How Should You Spend Your Stones in Puzzle & Dragons

how to spend stones in pad

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What should You Use Stones on If You’re New to Puzzle & Dragons

When you first start out playing Puzzle & Dragons, you may have a team that looks like this:

new player box

And that’s okay!  Not every box is created equal which is the beauty of this game.

The team above was sent to my discord by a player who is starting out.   What pops out to me is the amazing cards that could be leaders (Balboa (4th card from the left and Acala 5th card from the left).  However, these cards need specific subs to be able to reach their highest potential.

What you should spent your stones on and when is what a lot of people ask me.  “Is this a good Godfest?” “Should I pull in that special collab?”  I think the best answer to both of these questions is, it depends on what you need.

If this is your team, you will want to spend most of your stones on Godfest rolls, but not just any rolls.  

1. Roll in the Rare Egg Machine (REM) During Godfests

While you never know which card you will get, rolling in the Rare Egg Machine is always the best bet.  You may not think so after a few silver eggs pop out, but now is a better time than ever to roll during Godfests.  These events feature times 4 and even times 5 rates for God Fest Exclusive Monsters.

God Fest Exclusives from PADx

These gods will dramatically improve your teams no matter where you are in the game, but they especially help newer players take a giant leap forward. Some top tier teams require many of them to have optimal set ups.  Take Ultimate Ra Dragon for example who needs three 6 star God Fest Exclusives to reach maximum potential (Dark Kali, Dark Kali, Kanna) as well as a Egyptian Pantheon God Isis.  You can of course have a sub optimal team and still use Ultimate Ra Dragon, but you won’t be able to have as consistent clears of the toughest content out there.

If you are using cards like Gigas or Yamatsumi on your team, you may be able to use them and defeat dungeons, but you should continue using almost all of your stones to roll in a God fest.  Ideally, you’d want to roll in a Godfest that has a Gala that matches the team color you’re working on.  Take the team we were talking about above; it would be beneficial to have cards like Sylvie, Green Sonia, Verdandi, or Mitsunari to add components like full board changes and haste to your arsenal.  Skills like these will dramatically help your team to defeat more dungeons.  Not only will your skills be more useful, but you will have more HP, higher attack, and arguably better RCV depending on who you add.

Rolling Outside Godfest is a No No

Honestly, if you get bad pulls these days, just remember Golems, ToyDragons, and mystic knights (all farmable now and back then) used to flood the Rare Egg Machine.  Your odds of pulling something amazing are significantly higher nowadays, and I have been pulling more 6 stars than ever with the 4x and 5x rates.

That being said, make sure to roll within Godfest events, and more specifically, during the Gala that you need!  Since the team above would significantly improve with wood cards, roll during a Godfest that coincides with a wood gala.  Reach for the stars of PAD and if you don’t reach them, you may end up with great subs anyway.

2. Spend Stones to Restore Stamina to Max Level Your Monsters

When I first got Isis 2 years ago, I wanted to use her Blue/Light ultimate so badly.  I was at the point where I couldn’t go any further because my best leader was doing x3 damage.  I couldn’t beat Friday Mythical, which had just been changed from a monthly dungeon that appeared only during events (which were less frequent back then) to a dungeon available every friday.  When I finally got the Angelit from Friday Mythical (which took many many attempts and some stones) I needed to level up my Isis.

If you are patient, you can use natural stamina which fills up by 1 every 3 minutes, and play the newly introduced daily metal dragon dungeons.  However, if you are using a team that has all level 30 cards and you’re struggling to beat a dungeon on legend difficulty, having a higher level for your cards would be a huge benefit.  Making sure to run Sapphire Dragons in the hour that it came around to get an experience boost for my Isis, I stoned a few times to get her maxed.  I found my ability to defeat more dungeons dramatically increased as I maxed out my team, and because I did it quickly with just a few stones, I felt more confident.  Because we get so many free stones from events, it’s not a bad idea to put a few towards finishing your main team’s levels.

3. Spending Stones to Restore Stamina on Skill up Dungeons

The second factor that will dramatically increase your chances of clearing a dungeon would be skills.  There have been many times I lost a dungeon because I was 1-3 turns away from a certain skill.  Max skilling your monsters will allow you to get more supportive actions to benefit your team.  Always make sure your actives on your team contribute to helping activate your leader skill (such as Light Kali as a sub for Reincarnated Ra).  

Now that King Tans are available (more on how King Tans work here) it is easier than ever to max skill monsters with farmable skill ups.  Many of the God Fest Exclusive cards you pull can be skilled up with spirit jewels and mythical level monsters in daily dungeons.  You don’t even have to defeat these dungeons if you are newer to get these either as the Evo Pal Egg Machine will allow you to get these skill up materials without even entering Friday Mythical.

Skilling up monsters will definitely take your game to the next level.

4. Add New Friends

Add as many people as possible.  I think it’s worth it to use stones to increase friend space because many people are running dungeons at many times and you can always jump in provided you have a proper team.

In many cases, all you need are cards with skill boosts (1-2 on each card is usually all you need) and you can enter a room where someone is just looking for a partner.

For example, my alternate account only has a few aspects of a button team, but I could pair it with my main and not have to use a single turn.  In this video, I create a Tamadra dungeon with my alternate, which only has a few parts of a goemon team, and let my main do most of the work.   Some people button dungeons completely with 5 awoken ra cards, and you could enter the dungeon with a flamie as your leader, take no action, and win the dungeon.  Both players benefit from half stamina and sometimes the other party member was just looking for someone to join because he or she clearly had a team that could easily win, regardless of their partner’s skill.

You can also see more people running guerilla dungeons that will benefit your teams.  Imagine being able to play STTD for 5 straight hours because you are time slot A, and you have 4 friends who are B, C, D, then E.  with enough stones, or even natural stamina you can jump into a bunch of those runs and get more runs in quickly.

5. Add Box Space (As Necessary)

In general, you don’t have to have increase box space that often if you aren’t pulling a thousand times in Godfest.  I find that Godfest is the primary reason I increase my space just because I have more things to fit into it.

If you aren’t spending a lot to pull and you are patient, you can get by with just a few hundred slots for your monsters.  When you’re just starting out, you probably won’t need to keep more than 100 slots if you manage your cards efficiently.  Knowing what to keep and what to sell is an important aspect of the game.

In general with evo materials, I like to keep no more than 5.  If you have low box space, you can keep this to 3 each (red keepers, dubtopalits, etc).  The reason I keep so many is so that I don’t need to keep farming Friday, or waiting for it to come back, just to get a dub mythlit.

In general with farmable monsters leaders like Hephaestus or Grimoire, I keep 2-3, you can keep 1 if you are just starting out, in case it’s needed for an ultimate evolution.

In general with jewels and tamadras, I like to keep 5-10, but you can keep 2-3 to start off.

With all of this in mind, you shouldn’t need too much box space if you don’t have the stones, but as your box grows in mass, you will want to keep adding so you have to spend less stamina replaying certain dungeons, especially if they come around very rarely (like certain descend bosses)

6. Spending Stones to Restore Stamina for Plusses

If you’re new, plusses should be the last thing you worry about.  If you don’t have all of your cards max skilled or level, plusses will make no difference at all in your game play.  It’s easier to get them, but if you can’t defeat star treasure thieves den without using a stone, don’t spend stones trying to play it over and over because the plusses will not make a difference.

If you have everything else in this list, then Star Treasure Thieves Den is the best possible place to spend your stamina!

If there is anything else you’d like to add to this list, please let me know in the comments!

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