Heroine REM Second Look After Rolling

Heroine REM Second Look After Rolling

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A Second Look at the Heroine REM After my 5 Rolls

You may have read my previous post about the Heroine Rare Egg Machine.  I won’t go back on my initial thoughts on the question, “should you roll?”  I still think the answer is an astounding yes, despite reading many articles that told people not to roll.  I believe that there are enough mechanic changes that warrant anyone to roll in this REM, regardless of your skill level or where you are in the game.

I think that in general there is too much emphasis on having the perfect team.  I’m not perfect in my team compositions and box reviews (put in a request for yours here) but I do my best to analyze each player’s box situation when analyzing if someone should or should not roll.  This REM helps players starting out and introduces more people to the 7×6 board as more people have an opportunity to roll a card that has this ability, or pair with a friend who was lucky enough to pull one (as you only need one leader to have this skill to make the entire board 7×6.

What I do think this REM offers is unique, even if not brand new, mechanics that shine a new light onto Puzzle & Dragons.  Whether or not you plan to roll a few times, or spend hundreds of dollars rolling, I think you’ll be pleased with the pulls you have from this REM as they will keep the game fresh and exciting.

Newish Mechanics in the REM

In regards to the Heroine REM, I still believe the mechanic changes bring a new perspective to new players who may be struggling, or older players who are getting bored with the game.  While I am in neither camp because I still love this game as much as I did 2 years ago, I was excited as hell to pull this REM and you should be too.  Crack open those Christmas itunes cards and get ready to pull.

7×6 Boards

The Heroine REM brings the third set of cards in NA that can change the entire board to a 7×6 board, no matter what dungeon you enter.  Aten and Tifa were the first who came around.  Many players who observe the JP scene knew that the Heroine REM was coming and didn’t whale in previous fests or the Final Fantasy Collab just for the 7×6 gimmick.

I believe that the 7×6 board was one of the biggest game changing mechanics (the biggest being the heart cross meta, which none of the Heroine cards have).  The reason is that the 7×6 board brings out so many options for all players.  As always, my methods in the game and my advice goes towards newer players, which is why I do box reviews in the first place, but I believe that the 7×6 board allows more skyfalls and an easier activation for combo based leads like Reincarnated Anubis.  There are a possible 14 combos in a 7×6 board so you don’t have to be perfect to activate Anubis anymore.

While Anubis has a badass multiplier of 900x, he’s still not the strongest in the game anymore (because of rows and the sheer power of some cross leads like Aizen).  That being said, pairing Reincarnated Anubis with Aten for a 7×6 board allows for an ease of activation, but you will be cutting your multiplier down to 150x for the ease of activation.

2 Turn Combo Boost

Meridionalis is the only card in the REM, and one of only a select few in JP and NA who can boost your combos by 2 (Khepri can also do this and is farmable).  If only her active didn’t turn dark and heals into waters, she would be great to help extend Acala’s combo count against annoying enemies like Zeus and Hera or even Machine Zeus.  However, she is not meant to be a skill inheritance as she is an amazing farmable leader who can crush dungeons quickly.

No Less Than 4 Orb Combos

For me, I am extremely excited to use Barbara for this reason.  I was unable to pull Noctis from the Final Fantasy Collab who has the same gimmick, but I really enjoyed his playstyle from the Final Fantasy Ranking Tournament and wish I had pulled a card with this mechanic.  The closest I could have gotten would have been Khepri who is unable to remove orbs of less than 5, but I haven’t farmed her just yet.  Perhaps I will now that King Tans have come around and it will be much easier to max skill her.

Barbara is unable to match combos of 3 orbs, which takes some getting used to and minimizes lucky skyfalls, but I believe damage control and damage obliteration are both achievable with her, in addition to tankiness.

Barbara also brings the first card in NA to have 2x stat boosts for Attack, HP, AND RCV, being the NA equivalent of Kinnikuman in JP that we may never see.

No Skyfalls

For me, the reason I love Acala so much is because she has no Skyfalls.  When running Arena 1 for Pys, the biggest issue I had (as well as many players out there) was controlling damage on enemies like Sopdet.  She is so annoying and I can’t count the number of times I accidentally had 10 extra skyfalls when I was one turn away from defeating her.  Meridionalis allows for this mechanic so you can control your damage on enemies like Sopdet, or anyone in general.

The main reason higher caliber players love the no skyfalls aspect is for farming through tough dungeons quicker.  With Toshiro as a sub (the water equivalent of Zeus Dios from the BLEACH Collab) you can effectively make a very expensive version of Awoken Liu Bei with a dios farming team, but faster in dungeon clearing speed.  With the tap of a button, this team can do 6 million damage or higher for each card.  The difference between the two (besides that Zeus Dios is completely farmable) is the no skyfalls aspect which allows you to swipe and move on to the next floor immediately.  Any skyfalls that came after Zeus Dios’ active skill were never required anyway, so they are just for extra damage to see how high you can go for each character.  I can see high caliber players using Meridionalis to farm Special Descended Rush for skill delay resist latent Tamadras (in fact I will be working towards this myself).

Who I Pulled and How Much I Spent

I was very lucky in this special Rare Egg Machine Event.  The only pull I really wanted going in was Barbara, because I love the idea of boosting all stats by 2.  Meridionalis was a card that I knew many high paying players (whales) wanted to improve the efficiency of their farming.  With less animations, Meridionalis allows the player to go through dungeons quicker.  Not to mention she does up to times 10 for each leader and has 10 rows if you pair her with herself automatically.  With just a few taps of a button you can do millions of damage per card and not worry about an animation slowing down your guerilla runs.  This allows more dungeons to be fit in per hour that each dungeon comes around.  I anticipate we will see more people using her to farm Star Treasure Thieves Den for plusses and many more dungeons (instead of Awoken Liu Bae).

heroine pulls

In addition to Barbara and Meridionalis, I pulled Sheena (a full board changer for two colors, one of a select few who include light in this fashion) Kuvia (4 TPAs) and Mito (Gung-Ho can’t go a Godfest Exclusive REM without a Light Metatron equivalent).  I was very happy with these pulls as I avoided Mel, the weakest in the REM, and pulled 2 6 star Heroines.  Of course I would have liked another image of Eschamali in Elgenubi, or also Ilmina, but I am not willing to spend money on the event at this time in my life (awaiting fresh job opportunities).

One reason I didn’t have a strong need for Ilmina is because I already have Kenshin, who in my opinion is the best leader to pair with Ilmina for regular play.  Kenshin always lacked two things for me, higher HP (fixed with Acala) and a 7×6 board to get multiple crosses (up to 5, fixed by Ilmina).  The fact that I can start using Kenshin more now is extremely appealing to me and I will be doing so on my Twitch streams and YouTube (click that link on the top right to subscribe).

How Much Should You Spend and Should You Wait To Pull?

How much you spend is always up to you.  With any REM, I feel you should have a card, or a few, in mind when you pull.  It sounds strange, but when I visualize what I want, I have been pretty lucky (I yolo rolled Aten last Godfest just by thinking of him).  Yes this is superstitious, but all gambling is.  However, I do not believe you should roll until you get the card you want, unless you know going in how much you desire to spend beforehand so you should always set a limit even if you don’t get what you want.

For me, I wanted Barbara, but was only going to spend up to 5 rolls (including my free one) and I was lucky I got her.  Had I pulled Ilmina my first pull, I probably would have done a few more anyway since so many cards are appealing to me in this REM.  If you are looking for Ilmina, you may need to go into this REM knowing you might not pull her since she is 7 stars, however you can always look for friends who were lucky to pull her and pair your best leads up with her to make use of her.  I don’t think she pairs best with herself anyway, and the same goes for most of the cards in this REM as well if you even use them as a leader.

There has been speculation that cards in this REM will get buffs in the Japanese Stream on the 19th of February.  The event and timing of this should allow players the chance to pull after watching the stream and seeing what buffs Japan gets.  Even though not all cards come to NA, just about every buff I know of has come to NA.  For this reason, things could change for all players if the REM cards get game breaking abilities added.  There aren’t any cards with a heart cross or combo damage reduction skill set just yet, and if they come to this REM (even for the weaker cards) then it could be worth it to open your wallet if you so choose.  There may also be new cards introduced and there has been a rumor we will get this REM back later anyway so it isn’t like this is a once in a lifetime REM that you have to get now or never.

Deeper look at what it brings for Machine Types

To me, the biggest draw was the machine typing card of Barbara.  Of course I know that Ilmina brings a lot to the idea of ranking dungeons (think the casino type teams I talked about in this article on the Wadatsumi ranking dungeon) and Meridionalis is a great lead for farming tougher descends more easily and quickly, but I love the aspects Barbara brings and I look forward to playing her as a lead.

The biggest part of PAD in the current meta is surviving big hits and I think this fact needs to be stressed more in the community.  I think if it was understood more, then more people would have been excited when Acala and Krishna came out.  While a lot of people use them, I think their play styles are more fun than Myr for end game content as they can both take on Arena 3.  For me, I barely play Myr, but I understand her playstyle is strong enough for any dungeon (so far I am 2/2 for Arena 3 runs with her, but haven’t run it more often than that).

I was very disappointed when Machine types were first introduced because, like the Jammer Meta, they never really got the subs needed.  Cards like Ragnarok Dragon or Eschamali are amazing, but not because they are machine types.  Up until Barbara, I couldn’t think of a single leader that entered the Meta, which is durability while still doing millions of damage for each card.  Cards that can survive big hits, heal up, and pack a punch are the best in the game and barbara brings 4/49/4, which is as durable as Myr and doesn’t require a heart cross, but does require that you get more than 4 orbs in a single match.

At this time, I believe I have a starting team that I am going to be trying out on my Twitch Streams below:

barbara heroine REM

This team is appealing to me for the 4 times HP, Skyfalls, 100% Skill Bind Resistance, Bind Clearage, Orb Enhances (9) and killers galore.  There are enough skill boosts when I am ready to have my actives up right away also.  I do need to work on max skilling a few cards, but in theory this team can pack a punch and take advantage of my machines I’ve been holding onto “for when more machine types come out.”  This is also an REM heavy team as it has 3 6 star GodFest Exclusives (if you count Barbara who is the female version of Baldin) but I am excited to try it out.  The main drawback I see is the lack of time extends which is why I have the time extend by 2 seconds badge on.  I am sure I will be tweaking this team (possibly with Kuvia or another big TPA card), but you will see my journey for it on my Twitch streams and I will update them here also.

Barbara will also make a fantastic sub on many teams that have dragons and machines, but main dark or fire.  Here is an example of Barbara (provided by user Tacho on my discord) helping the team clear 11 million damage on a ninegaruda team, who is totally farmable.  If you have Reincarnated Minerva, you can clear Legendary Remains easily (as seen in my video here)

barbara ninegaruda

What the Heroine REM Means for Ranking Dungeons

I believe that with the introduction of Ilmina, you have a full board changer who can rock ranking dungeons casino style (using her skill and swiping, hoping for high combos) but you also have a lazer for predras.  Ilmina would have been better than Tifa in the Wadatsumi Ranking Dungeon, but she was unavailable.  I have heard Japan is trying to make cheese teams like Dios and Casino teams unusable for crowns, but as long as there are high end players like Tevvie who theory craft the hell out of this game, I believe they will continue to use the resources available to find new team compositions that break well above the pack for crowning.

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