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ultimate hera rush

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How to Beat Queen’s Banquet – Hera Rush

The team I used was a double Awoken Ra team as well as:





This team revolves around highly skilled monsters that can activate quickly.  Having an unbindable blue means you get an extra turn on the first level if you mess up or want to charge your skills.  You also need someone with a damage reduction skill for floor 6.  I prefer kushinadahime because she has skill boosts and an auto heal ability.

2015-09-15 15.41.50

Floor 1 – Hera Ur

Hera Ur begins by preventing delay attacks.  Her second move will be to bind all Blue attributes.

2015-09-15 15.42.08

With Neptune I was able to stall an extra turn.  I don’t have as much skill boosts without my Green Odin.  With a full board, I’m ready to take her our using Beelzebub, since it recharges quick and It’s not a complex board to match all 5 colors.

2015-09-15 15.42.50

2015-09-15 15.43.192015-09-15 15.43.22

Floor 2 – Hera Is

For Hera Is, I need to take her out in one shot so I use Awoken Ra.  You don’t want to take any chances on Hera Is as she can one shot this team, and you need to save Kushinadahime for the boss.

2015-09-15 15.43.37

2015-09-15 15.44.19

Floor 3 – Hera or Extreme Metal Dragon

This stage I was lucky enough to encounter Hera and not the fat Dragon.  In either case, I need to waste a move  to get all the orbs I need.

2015-09-15 15.44.43

Now we’re ready to take her out with Ra after charging one turn.

2015-09-15 15.45.07

2015-09-15 15.45.25

Sweet!  a Plus Egg!

2015-09-15 15.45.29

Floor 4 – Hera Beorc

Here’s the annoying dungeon, Hera Beorc.  She absorbs my attacks for 10 turns.  I stall when I don’t have hearts by using Kushinadahime, but making sure that I do that early since I need Kushinadahime for Floor 5.  When I run out of Hearts to stall again, I use Echidna to get her low enough.  When ready, all skills except Echidna should be ready before taking her out in one shot.

2015-09-15 15.45.35

2015-09-15 15.45.55

2015-09-15 15.48.58

2015-09-15 15.49.41

Floor 5 – Hera Sowillo

I can stall on this floor, but once I have enough orbs and a high combo amount, I need to use my Kushinada and possibly my Ra.  In this case I use both to make sure I don’t waste the Kushinadahime or it will cost a stone.

2015-09-15 15.51.16

2015-09-15 15.51.49

With an easy board I’m able to achieve a 9 combo and beat her in one shot.

2015-09-15 15.52.34

Floor 6 – Divine Queen Hera

Super Hera’s pre emptive is prevented with Kushinadahime.  This attack will take off 31,000 if you do not have a damage reducer, so be advised.  After this, I delay with Echidna.

2015-09-15 15.52.42

And when I have enough orbs, I use my Neptune for 1.5 attack and defeat her in one shot!

2015-09-15 15.53.28

2015-09-15 15.53.53

Another Plus Egg!

2015-09-15 15.53.56

There you have it, Ultimate Hera Rush defeated on Legend Plus difficulty!

2015-09-15 15.54.03







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