How to Cope With the Constantly Changing Meta

Coping with the constantly changing pad meta

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One of the biggest things I hear about all the time is that there is a new strongest monster in the game. Anytime this happens, I see posts about how people are looking for Bacetet friends right away. It always gets me curious about what they’re doing with their old friends that aren’t using Bacetet. I try not to delete friends  unless they’ve been inactive for  a really long time.

By the way, Bacetet isn’t the strongest card in the game right now, but it shows how when the new hotness comes out, many players, jump right on it and forget all about the previous cards they put so much time into.  It’s tough for non IAP players to keep up with this.  I know many who are just finishing up their first couple 297s, and it is certainly a great achievement.  Everyone reaches new mile stones in their own time.

Who are some of the Best Monsters Out There

Some of the top tier cards at this moment are Gremory, Ronove, Myr, Bmyr, Kaede, Sumire, and to a lesser degree of popularity and my personal opinion, Xiang Mei. (You can read my argument about why here).

You’ll notice a card I didn’t list above being RaDragon. To be honest, Ra Dragon is still a top tier card and has been among the most consistent cards in the game to clear arena 1 and 2 before the new meta shift. His damage is strong, and it can also be monitored to a lower amount for damage control on cards like Sopdet and enemies with perseverance and you don’t want to blow them out of the water.

Other cards I didn’t list are Awoken Pandora and Lucifer. Both of these cards are personal favorites of mine and I use them to more easily clear dungeons like Myr where you get a nice boost for your dark cards against light enemies.

The major discrepancy here is the lack of the heart cross shield for RaDragon, Xiang Mei, Pandora, and other super strong cards. Nothing changed for their strength and prowess. It’s not like they got weaker over night, they just aren’t able to adapt to the newer mechanics of enemies. It used to be that you could burst through enemies, but trying to do that against Myr will not work since she has a 5 turn damage cap preemptive where any hit over 500,000 will be voided. This creates a problem for cards that you use that don’t have an HP boost. Myr hits for 20,000-30,000 each turn while you’re patiently waiting for her to shield to go away which means you need cards that can either block it with a heart shield, or have enough HP to tank the hits and heal back up.  Many teams can certainly clear a mechanic like this, but what makes them top tier is their ability to make it look so easy.

My Best Advice for the Constantly Changing Meta

For this reason, the meta shift that you might have constantly heard about has gone towards cards that can easily tank big damage. Who knows what it will be next, but my best advice is to remember that whoever you use will not automatically be outdated.  I still use Pandora, Lucifer, and even Yomidra to clear some dungeons and believe that all three are great for Ultimate Arena 1.  Their rate of clears may not be as perfect as the new hotness out there, but I believe that if you like a certain style, you don’t have to switch with everyone else and try to hypermax your cards right away.

Up until Bacetet came out, I still used Bastet to clear S rankings for my Tamadra bonus.

Cards I Wish Took Off in the Meta


Kenshin is an amazing card that makes hitting the damage cap almost look easy (on a 7×6 board).  I want to work towards getting that cap once I have more time, but Kenshin is still amazing.

What makes him not the most prevalent card is the fact that he only has 27,000 HP on my team, and is a tough mechanic to pull off.  Honestly, to make him more relevant, I think the only thing I want to do is inherit an Indra or damage shield onto him.  If I do that, I can tank big hits and preemptives and still be able to break damage shields.

Beach Eschamali

I love the mechanics behind Beach Eschamali.  You get 1.5 HP with the stable power of Yomidra and the same mechanic.  It’s kind of like what Yomidra was always missing in the HP department, but for a Blue team.  Since your subs don’t have to be Machine types like the normal Eschamali, you will be more flexible in your subs. I use Scheat and Skuld on my Beach Eschamali team.

Unfortunately, no one on my friends list consistently keeps Beach Eschamali as their leader so I don’t get a chance to try her out often.  She isn’t too powerful in the scheme of teams out there, but I am able to reach 10 million with Scheat, which makes her a fun card to play.  100% uptime on blue skyfalls is also amazing.

Since I play PAD on the go these last few months, I just want to jump in and play a team and don’t have time to ask others to put up a lead for me.

Awoken Vritra

Since Awoken Vritra came out, I have not seen any players really using him.  He is essentially the next wave of dark row based leads, and about as strong as Oda Nobunaga, if not better because of his huge boost of HP.  He doesn’t have any bind clearing abilities, but as long as you have darks and fires on the board, you will be able to take out tons of enemies in a row based play style.

What To Do With Duplicate Monsters

The toughest part about this game since they introduced the MP shop is deciding what to sell and what to keep.  I know a lot of people who ask me for help here and asking if they should keep a second Balboa, or a 5th Red Sonia.

Honestly, I believe it’s best to hold onto every card you have one of.  If you have a duplicate, then you will think about selling it.  I always regretted selling my first Lucifer, who was a terrible card, until he got his Awoken Arch demon version, which for a time was among the best, and safest teams.  It may not have been as consistent on paper as RaDragon, but it certainly fit the current Meta of high HP, high damage attacker, and was one of the early cards with God Killer I can remember.

In most cases, every card has a specific purpose.  If you do have 5 Red Sonia’s, think for a second which team you have that could benefit.  Awoken Vritra needs dark rows and fire orbs, which is right up Red Sonia’s alley and can result in lethal damage if used.  It covers up Vritra’s skill which is just okay, and replaces it with higher damage potential if you stall long enough.

My suggestion is to always think about skill inheritance before selling a monster.

My second suggestion is to think whether or not you really need the MP.  If you have a second Baldin and want the 50,000 MP, but it will only put you at 100,000 MP, and there aren’t any MP monsters in the store you want, then hold onto that Baldin.  By the time you have enough MP to buy something, you might find Baldin gets a new buff that makes him 10 times better.

What do you think?


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