Fenrir Vs Xiang Mei of the Gentleman Series

fenrir vs xiang mei pad

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It’s been awhile since I posted since I’ve been concentrating on adding content to my YouTube just about daily, sometimes with videos out twice a day.  It’s been a lot of fun and I’ve learned more about video production, but I also wanted to focus on written content as there are a ton of updates coming out.

The topic today comes from a Facebook post written by Jay Ko who defends Fenrir.  My goal is to paint both sides of the equation in further depth that Jay did.

jay Ko

The debate between Fenrir and Xiang Mei

The main debate that Jay brings up is that each of these cards requires 9 orbs to be matched for an attribute that will do 0 damage.  However, most of the community seems to have forgotten Fenrir or said he is useless because of jammers, but many people still say Xiang Mei is a much superior sub.



Fenrir is one of the more unique monsters to come to the game in the past year.  When he first came out, I was sure of myself they boosted the rates just for him because I pulled him and everyone I knew did as well.  He is an awesome card for many reasons.


  1. His jammer meta is unique and fun to play
  2. God Killer
  3. Quick cool down for his skill
  4. Can reach a multiplier of 625 when paired with himself.
  5. Jammer skyfall to improve his leader skill chances to be used
  6. Can activate 10X multiplier with half of his leader skill, which is still a big attack
  7. Has many non REM/farmable subs


  1. Many of his subs are not available in NA
  2. Lacks a ton of HP for current Meta
  3. Need specific cards that create jammers.
  4. Requires a very precise board even from Gainaut, who can in theory activate most of his leaderskill

Here is an example of my future Fenrir team, which will include Ultimecia from the Final Fantasy 2 Collab in the future (she  changes hearts to Jammers).  Since RCV is an issue for this team, I believe someone like Kushinada will help with that, plus she has a strong damage reduction skill for hard hitters.

example fenrir team pad

Of course, for Fenrir to work properly, he requires 9 jammers which take up a lot of space on the board, require you to have cards that make jammers in the first place.  This means that Fenrir cannot be fully utilized from only farmable subs at the moment.  A lot of the cards that can be used are from the mechanical star 2 series which requires pulling the REM and hoping for the best subs.

That being said, Fenrir’s damage output is tremendous.  Even though he is missing a bulk of his damage with colors not being matched, he is still capable of outputting x625 damage, plus God Killer which can in theory one shot Kali in Ultimate Arena.  To me, this is very appealing, but his consistency makes him tough to use.

You almost have to trigger the jammer portion of his leader skill every time to be able to last through ultimate arena.  This is tough to do and stalling is much harder since he doesn’t have an HP booster.  I wonder if a card will be added in the future that improves HP and RCV, and gives an attack boost to matching jammers.  This would create a similar team comparable to Thor + Saria or Ryune +Idunna and Idunn.

Xiang Mei

Xiang Mei

Xiang Mei has yet to come to North America, but she is much anticipated and has seen a huge hype from the community.  For good reason since she brings a whole lot to the table.  Her leader skill boosts healer’s HP by 1.5, and gives up to a 9 attack multiplier for matching up to 9 heart orbs.  This is the same as Fenrir except the orb she matches does something important (heals your high HP and keeps it high)


  1. Her active skill will automatically trigger most of her multiplier with ease
  2. HP multiplier with insane attack output
  3. Attacker Killer awakening
  4. Can be purchased and doesn’t rely on luck by actually obtaining her
  5. Can purchase one of her most valuable subs, herself



  1. Requires heavy REM subs (2 gadius, 2 Uriel)
  2. There isn’t much variety to subs that can be used
  3. If you don’t have 2 Gadius and 2 Uriels (like me) one of the most optimal subs would be herself costing 300,000 MP

Which Should You Use If You Have Both?

Matching the actual orbs that do damage is much easier for Xiang Mei.  For Fenrir users, Fenrir does no extra damage from matching jammers so you will still need to match hearts (for the most part) after matching the non attacking orb.  Xiang Mei users can focus more on matching TPAs and Rows, or anything in general, other than hearts after matching the 9 hearts.

Fenrir also has much lower HP which means you may need to bring a damage reducer like Kushinadahime or Indra to survive attacks like DQ Hera.

In the end I would choose Xiang Mei in a long dungeon like Ultimate Arena because she has the ability to stall while Fenrir users for the most part must go all in and attack so as not to be attacked back.  The RCV is very pitiful for the most part with subs we have available.  However, there is no denying that with only half of Fenrir’s leader skill, his attack is far superior to Xiang Mei, and even Anubis, without requiring nearly as much.

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