The Cosmic Trinity | How to Approach Cthulhu, Nyarlathotep, & Azathoth

Cthulhu, Nyarlathotep, & Azathoth

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The Newest Monsters You Can Get from 3P Cosmic Trinity

The new dungeon Cosmic Trinity is offered in 3 different difficulties (Legend Plus, Mythical Plus, and Annihilation).  In Annihilation you will face 7 floors, each with increasing difficulty and insane enemies.  Sometimes you will get easy spawns, but sometimes you will face alternate versions of monsters such as Another Crusader or Another Justice.

Not only this, but you will face enemies who’s preemptive strike will usually not kill most teams, but in this dungeon they are boosted dramatically.  Goemon now boasts a 73,000 preemptive which can be too hard for even Kushinadahime teams to handle without a shield.  Since you get no stat boost from 3P coop, you are on your own.

A lot of players have been opting for Reincarnated Anubis in these dungeons because the enemies have insane HP, but as long as you hit 9 combos with a skill, Anubis can take down most of them right away.

It’s very varied who you might encounter so feel free to read up on The dungeon itself here.

Let’s take a look at the bosses of the dungeon and see how to potentially handle them, in addition to a mini PAD Spotlight on their uses.

The Lovecraft 3 Player Monster Series (That’s a Dumb Name for a Series)

All of these monsters below are farmable assist monsters.  However, the problem is they each start at 30+ turns to skill up.  This wouldn’t be so bad if the dungeon were easy, or you had a consistent drop.  Farming Demonius is annoying, but at least I know he’s guaranteed to drop at the end.

This reminds me of the days of hunting for a fire Tri-Fruit for Thursday Mythical.  I can’t tell you how many times that stupid blue one dropped when I was trying to max skill my Red Sonia 2 years ago.  I think I’m still a little upset about that.

Regardless, these monsters are crazy good, but like most farmable leaders, useful for a fun challange for higher tier players.  They will be better served as subs or assists once max skilled.  I hope you’ve saved 30 Badpys for the best of the three, Azathoth.

If you need to practice on any of these monsters, try the new multiplayer endless where one of the three will spawn as the boss.  This way you can try for free.

Taking these monsters down is no cakewalk, but hopefully this gives you an idea of what you’re up against.  But first in each section, their stats when they drop.

Cthulhu, the Nightmare Incarnate


HP – 4080

Attack – 2027

RCV – 453

Type – Devil/Dragon


Available Killer Awakenings

Active Skill –  Change Heart, Jammer, Poison & Mortal Poison orbs to Water orbs. Bind recovery for 3 turns.

Leader Skill – All attribute cards ATK x5 when HP is full. ATK x2.5 when HP is less than 99%. ATK x2, RCV x2 when simultaneously clearing 6 connected Water orbs

Skill Up – 3638 Cthulhu

Weighted Stats – 964.40 (what are weighted stats?)

Monster Analysis

Just like his brothers, he is tough to skill up if you want to use him on your teams.  He can be a fun leader to try out, but his stats are what really shine.

Being unbindable, has a bind clear, and changes a lot of orbs to water orbs can be very beneficial as an inherit for teams like Meridionalis.  Unfortunately he doesn’t add too much to a team in terms of awakenings, unless he gets an ultimate someday.

How to Approach in the Dungeon

Total HP – 200,000,000

Cthulhu can be one of the more annoying encounters because of the cloud at the bottom of the screen.  This won’t go away unless you stone, or stall 30 turns.  Because he hits for between 30,000 and 60,000, you may have trouble stalling that out.

If you’re quick, you can check the orbs and base your combos on that.

He also has a 50% resolve so you can’t just spike him down because his 10% kill shot does 3 million damage.  You could always Raphael , board change, Gem stone Princess, and win, except for the fact that he has a 100% hp recovery once below 10%.

You’ll want to calculate your damage to do about 100 million in a few turns and then spike him, another reason people like Reincarnated Anubis.

Nyarlathotep, the Faceless God


HP – 6530

Attack – 1324

RCV – 129

Type – Devil/Dragon


Available Killer Awakenings

Active Skill –  Delay 1 turn to all enemies. Change Heart, Jammer, Poison & Mortal Poison orbs to Wood orbs

Leader Skill – All attribute cards ATK x5 when HP is full. ATK x2.5 when HP is less than 99%. All attribute cards ATK x2, RCV x2 when reaching Wood & Wood combos.

Skill Up –  3640 nyarlathotep

Weighted Stats –  960.80 (what are weighted stats?)

Monster Analysis – 

Again he has a very long way to cooldown and you’ll need a ton of Pys or the consistency to clear this dungeon over and over.

He is an inheritable 1 turn delay and can spam the board with woods, but doesn’t add much to a team besides his massive HP.  His coloring doesn’t really lend him to fit on a devil team where you would benefit from that massive HP boost and make up for his lack of RCV with someone like Persephone or Lucifer.  Even if he were dark attribute, his double TPA is just not that great with his attack starting at 1324 before plusses.

How to Approach in the Dungeon

Total Hp – 300,000,000

Nyarlathotep is one of the more common monsters from what I’ve seen.  I have only had one run that was Cthulhu, and so far no runs with Azathoth.

The preemptive for each Nyarlathotep is a full board bind, but you cannot clear the orbs by moving them like regular dark orbs.  These are the advanced dark orbs.

Because of the nature of 3P coop, you only get 30 seconds each turn.  This means you don’t have enough time to tap each orb to see what they are before you move and plan your moves out.  If you’re the last one standing (like I was one run) then you have all the time you need.

The single best way to get rid of these orbs is with Raphael or Maeda Kaeji.  I can’t confirm that Maeda works first hand, but I did see someone post on Facebook that they said it worked for them.

A second way to deal with the full board blind is to use a bicolor board like Ilm, any sonia, or Sheena.  This will raise the chances that your orbs will be connected when you swipe.

For all my Dathena and Kushinadahime lovers, you may be using Haku for a tricolor board.  This can raise your chances and you can try to use your 30 seconds to see what you have before you start.  Just make sure you start moving an orb before the final second, which will stop the clock.  Simply holding a piece doesn’t stop the clock.

After you deal with the board blind, it’s just a matter of spiking the boss down.  This one doesn’t have a resolve.  If you don’t have a spike, you must have gotten to the boss somehow.

Here is my run taking this monster on in GL1TCH3D’s Stream.  I died along the way, but the team lives on!

If you want a pretty easy victory that will either cost a stone of cost 1 player the chance for the drop and completion of the dungeon, try using Anubis and knocking him below 10%.  He will kill one player with a 3 million hit, which will result in a counterattack from Anubis killing the enemy.  This was the first way I accidentally defeated him annoyance.

Azathoth, the Primal Chaos


HP – 5510

Attack – 1742

RCV – 303

Type – Devil/Dragon


Available Killer Awakenings

Active Skill – Change all orbs to Fire, Water & Wood & Light & Dark & Heart orbs. Bind recovery for 3 turns

Leader Skill – All attribute cards ATK x6 when HP is full. ATK x3 when HP is less than 99%. All attribute cards ATK x2, RCV x2 when attacking with Fire, Water, Wood, Light & Dark orb types at the same time.

Skill Up – 3642 azathoth

Weighted Stats –  1000.40 (what are weighted stats?)

Monster Analysis

This monster is the most coveted of the 3 because he is the first fully farmable dark kali board.  The other two are really just trophys until you get Azathoth. There have been others that were similar with a full board change, but none as powerful as this one.  Not only does he have the exact same skill as Dark Kali (no jammers or poisons like Linthia and Gainaut make) but he also has a 3 turn unbind.  His 7 combo awakening can be very nice if you use him on your team and he has great stats considering his coop stat boost (1.5 to all stats).  It’s essentially a permanent tpa in coop, plus his 2x attack for the 7 combo awakening.

1000.40 weighted stats make him a tremendous value and I can see a lot of people replacing one of their Dark Kalis on their Ra Dragon team.

In terms of Ra Dragon teams, Azathoth makes it so you don’t have to have 4 full board changers from god fests (dark kali and Sherias Roots) or special REMs (lightning and Ichigo) as inherits.   Even if you don’t have any dark kalis but you’re still able to defeat this dungeon, or good enough to get carried, you can use him as a sub as long as you don’t need the fire for Ra Dragon’s full color coverage that Dark Kali provides.

Sure you want him max skilled, but having a 37 turn cooldown inherited on your Kali means you will never be skill delayed.  Ever.  For me, I’ll be happy I can put my second Dark Kali back in the secondary spot once I get this sucker.

How to Approach in the Dungeon

Total HP – 500,000,000

Easily the most annoying of the three, but from what I’ve seen the rarest.  Ironically enough, he is the best one to drop for all rainbow teams.

First of all, he has 500,000,000 HP and absorbs single hits over 30,000 for 999 turns.  In the video below you’ll see YuriPAD stall those 999 turns.  This isn’t too bad since he doesn’t have very large hits above 70%.  They are all in the neighborhood of 40,000 damage.

Because he is immune to hits and doesn’t absorb them, you won’t be able to use Fujin or Hiko in this one.

If you decide you want to take him on quicker, you’ll need to calculate your damage so it is less than 30 million per card, and you’ll need to constantly survive hits of over 40,000.  This means you’ll want a ton of dark resists, or a ton of shields inherited (like Indra).  Since a lot of Anubis teams have been taking this dungeon on, he seems like a good candidate for dishing out tons of damage.  With your shield in hand, 9 combos with a skill and 3 dark combos should keep you just under 30 million.

This should do nicely:

anubis azathoth

Remember every team is different so you might want to check your damage in endless first.

I have yet to see him myself so I haven’t decided whether or not to stall 999 turns.

Here’s an awesome video of YuriPAD clearing all three solo with Meridionalis.


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