Defeating Endless and True Endless

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All I can say for now is Double Awoken Ra!  It is much more reliable than double Anubis for a reliable X100 team.  Pictures below.

2015-07-22 08.29.41

The idea of just about every floor is to clear hearts where you can (if they won’t attack you or you know it won’t kill you) and you will have a higher chance of matching 5 colors.  For Zeus I had Indra from the previous 2 rounds (got a little close to losing on Athena and had to use him) which allowed me to have 2 turns, plus Kushinadahime if needed.  This meant I had 3 turns to beat him.  With X100, no problem.  I used Zaerog for X2 for Dragons (X200 for Zaerog and Indra only) and this triggered the X4 for the Ra combination.

2015-07-22 08.31.56

One turn and done

2015-07-22 08.32.012015-07-22 08.32.11


Now I gotta deal with this??  The hell!  I checked and last 2 levels are Sonia Gran and Ultimate Zaerog with 9 million HP each.  We’ll see!

2015-07-22 08.33.10



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