Farming Plus Eggs in 10x Descends | A Non IAP Guide

plus farming

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Farming 10x Descends for Plus Eggs

This week, 10x descends finally came to North America for Puzzle & Dragons!  It is very exciting as we now have a great way to get +297 monsters very easily.  Anyone who IAPs (In app purchases) is rejoicing and posting on forums about how they now have 15 or more 297 monsters in a matter of a few days.  I have never been under the impression that you need to purchase a ton of magic stones to be good at this game.  Luck is involved whether you spend $5 or $5000 (yes people spend that much or more in a quarter, I’ve seen some receipts).

However, I’m here to tell you that it’s possible to farm 10x Descends without spending much, or anything, on stones.  The picture below shows 24 stones, all of which I have not purchased.  I am not completely non IAP, but I haven’t purchased a stone since Halloween.

Update 1-29-16: 5X Descends

During the event starting tomorrow, there will be 5X chance for +eggs to drop in descends.  While this isn’t as glorious as 10x, which guarantees a +drop, it is still an awesome opportunity to advance your plus materials.  If you are new to the game and can’t defeat descends, I recommend waiting anyway.  Plusses really only make a difference in end game dungeons (like Ultimate Arena or Land of the Rising Sun, stupid Goemon!) but plusses can still be good to begin acquiring now, if you can defeat these dungeons.

Update 4-7-16: Tengu vs. Hera Sowilo on 1.5 drop

It is hotly contested whether Hera Sowilo or Tengu is better, but the goal is to get the most plus eggs the quickest you can. I always believe it is possible to do so without spending money on the game and I have been able to get 3 297s this week so far without purchasing. I am only using the stones that have been given from Gungho and also from defeating Co-op dungeons.

Below is a video showing how quick I can run Tengu on MASTER (not legend) in the coin dungeon, without a button team. I love using my Yomidra as it is very quick and there’s a very low risk in most farming dungeons.

As for which dungeon is better, the only difference is the experience. If you don’t care about experience, tengu is faster and more efficient, but gives a much lower amount of experience. It depends on your rank and how close you are to ranking up. I had 40,000 to rank up this morning and was able to get in 6 runs of Tengu before heading to work. So there’s that factor to save experience and maximize my play throughout the day.

Check out Mantastic’s guide on the math of the best Plus dungeons out there.

How others Farm Plusses During 10x Descends

Many of the best dungeons and quickest runs (I’ve seen someone run Goemon and Zeus in less than 1 minute) are:

Zeus Descended

The Thief Descended

The Goddess Descended


What many others are doing is farming Goemon in one minute after purchasing it in the coin dungeons.  Then they defeat it with a strong button team (something like Goemon, Rodin, Rodin, Rodin, Tengu, Goemon) and rinse and repeat.


If you are non IAP (Do not pay money for the game) try these dungeons


Hera Sowilo

Zeus Mercury

You get the most bang for your buck for these dungeons.  While they are definitely hard, they are the best to take on.  They give tons of experience and you can possibly get 5 plusses a run for 5x or 10x descends.

Check out this video below for a runthrough of Kanetsugu


What I Recommend for Zeus Mercury

While this works, you will be spending 100 stones a day to get your 297s.  What about people like me who want to have just a few 297s, take advantage of 10x descends, and rank up.  That’s right, the key to maximizing time is to manage your stamina to rank up.  On a stream yesterday, I was able to play for almost 3 hours constantly, use one stone, and get over 60 Plusses (I started keeping track late and didn’t know how many I had.

60 Plusses in almost 3 hours seems bad and low compared to IAP players, but remember I only spent 1 stone.  The first thing I did was take advantage of the Experience boost from the Tamadra Dungeon.  The second major factor right now is the 30-40k experience boost for running Zeus Mercury.  The only issue is this can be a tough dungeon so you need to know the pitfalls, which I will go through below.

My cards are all max skilled, but there are a lot of early floors you can stall on if you don’t have them ready.

You too can get plusses like this during 10x Decends!

plus farming

What Team Should you Use for Zeus Mercury Descended

The best team and quickest team to use would be mostly greens (verdandi and Bastet) with a sub who is unbindable and unbinds your team (Awoken Isis, Awoken Sakuya, Light Metatron, etc.)  But I love using my Awoken Sakuya

My team consists of:

Awoken Sakuya (can replace with a high damage multiplier)

Halloween Kali (any full board replacement works for annoying jammers)

Dark Izanami (any high autoheal or damage reducer works)

Chibi Valkyrie (any high TPA to maximize your damage output)

Awoken Ra (any defense breaker)

Awoken Sakuya

Below are screenshots of my run, try to match the best combos in the board and see if you see something better than I ended up playing.  I took screenshots of my combos and damage output.

3 hypermax

I am taking advantage of the Zeus Challenge version of God of the Seaways.  The 10x Descend still applies.

zeus mercury challenge awoken sakuya team zeus

Floor 1 Midgard

This guy mostly stalls, but his third turn he takes off about 15,000.  Your team should have more than enough HP anyway to defend this.  Defeat him in 5 turns before he can use his Hailstorm shot. I had all 4 colors and go for as many combos as possible.  Like always, I don’t stop comboing after I get all 4 because that’s only x25.  I prefer to get x100 ;P

floor 1 zeus mercury

Ayyyy I got it

floor 1 midgard

Floor 2 Aqua Baron

He has a high defense, so if you have trouble you can use Ra or your defense breaker. I prefer to save Awoken Ra for when I need more time, or for Neptune later.

floor 2 zeus mercury plusses

Floor 3 – 2 Shieldras and 1 Minotaur

These guys can be annoying with the wrong team.  Both Shildras absorb purple, which is why I put my purple to the left.  If Kali and Diza were to the right, they would take longer to take out, since attacks go from left to right.

ZM floor 3 floor 3 zeus mercury floor 3

Floor 4 – Kraken

Here’s where Sakuya shines.  Kraken will bind all green attributes and if max skilled, she is ready by now to be used to clear that bind.  Kraken only takes off up to 23,000, so I’ll be okay, but better to unbind and take him out.  You can also match a row of hearts to unbind with Sakuya’s awakening.

kraken drop plusses zeus mercury 4

Floor 5 – 2 Chimeras

Chimeras used to be the bane of my existence before Plus eggs.  This team would not have enough HP to survive a double strike from one, let alone two of these, without +99 HP eggs on 4 of my cards.  Here I decide to use Chibi Valkyrie to take them out before they cause trouble.  With only 5 turns to recover, she will be ready for later stages if I need her again.

chimera floor 5 zeus merc floor 5

Floor 6 – Hermes

This is the most annoying stage, not because he is particularly strong, but because of the jammers he creates.  Not only does he create jammers, but he blinds the board and can use a move to have jammers appear for 5 turns, which makes it annoying to move forward into Apollo.  Tread carefully and burst through if you can to save the headache.  Sakuya helps with blocking jammers and blinds.

zeus merc floor 6 floor 6 hermes floor 6

Floor 7 Apollo

This is the second binder of this dungeon so Sakuya is great here.  He takes off a lot each turn too so Diza is great if you don’t have any hearts or the orbs you need to drop.

annoying floor for plusses zeus mercury apollo

Floor 8 Neptune

This guy has a ton of defense and I’ve only broken it when he’s below 50% because of my lights.  It’s easier to just use Awoken Ra, but he won’t do anything except make annoying poison orbs.  12 when he’s below 50%.

floor 8

Floor 9 Hera Is

She is easy with this team because of the bind reducers.  Still, she takes off a ton if you let her so 1-2 turns before you take her out is needed if you don’t have Diza activates.

hera is defeated with plus eggs floor 9 merc

Floor 10 Zeus Mercury

Here is the boss, but he just has a ton of HP and not much else.  He spends more turns skipping turns than anything else.  His first turn is to put up a shield, second to make waters more likely to drop, and third (if below 50%) is to absorb combos less than 6.  With this team, you should be able to take him out in 3 turns no problem.

Hope this helps!  Enjoy your plusses!

plus egg farming zeus mercury mercury floor 10

how to defeat zeus mercury

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