving on a Ronia skill, count how many orbs you have less of.  I see 11 red orbs.  A perfect 5 row board would be 15, so I can only make 4 rows.  Since most reds are on the side, I have some work and need to push those up to the second row, but also to the bottom.  My goal here is to get the top row all purple, second row all red, and arrange 5 matching reds anywhere else on the bottom, it doesn’t matter.  This will give me the 4 rows I need and with lu bu and Beelzebub’s enhance, I can clear this in one shot, our goal.

I start with a purple orb on the top left, connect the reds horizontally and then make my way down to match the 5 red orbs at the bottom.  You can see the finished product on the right.  Make sure to visualize it first, grab the correct orb, and replicate it in your own board.  You won’t match the same orbs as me because it’s random, but with that idea, you can make this come together.  This was a pretty uneven board, but I’ve seen it go as low as only giving you 5 red orbs. If this is the case, you might just have to hope to Sky Drops.  That’s where the luck comes into this game, but for the most part, this can defeat Zeus.

21 floor 10 22 floor 10


We have defeated the boss, gotten a treasure chest (he doesn’t drop on this level) and gotten a decent 14k experience.  The loot was low because it wasn’t a high drop day.

23 floor 10 zeus defeated 24 completion

Other Ways to Beat Starlight Sanctuary: King of the Gods

You may have read through this entire article and said, but I don’t have a Red Sonia, Haku, or Beelzebub.  How can us regular guys beat this?  Without this team, this dungeon is hard, but it can be beaten with these ideas in mind.

1. High HP – If you aren’t great at comboing, you need to have a team that can withstand Zeus (the boss).  His attacks are 25487 each turn.  Recommender are Lucifer, Noah, or any Leader with a ton of HP.  Double Noah can reach over 125,000 HP, but the issue is RCV.  Having subs like Echidna, Amaterasu, Ceres, etc will help you delay and heal.

2. Other Spike Teams – You can easily construct a Devil team with a King Baddie (Skill is Attack times 3 for all devils) to take care of this dungeon’s boss.  Bring along an echidna to delay floor 9’s Chaos Devil Dragon.  Athena Also works well with echidna and Izanagi

3. High Multipliers –  Kirin, Umisachi and Yamasachi, and Horus are all great examples of x5 leaders who can clear this dungeon easily.  You just need to have the proper subs to make sure you keep the orbs on the board that you need or a delayer (echidna, Orochi) in case you don’t.

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