Bullying in Puzzle and Dragons Needs to Stop

bullying in Puzzle & Dragons

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*Note: This article features images and possibly names from various FB groups.  Note that you can find the groups here: USA, US/JP, USA HG, OA

3 player coop is among us and I have to say it’s a really fun way to play.  If you enter a dungeon with 2 other players you get no advantage like you do with 2 player coop, but you do continue playing if/when your partners lose. I like to call it a meat shield when a partner bravely sacrifices themself just so you can live on.

It’s a truly amazing time to live in the PAD world.

Unfortunately this experience is ruined because of the internet and how brave people get when they don’t have to say something to someone’s face.

People Using Facebook Groups to Complain about Lower Skilled Players

I’ve only really looked to see bullying on Facebook and heard about it in discord.  I don’t even want to imagine Reddit since I try not to go there often.

Countless Facebook groups and discord chat rooms have become subject to people making fun of players who don’t know any better.  For the sake of anonymity, I am only choosing some snapshots of the teams to give an understanding of the topic.

jorm team of tamadras
Just Kidding. This last team is actually the new Jormungandr-Ur Team You Must Use

For more experienced players, it is obvious if you’re looking  at the leaderskill that Karin won’t mix with Mel.  You can’t use Karin’s active and trigger Mel and there’s no guarantee to trigger the colors for Karin if you use Mel’s skill.

Team building is tough, which is why I put together this team building article.  However, not everyone knows some of these basics and they just want to try out some of the new features in their favorite game.  If I saw I was getting made fun of on other groups, I’d be pretty upset.

As someone who has taken it upon himself to help players who struggle, I am tired of seeing the bad team memes.

Where to Go for PAD Team Help

Sometimes people just need team advice and they’re unsure where to go.  Even with so many resources such as my own website and YouTube, mantastic, glitched, yukizgames, and padx, it’s still hard for a ton of players to know where to look.

Some people who enter these 3P dungeons with incomplete teams should be directed to some of these resources.  If they are open to getting help, any one of us will be happy to help if you’re willing to be helped.

While there are many players open to getting help, some players simply don’t listen to advice. It’s this group of players that frustrate me. I spend a lot of time, pretty much for free, and when I make teams for someone or give advice and they don’t acknowledge the advice or even attempt to listen, it’s frustrating.

This is the main reason I haven’t been doing box reviews. Of the hundreds I’ve done, I’ve only heard back from a handful of people. This is why I’ve moved box reviews over to my Patreon page unless you specifically reach out and I have time to help out.

Both of these groups exist in Puzzle & Dragons and it’s important not to immediately judge them and assume that they fall into a group of people who just want to ruin your day.  No one will learn or want to improve if they are made fun of.

Try to Understand Where Players are Coming From

We’ve all been new to this game and in all honesty you have to start somewhere.

While I am extremely comfortable with Puzzle and dragons and understand everything to the best of my ability in this game, the same does not come naturally to everyone.

Think about the first time you played another game. Even after many attempts you may just not understand the game.

I have tried dragon ball Z’s mobile app game and in all honesty, I just don’t get it. To me it makes no sense how damage is calculated based on which color I tap.

To others this makes perfect sense and they pick it up quickly. To me, it’s not my thing and I never really understood it. Had I taken the time to, maybe I would have enjoyed it more.  I view Puzzle & Dragons the same way and there are people out there who won’t understand the mechanics no matter how you break it down.

Some people don’t take Puzzle and Dragons as seriously as our top IAP players around, and to me that’s fine.  I totally understand the annoyance when you join a dungeon and see someone match 1 combo or have a “memeable” team. I get it.

However, if you don’t want to have this happen to you or it seriously bothers you enough to rant about it online, follow these principles:

1. Everyone has the chance to review their teammate’s teams before entering a dungeon.

[UPDATE] It has been brought to my attention that I am only referring to the create a room or join a room feature of 3 player coop.  When you try the auto search, you do not have the ability to review your team first (which is unfortunate)

Don’t act like you’re the victim of playing with someone who’s lower than you in skill level.  You don’t have to play with these players if it will bother you.  Before pushing “play” if you see a team like this, just try again.

2. Try linking up with people you know know how to play

You may not know that someone with the perfect Athena team can’t combo when you start, but if you manage who enters the room through Discord or another group, you’ll have a better chance of connecting with higher skilled players.

3. Stamina comes back.  No need to react like this:

Seriously, why did you enter the dungeon if you saw that team?

4. Ranking up isn’t an issue to replace most stamina.

Dungeons give 4x experience all the time now and you can rank up pretty easily if you’re below rank 800.  In addition, you can just wait.  I like to play PAD in the morning and use my stamina and then when I’m home from work, most of my stamina is refilled.  At least enough to be able to rank up if necessary.

5. Not everyone is part of the pad Facebook group to understand that combo skip should be turned off.

Publish all the posts you want saying “turn off combo skip” to the same places you frequent, but chances are you won’t reach people who don’t check these groups.

6. Rank means nothing anymore.

At one point rank was the sign of someone who played a lot. Back in the days of 10 minute stamina you couldn’t play a lot when you got to a certain rank and you had to stone a lot. This meant a high ranked player was serious enough about the game to spend a ton on it and play a lot. It’s safe to assume someone who played a lot in the dark ages of pad was at least decent at the game.

Today, you can farm to rank 850 just with mostly farmable subs and a Ganesha. No skill involved.

This means rank is a seriously inflated value and means nothing below 900.

If you’re rank 900+ then there’s a good chance you’re pretty good at the game for the same reasons I listed above in the dark ages. A rank that high means experience and experience brings knowledge of the game.

7. Some people are trying to take on dungeons a little ahead of their abilities.

Unfortunately there is no barrier to enter a super tough annihilation dungeon if you have 99 stamina.  This means players of any skill level can enter this dungeon with you.  Because there’s no barrier of completion like the rest of the game has, annihilation brings internet rage.

Concluding Thoughts about 3P Bullying

With Puzzle & Dragons far exceeding 10 million downloads in North America and only 23,000 members represented in the largest Facebook PAD group, it’s easy to see that not everyone is able to see these posts or PSAs.

There’s a reason most of my 500,000 YouTube viewers are from organic search and not Facebook.  Stereotypical Internet users are closet users and don’t want to talk to others and I believe that this is true for a lot of PAD players who aren’t involved in some sort of group online.

Many people don’t want to tell their loved ones or friends they play a game and spend hundreds of thousands because it’s embarrassing.  I have played pad and for years was embarrassed to bring it up to any friends. Personally, I play video games so I don’t have to interact with other people and PAD is one of the first games I’ve been able to reach such a high audience with.  Still, anyone who I meet in person I won’t go out of my way to tell them I play PAD because they won’t understand what I’m talking about.  I have to revert to talking about the weather in small talk unfortunately.  Boo.

I did a presentation the other day at work and prefaced my talk about reincarnated kushinadahime with “well I’m a nerd so…”. That’s simply unacceptable in this day and age. People should be allowed to play what they want without ridicule.

I get made fun of too. Everyone does. I’ll get made fun of for making this post, but it needs to be said.  It’s important to help each other and that’s why I’ve always taken the stance I have.

“Git gud” is simply unacceptable.

And honestly, you never know what teams will work out in the end:

myr 3p coop

bean 3p victory

PS Gung-ho, it would make everyone much happier if 3P Coop in PAD had a way to continue watching after you died.  I think players who are inexperienced would truly benefit from sticking around to watch the rest of the dungeon and see “how it’s done”

3p coop continuation

Thanks so much for reading!

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8 thoughts on “Bullying in Puzzle and Dragons Needs to Stop

  1. I don’t really do multiplayer because playing solo just fits into my schedule better for the most part. And its the way I prefer to play.

    But it seems like the matchmaker could do a better job if it tracked some other metrics win rate by dungeon, average combo, etc.

    Maybe it would take longer to match but you would get a better match when you did.

    However you make some good points about looking at the team composition before you enter.

  2. Hey PadRag! I saw you said when we do 3p we can review other teams before entering but it only work when you create a rooms, but it doesnt show when you search for other player to play with! just to point this out! thanks for the guide tho, people need to relax a little, it’s just a game after all 😀

      1. I never see what team the others are playing when I’m searching, I only do when I create room or I join a room already created with the code or friend sharing :/ Maybe my phone is weird XD

        1. I just tested and updated the article. It looks like the auto search you can’t choose your partners. I stick to the search for rooms or create a room feature.

  3. So, although it was ages ago, Thanks for the box review!

    I’m not sure why you avoid the PAD Reddit page. I have found it to be helpful and full of some pretty great people. To be fair, it’s the only Reddit page I use so maybe I’m missing out on all the bad parts of Reddit.

    If you need Oichi up, I have one Hypered that I want to use once split Verdandi comes over.

    Have a great day, and thanks for all the work you do for the PAD community!

  4. Hey PADragnarok. I should say I overall like your content and you’re one of the people that inspired me to make a YouTube Channel for pad, and for that I am grateful. But onto the article, I think you’re right about people needing to calm down but everyone has their time when they rage. Sometimes I’ve wanted to snap my phone in half due to skyfall screwing me over in a dungeon or something like that, and their rage isn’t totally unjustified. On other games that aren’t pad having nubby teammates is infuriating due to them making relatively simple errors. And in Pad it’s pretty much the same, you need to be rank 167 to have 99 stamina or in co-op rank 101. By then the player should be relatively competent with team building. Also how easy could anyone think a dungeon with ‘Annihilation’ in the name was going to be? In the weekday dungeons they pretty much lay out the difficulties in order, I know Tuesday does, even in the Bi-weekly dungeons it makes it pretty clear. I’m not going to expect some top tier team but their team should at least be able to activate the leader skill.

    1. Thanks! I only disagree that someone at a certain rank should know better. Rank means nothing anymore.

      Some people just don’t catch on with certain games but they still love them so much and don’t know how to react. I know someone personally who despite all my advice doesn’t improve or know the game mechanics. Playing longer than me too

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