Challenge level 9 Complete 0 Stone Possible

challenge level 9

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How to Defeat the Hardest Challenge Levels

It’s no surprise that Challenge Dungeons came about because we got too good.  We have only ourselves to blame.  Mythicals just weren’t cutting it for us to defeat them.  Then came the Challenge Dungeons with a highest level of 10 costing 100 Stamina.  For people like me, it’s frustrating because I’m used to getting my stone, but it has evaded me for awhile and I don’t see that neat completed tag on my home screen.  Someday I will take on Challenge 10 and use less then 10 stones, maybe, but for now, here’s challenge 9.  Perfectly reasonable that 0 stones are needed, but I had to use 1.  Not bad to get a Shyny


The team

Awoken Ra of course.  When PAD gave us harder dungeons, they gave us stronger cards.  Awoken Ra is the strongest in my opinion.  Not as hard to trigger as Anubis, but just as powerful and easy to trigger more often.

Awoken Ra – Used for quick cooldown, strong attack, and leaderskill

Kushinadahime – used for quick cool down (max skilled) damage reducer, and auto healer

Odin – used for auto heal and almost max skilled (11 turn cooldown)  His skill boosts also help with the early levels in most cases, but not for this one.

Pirate Zaerog – 2x attack and 15% HP reducer.  Large cooldown, but skill level 4 from Bubpys

Echidnda – Quick delay and awesome cooldown, max skilled

Awoken Ra – same, not max skilled


Floor 1 Volcano Dragon

This guy absorbs Red damage so he is best to stall on since I have a large amount of Reds.  The first thing I did was triggered times 25, but it didn’t get him below 50%.  I didn’t want to take a chance and I decided to stall and make sure I had hearts every time instead.


This is the moment I decided stalling was a better option for fear of his larger attack.  After 10 turns, I used Ra and got the times 100

This was an easy stage.  Because I stalled over 10 turns, most of my actives were ready.  I used Ra to defeat him


I know this Thunder Dragon always has a 3 turn countdown. No need to waste an active, I just X25’d him to death


With double Ra, I can’t be bound.  Neither can Odin since Chaos Devil Dragon binds all Yellow cards.  This gave me 2 turns to defeat him, I used 1 with times 25.


This was where I used a stone but I could have without it.


Once you get him low enough, he skips a turn so I was lucky I got him to this point.

Karin is pretty easy because you have so many skills to use.  Use one and match all 5 colors.

Now use your echidna since his moves will destroy you.  This gives you 4 chances to beat him with times 100.  No problem!  

Done!  Using these monsters and skilling up is the key!  Once you have Awoken Ra, give it a shot!

Check me out on Youtube at PADRagnarok here!  I am doing video tutorials and walkthroughts daily!

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