How Co-op Works in Puzzle and Dragons

how coop dungeons work in pad

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What are Coop Dungeons in PAD?

Co-op, if you haven’t been excited for it to come to North America like myself and thousands of other NA players have been, is the next level version of Puzzle and Dragons.  Many people got nervous that because dungeons are getting tougher, but still defeated by higher tier players (Ultimate Arena) that there is nothing new to play.  Co-op has turned that on its head and brought in a really huge element to the game that only existed through the use of another friend.  Now you can not only play with that friend as a leader, but you can tag team a new set of dungeons together.

If you are a lower level player, you can learn from higher level players because it shows the orbs move.  I played with Puzzle Boss and was able to see him match orbs as I was thinking of what to match myself.  This helps lower players learn more about how higher players match (besides watching my streams and other great PADers out there).

Something that has worked great for me is Skyping with people I play with.  This way, if they have lesser skills than myself, I can coach them through the dungeon.  Some dungeons I have played so many times that I memorize what the enemy will do (do you do the same?) and this helps me to know what’s coming and advise my partner what to aim for.

How Co-Op Works

If you don’t want to read, check out my video below, but thanks to my recent comments, I have added more to the story in writing below.

In Co-op dungeons, there are a few things to consider.

– Each player gets one turn and matches one move worth of orbs.  Whatever they match will be their turn and whether they defeat the enemy or not, the turn is then passed to their partner
– The total HP of the teams will be combined into one and will be added together
– Skills that charge player skills only charge the team who used the skills
– Your partners turn does not charge your skills.  If you have 10 turns until Haku is ready to be used after you match, and then your partner matches orbs, Haku will still be at 10 turns.

What Dungeons Can You Play?

The dungeons that you can select from are similar to the old Alternate coin dungeons in difficulty, but the stamina cost now is 25 for all alternates, regardless of being the last level or not. The dungeons you can choose from are:

Difficulty: Annihilation
Mecha Hera – All I can say about this dungeon is WTF.  The best run I’ve heard about was 4 stones from the perfect Ra Dragon team.  I beat this dungeon with Two Measly Gamers for probably about 30 stones.  Ridiculous right?

Mythical Plus and Legend Plus (Start at Level 1)

These dungeons have new difficulties in Mythical Plus which makes the monsters a little stronger, and have more levels.  For example, God Rush – Mythical Plus features Elia.  As long as you can defeat the dungeon, you don’t have to wait for Angel & Reaper events (going on now) to farm and skill up Elia.  Pretty great if you need an awesome sub for Awoken Sakuya.
Linthia (New!)

Zaerog Infinity

Yamato Rush
Dragon Realm Rush

Devil Rush
Hera Rush
God Rush


Alternate Dungeons (25 Stamina Cost for All)

Alt Talos’s Abyss – No Dupes

Alt. Aither Desert – No Dupes

Alt. Hemera Volcanic Belt – No Dupes

Alt. Creek of Neleus – No Dupes

Alt. Hypno Forest – No Dupes

Alt. Temple of Trailokya – No Dupes

Alt. Shrine of Blazing Woods – No Dupes

Alt. Shrine of Liquid Flame – No Dupes

Alt. Shrine of Green Water – No Dupes

Alt. Castle of Satan in Abyss – No Dupes

New Year Dungeon (Next 2 weeks only)


Methods to find Co-Op Partners

1. Facebook group

My favorite option to find people is through Facebook.  I run through this in the video above, but essentially, you just need to upload a picture of your team and ID (as well as other option teams to get more people’s attention) and wait.  I literally waited 2 minutes in my video (off camera) and had a partner.  Better yet, you can friend them afterwards and if you like the way they play, you found a new friend in the game!

Here’s the Facebook Co-Op Group

2. Line

If you haven’t heard of Line, it is essentially Facebook Messenger, but with awesome Stickers!  Tons of people in the PAD community use it and have separate groups with hundreds of people.  Think of it like a Facebook Group in your back pocket (yes I know Facebook is mobile too, but this is easier and you can choose who is in each group)

Mosblu referred me to an awesome Line group if you follow the URL below. There are tons more out there, but this is one that you can use to take on these Co-op Dungeons as a team!

3. Padx

Padx is an awesome website/forum that has just about all the dungeon and monster information out there.  Made by a few awesome guys and run from ad revenue, Padx has also added a new way to find co-op partners.  Simply follow this URL for co-op dungeons to find partners quickly.

The match ups go quick as there are tons of people looking to play at any given moment, but feel free to post your own and within minutes someone will join your room.

Hope you enjoy the new dungeons and version of Puzzle & Dragons!

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